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Aug 12, 2022
a simple task. a simple thing. he told himself if he could properly do this... he had to go to sootstar and ask for an official name change. he was old enough to be an apprentice now... his siblings had already been, and they were younger than him... he couldn't help it. he hid behind honeytwist and insisted he just wasn't ready. he cried and whined and just made it really awkward. he couldn't do that his entire life. with a deep breath, he followed the patrol. it was a small one, involving himself, two npcs, and leechpaw. he quietly strayed right behind them, his nose twitching as he looked around, his fur rising from just the anxiety.

he slowed pace with the others, his paw slowly going over his nose with a huff. what was that smell? he'd never smelt it before but it wasn't good one. not one he liked at all.

"what is... that?"

he asked, looking around for something he didn't see.

"I'm sure it's nothing to worry too much about. you're really good at freaking out over nothing, bumblekit. this is just a simple patrol. nothing will happen to you, kit. you and leechpaw go that way. we will sit here and watch to make sure you're doing it right."

one of the nps insisted that they'd be right behind him and leechpaw, and bumbekit took in breath, shakily walking behind leechpaw. something didn't feel right, but bumble was naturally more anxious than everyone. his feelings were often pushed off because he freaked out over everything. he could have stepped on a stick and it would have sent him into a panic attack.

as they walked, bumblekit stopped in his tracks, leechpaw only paused a few moments away from him. the scent, whatever it was, was definitely stronger here. he wanted to go back. he needed to go back. his ears flattened on his head, as his tail curled around his leg. a sudden paw step nearby made his fur fluff up, eyes widening as the noise and scent simultaneously moved closer.


his voice was barely above a whisper. he doesnt even know if the apprentice even heard him. suddenly a loud bark errupts through the air, making bumblekit freeze. the beast was in full view, teeth shining as it growled lowly in a warning. it couldn't have any bigger than a small fox, but it was terrifying. without anymore hesitation, it lunged towards leechpaw and before bumblekit knew what was happening, he shoved his entire body into leechpaw's, knocking the other out of the way, yowling in pain as jaws snapped around his tail. it didn't stop there. it was a blur of fur, claws, teeth and blood.

the two npcs quickly made their way to the scene, hissing and snarling as they both attacked the dog, moving to run the thing out of the territory. meanwhile, bumblekit laid on the ground, bleeding and panting heavily, shakily looking around through the one eye that didnt get attacked.

"m-m... m-mama... s'il vous plaît..."

and with that, the young kit passed out, his breathing shallow and rapid.

TLDR: bumble got attacked by a dog after saving leechpaw from being attacked! his wounds include a gnarly face scar on the right side, bite wounds on his tail, scruff, and side, and the wound along his face spreads down to his neck slightly. he also has claw marks down his right side, too. he is now missing his right eye and both of his ears are torn, his right ear more than the other. no need to wait for @LEECHPAW !! i was given permission to powerplay, but the dog has been chased out by the other two npcs!!

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Hyacinthbreath was protective of everyone in WindClan, even if she didn't like them much. Her job was to help protect and guide those around her, but she couldn't be everywhere at once. This day, she had been napping on a flat stone when a warrior had come running up to her. He spoke quickly, and Hyacinth snapped at him to slow down. There's a look of annoyance in her gaze, which soon turns to horror as she's informed of what's happened.

"A dog attacked Leechpaw and Bumblekit."

Radio static buzzes in her brain as she hears those panicked words, and Hyacinth is on her paws quickly. She dashes into a hole in the ground, disappearing into a tunnel. By the time she makes it to the area the two kids were exploring, the smell of blood is thick, iron-filled. She squeezes herself out of the hidden tunnel exit after checking to make sure the dog was gone, eyes wide with a mix of fear and worry.

The sight before her makes her sick to her stomach.

Bumblekit is on the ground, a mess of blood and torn skin- fur wild and blood-caked. She swallows the bile that threatens to leave her, quickly rushing to Bumble's side. She examines his wounds, but she doesn't know anything about medicine- she's seen Honeytwist talk about cobwebs for wounds, and quickly turns around to look for something that could help her. As she's doing so, she looks over her shoulder at what must be a terrified looking Leechpaw- then, to whoever else had followed behind her.

"Get Honeytwist. I'm afraid moving Bumblekit might do more damage than good. Until Honeytwist comes, someone needs to grab cobwebs and help me keep this bleeding at bay. Um!.." She orders hurriedly, worried Bumble might bleed out before they can get him help.
Owlpaw had been out on patrol with Hyacinthbreath. Her untrained nose had missed the smell of danger but the fear-scent reeked in the air. Owlpaw knew something was wrong. She watched the older warrior disappear into a tunnel in order to reach the scene fast. While she was small enough to fit in the tunnel system now, Owlpaw much preferred the openness of the moors and launched herself across the grassy ground in the direction of strange smells mingling together.

