just around the riverbend || deer

Jun 7, 2022
( ) it was about late into afternoon, patrols are starting to wrap up and the sun was starting to make it's slow descent behind the pines causing the sky above to bleed into shades or oranges and yellows. huckleberry had done what he needed to do today having gone on two patrols earlier alongside doing a bit of training with his apprentice but now he was left picking at the patches of grass in the clearing.

there was still plenty of sunlight to spare so he was racking his brain for aomething to do when he recalled a memory, one that was before the clans were formed, where the pine group had spent a day by the riverside either swimming in the cool water or sitting on the bank. it bought a small smile to his face, maybe he should spend his remaining time there before night drew upon them.

the warrior flicked his gaze around the camp before his sights fell upon the whimiscal deersong who did not seem to look busy at the moment, maybe she'd be willing to tag along. huckleberry padded over to the molly, clearing his throat a bit to announce his presence before smiling. "heya, deersong! ah was wonderin' if ya wanted to come with me to hang by tha river? thought we could relax and have a chat or even try our paws at sum fishin.'" the latter of the options was said as more of a tease, mirth twinkling in his amber eyes.

( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

Deersong would lift her head from her paws, an easy and airy smile on her maw as her half-lidded eyes took in the form of Huckleberry. His familiar way of speaking would pull a purr from her throat and she would seem to perk up a bit at his suggestion. "I'd love nothing more, brotha'. If we do go fishing be ready to drag me out of the water."

She would joke back, and she would rise to her paws in her fluid and graceful way as she did. "Well then, lead the way, my long-furred friend." She would follow him out of camp, her stride as calm and whimsical as usual. "So, what's crackin' with you lately? Did any new pretty mollies catch your eye? Or a handsome tom maybe?"

The smile that touched her lips was a teasing one now, and as she spoke she looked around to admire the scenery. "Do you think the leaves are sad when they fall?" The question was so random and came with her usual strange head tilts, but she watched as one slowly drifted down from the tree tops and she giggled a little.

( ) paws would tread across the cool grounds of the forest as the duo began their short trip towards the rushing waters that split their territory from riverclan, tail lifted high behind him and kinked just slightly in a content manner while the woman besides him began to make a little tease about if anyone special has caught his eye yet.

a chuckle would slip out his maw with ease, a false brow pushing up just a bit as he turned his head towards her. "hm, ah cain't say that anyone has caught mah eye yet but ah do know someone caught yers~" the last few words were sung out in friendly goad, gently giving deersong a nudge on the shoulder before turning his focus onto the leaves where some already were changing colors.

the mocha and creme feline posed a good question, did they feel sad when they fall? " ah dunno, ah think they'd feel a little sad to drop but maybe they're happy too cause they get to show off all their beautiful colors for the whole forest." huckleberry replies with a happy hum, ears twitching forwards as the sound of the river began to grow.
( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )
𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝐼 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓈 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒

A blush would turn her fawn cheeks the loveliest shades of pink as Huckleberry teased her back. Deersong knew that her feelings for a particular black and white tom would be very obvious to her clanmates, but she only smiled sheepishly as they walked.

At his answer to her musings, she would give a purr of approval, because his response made perfect sense to her whimsical mind. Why wouldn't the leaves want to show off their beauty by dancing their strange and hypnotizing ballet within the leaf-fall air? She looked up once again to catch one of brilliant orange flutter its way down and she would lightly bat at it as it came close to the pair.

Her mocha ears would twitch as they picked up the sounds of the river and the molly would seem to brighten up as she trotted after her companion towards it. Despite her love of climbing and racing through the trees, Deersong also adored the river. Though to be fair, there wasn't much within nature that she didn't love. No, she couldn't swim or fish very well, but she remembered fondly the days of her kittenhood when she and her papa would splash around in a small creek near their den while mother watched from the shore, humming in that peaceful way she did and weaving flower stems for her daughter's fur.

When they reached the river bank, Deer would look over to Huckleberry and coo softly, "Know how to swim, brotha'? May not be a good idea now with the colder days comin' but during full-leaf it can be a totally groovy way to cool down."

( ) a cheeky smile was quick to unfurl upon his lips when deersong had suddenly become a little more bashful in her ways when subjected to the former barn cats teasing, huckleberry may have his moments of oblivousness but he knew from the few interactions he was able to witness between the easy-going molly and rugged piebald that there was something blossoming.

soon, the line of pines seemed to open up for them as the duo were welcomed by the sight of the rushing waters of the river. it felt like only yesterday that he had been sitting under the shade provided by the trees watching old friends make leaps and bounds into the cooling stream with joyful laughter filling the air. times felt so simple back then.

the coo'ing voice of his clanmate brought him back to the present, head swiveling slightly to focus his attention on the other while she spoke. "cain't say that ah do, there weren't no big rivers or ponds 'round us to even consider swimmin' as an option." the only real sources of water around the barn were the varying dishes the farm animals drank out of. 'sides, ah know when ah toss myself in ah'd just sink to tha' bottom like a rock!" a gruff sounding chuckle left his maw in reply.
( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )