JUST BREATHE {Decorating}


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Jun 14, 2022

Her home was beautiful in her eyes. The soft glow of the marshes when the moon was high and bright in the sky, when the pines gave its beams permission to enter their normally dark domain.

The sounds of frog song that filled the airs, only going silent at signs of danger or disturbance. So many things about the marshes enchant the fire painted molly that she can only humble herself in the beauty of it.

And yet.

Grief had a vice like grip on her beloved home as of late. So many changes, so many who left, and now the death of a kit. Firedawn felt her heart clench as she looked around camp and the gloominess that seemed to hang over them all like a thick fog.

She would take a deep breath, allowing the damp air to fill her lungs and revitalize her before she rose to her paws and walked to the center of camp, emerald gaze glowing with a soft warmth and humility, "Would anyone like yo help me spruce up camp a bit?"


A cinnamon mink head perked up at the sound of a familiar voice, one that made his chest ache slightly but he passed it off as some kind of fluid build up. He moved to slowly get to his paws and made his way over to the ruddy she-cat, "What do you mean by spruce it up? Are we going to finally fix that draft?" This little grin played awkwardly across his maw. Dawn wasn't much of a jokster but lately around Fire he wanted to make her laugh. Or something of the sort, be friendly? Was that the correct word? Must be it sounded like it made sense.
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The smoke colored molly would roll her eyes at Firedawn’s questioning. She didn’t see anything wrong with the way camp was currently. What use would it be to fix something that didn’t need fixing? “And what exactly do you plan on doing? I don’t see anything that could be fixed. Camp looks just fine the way it is.” While she might have recognized that her words and tone were anything short of being polite, she had no concern for the way others’ took her words. If they wanted to get upset over something matter of fact, that was up to them. Until they learned not to take it personal (which she doubted would ever happen) she’d continue to be blunt.

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The molly blinks as she listens to what Firedawn says. She wants to spruce up camp. Decorate? She has never thought much of this and so she is curious. But she also regards Hailpaw and she too wonders at what they could do. Dawnpaw complains about a draft and she frowns a little before she stands up. The tall woman arches her back and shakes herself before she steps over to the small gathered group. "Maybe we can gather bird feathers and weave them into the wall of camp. And even use them to make the nest look nice." She doesn't complain about the wetness but then again her new den is very well dried.

It's comfortable for the injured and sick that she known is to come. Still she gives a casual smile, rare for someone like her, before she nods in her agreement. "I don't mind helping out. It'll be a good change of pace."


I suppose the kits and elders would appreciate a softer nest.” Grumbling, she supposed Bonejaw had a fairly decent idea. She didn’t want to be the one to have to go and find them. If somebody else did she could manage dividing them up between nests. It was easy enough right? I wonder…. Turning towards the fresh-kill pile, Hailpaw would begin sifting through the pieces, looking to see if any old pieces of feathers were in the pile. While she was here, she may as well find the crow food and take it away from camp. Beckoning with her tail to the first cat to meet her gaze, she’d decide that they were now the ones helping her. Or rather potentially doing most of the work for her.
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