She found the scene shortly after the older molly. The tang of blood tainted the air. Bumble kit was lying in a heap on the ground, all torn flesh and gushing blood. Owlpaw grimaced, a pang of sympathy searing through her chest. The sight was enough to turn her stomach. Hyacinthbreath’s voice drew her back. They need to take action or else Bumblekit could bleed out here. Without wasting another moment, Owlpaw’s long legs carried her swiftly back to camp.

“Honeytwist!” Her yowl pierced the quietness in camp. She was breathless and panting as she skidded to a halt in front of the medicine den. “Quick—Bumblekit and Leechpaw were attacked by a dog. Leechpaw is okay, I think… but Bumblekit…” she trailed off, antsy paws carrying her in frantic circles as she paced outside the den. “Please, hurry!”

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Leechpaw had followed after the two npc warriors while trying to ignore Bumblekit who was following him closely behind him. Far to close. It was one thing to have Rosepaw cling close to him but this one?. It was getting on his nerves. Why had this apprentice aged kit even followed with them if they not even could stand on thier own paws for?. His bitter attitude over this didn't help when the warriors decided to split up and throw the kit on him to look out after. What did they took him for, a kit-seater?!. Leechpaw would bite down his words as he just hissed underneath his breath before he just obeyed them but not did he wait around for Bumblekit to catch up to him. It was thier problem to make sure they didn't fall behind!.

It had been going well until he too smelt something in the air that had alarmed Bumblekit previously. The apprentice froze instantly and he started to sniff the air and move his ears in different directions to listen. Leechpaw had admittedly never crossed path with a dog before so he had no experience with those.. Leechpaw would just signal with his tail for Bumblekit to be quiet when he spoke out thier name. For a brief moment more he remained still and quiet trying to figure out what would be best to do until he did the mistake he never should have done. He turned his head over to look at Bumblekit. " We need to get -" He didn't finish as Bumblekit suddenly tackled him, pushing him to the side and with his eyes locked on them, Leechpaw saw when the dog flew itself at Bumblekit, how it grapt a hold of him and...

Leechpaw landed roughly on the ground but he didn't left any room to just lay there. Quickly he would pick his head up from the ground and he simply watched as the dog tore into the grey tom until...the two warriors arrived to chase the dog away. Shaken and unable to grip what fully had happend the shooked Leech got up on his paws slowly to get himself closer to Bumblekit.
" B-Bum..." he froze as he felt something slimy yet warm underneath his paw. He picked it up and on it he saw blood. If his eyes not had been wide already they where now as he stared at his own blood with a trembling body. Everything started to slip from him after that....

Leechpaw could no longer hear what happend around him, all voices were just unrecognized words, mumblings. His paw fell back down to the ground and he stared at Bumblekit's lifeless body...and his brain started to trick him. Leechpaw started to lose the reality. First he was here on the moors with Bumblekit in front of him and then he was on the thunderpath watching his own siblings bodies laying out there on the thunderpath. Blood, so much blood. And he had just stood there staring. Then he was back on the moors again and then the repeated itself moving back and forth between what one was the reality and the other a delusion. He could no longer grip on what was real and what wasn't, trapped in his own mind.

" Look at what you have done." The voice of a snake suddenly whisperd into his ear, a grey furred figure stood like a phantom by his side with a wide wicked grin. " This is all your fault. You did this...your..fault." The ghost of his mother continued to whisper vipers into his ear, and the apprentice breathing started to increase. He was shaking with a look that was far away from here. still, there was something that moved him forward on his stumbling paws while still being trapped and unable to completely understand what was happening. All he knew was that he had to save them, he had to save his Bumblekit. So he kneel down beside Hyacinthbreath using his own paws to press on Bumblekit's open wounds in a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding all while not really knowing where he was...what was going on. He was shifting between being here and on the thunderpath...all he knew was that he had to save them. He couldn't let them die.

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Wind of the commotion somehow carries its way to Sootstar, as it usually does.
The blue smoke can be seen storming down a hill and heading to the scene, her emerald eyes were narrowed with fury. A kit injured, Bumblekit, and it wasn't good from what she's managed to hear...

She arrives just in time to see her own daughter race off from the medicine cat. Sootstar's fur bristles as she tastes the air, taking in the smell of blood and dog. "Who... who the hell let this happen?! Who was she with!?" Sootstar begins to bark, something had gone terribly wrong here. Someone or a group of cats failed this child today, and Bumblekit was most certainly paying for it.

"And what of the dog? Where the fuck is it?!" It's unknown to her that others have began to work on chasing it off. For all she knew it was waiting to spring out again from behind a hill.


He'd been stomping around camp all day, dwelling on the fact that Flaxenjump refused to let him step foot out of camp.

The dusty furred warrior claimed it was because Lemonpaw was too small still - that he needed to start growing into the paws first - but the tom's theory was that his mentor was just too lazy to take him outside of camp, to teach him what else WindClan's territory had to offer.

Lemonpaw's anger is ill-timed, though, he soon realizes, as commotion arises within WindClan's confines. Round eyes look around, trying to catch a glimpse of just what was going on, but it isn't until Owlpaw - who probably gets to go on patrols, because she's Sootstar's kit, and Weaselclaw is her mentor, not Flaxenjump - yowls the news to his own mother.

Leechpaw and Bumblekit were attacked by dogs.

Bumblekit was hurt.

All his anger towards Flaxenjump is pushed aside, long forgotten over the fact that Bumblekit, his sibling - who was older and bigger than him, yet carried the name of a kit still - was hurt. Wide eyes look towards Honeytwist, fear running through him as Sootstar's angry shouts ring through camp.

"Mama? Que puis-je faire ? " he asks, wanting to help his mother, to help Bumblekit. He wants to make sure Bumblekit will be okay.
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Shes just rearranging stuff as Owlpaw bursts in to camp, frantic and Honey rises to her paws immediately. Someone has been attacked- then she mentions the name. Bumblekit. She freezes. She can feel the icy, angry emotion of dread spread throughout her body. "Take me, now." she rushes to get stuff ready, faster than she has ever moved before and tears prick the corners of her eyes.

She arrives on scene with her bundle of herbs and she chokes back a sob, her other son, Lemonpaw, speaks, asks what he can do but her head roars and her paws move fast. Everything arounds her fades to background noise, faces become distorted and soon enough silent tears begin to trickle down her cheeks. "My baby-" Bumblekit is limp. He feels like dead weight in her paws.

Where did she go wrong? She was supposed to protect him. She was his mother.

"Cobwebs, moss, someone get them." theres no malice in her tone. "Damp moss, I need damp moss. Get one soaked with water too." she needs to bring him out of the realm of unconsciousness, she fears that if he doesn’t wake up then she’d never see his face again. He is still beautiful to her. She would reassure him as he wakes up.

She frantically paws at her bundle of herbs, separating them and grabbing at a marigold flower. She begins to chew with heart skipping beats, her own frame shaking as she takes the poultice and attempts to apply it to the major wounds- his face, his neck, she gives up and begins to apply it to every wound she can see. Infection would set in if not hasty, she cannot see her baby hurt anymore. "Mon amor," she begs, softly, her heart is aching and she begins to cry again. "Wake up, wake up, je t'aime beaucoup, please- "

Then the dandelion stems come next and she feels her chest tightening. She cant- she cant, "Baby, Lemonpaw-" she snaps her head towards him. "Gather your siblings, worst case scenario." she does not want to think of it. She can’t think of her beautiful boy, Bumblekit, battered and bruises and laying dead on the ground. Another sob. "Please, Bumble, please," she chews the dandelion stems in to a pulp and applies it over the marigold poultice. It would help with temporary relief.

"Someone, get the cobwebs and moss, now."



At least Honeytwist was here at the scene, and it seemed that she knew what to do- or at least had an idea. Cobwebs should be easy to fetch, but damp moss? They'd have to fetch the moss and run to a stream and back, was there even enough time? Would Bumblekit have that long?

Well, they'd try... but if Honeytwist needed that damp moss for something important the leader hoped she could spare some time. "You heard her, cobwebs and damp moss. Go." Sootstar would run herself, but she wasn't an idiot. With her recent injury she'd be on the slower side, for the fastest results their healthy and strong cats would have to make the run.


His mother asks for cobwebs, for moss, and Lemonpaw turns to go get them. He bounds forward only a few pawsteps, but ultimately is stopped from getting the supplies by Honeytwist calling his name.

"Gather your siblings."

The words make him feel sick to his stomach. Was... Was Bumblekit going to die? He couldn't! He just... He couldn't! But, Lemonpaw had to gather moss and cobwebs for his mother, and he couldn't do that if... if he had to gather his siblings. He's about to protest her words, to run off and get the supplies instead, but --

But then the apprentice gets a good look at his brother. And, it doesn't look good. His siblings should really be here. Just in case Honeytwist isn't able to save Bumblekit.

"O-okay, Mama..." Lemonpaw finally says, his voice small and shaky. Equally small paws rush off to find his siblings, hoping that somebody - anybody - would get the supplies his mother needed to save Bumblekit.
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