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Lets Go In The Garden
Sep 9, 2022

The sun had finally began to set, with everyone settling down into their respectful places amongst the clearing. Though one little kitten couldn't find it in them to sleep just yet and had moved out of the guise of their mother for the opening to the nursery. Blue and green eyes peaked out from the shadows casted by the moon as it began to take its rightful place in the sky. Lilackit settled down right before the nursery with their paws tucked under them, watching the sky as it faded from brilliant shades of oranges and reds to that of inky blues and purples. It was rather relaxing, rather calming to be sitting there and the first stars started to peak out from behind the daylights' rays.

As the young spotted kitten sat there, staring up at the sky with quiet wonder and awe, something flicked across the sky. It was quick, just the smallest of streaks that happened through the inky purple that had started to take up the majority of the sky. Lilackit gasped, what was that? A star had fallen? Could they go find it? The little kit got up from their spot on the ground, now determined to see if this star landed in the territory, and waddled their way for the entrance of camp. They had to save the star!

Finding herself unable to wind down after a long day of training Shrewpaw, Ivoryflight found herself caught by the attention of Lilackit. Her amused expression would quickly turn into a frown as she watched the child head for the entrance of camp. Rising from her nest she would walk to stand in front of the kitten, attempting to block their path with a single paw.Where do you think you’re going little one? Your mother wouldn’t be very pleased to see you sneaking out of camp at this hour, now would she?Or Hyacinth for that matter. She’d add to herself silently, unsure of the situation between Hyacinth and Moonshadow.

// welcome to windclan!!

Having kits of her own was an experience she couldn't quite get used to. She wasn't present at their birth, and she usually picked up any chore she could to get away from having to interact with them. Lilackit, though, seemed to be a curious one- spotted fur visible beneath the light of the moon. She watches anxiously as the kit nears the entrance, only for Ivoryflight to step in front of them- and then she lets a sigh leave her. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness easily, the light of the moon casting a violet hue to her eyes- a mystifying sight.

"It's not safe to wander out of camp at night." Hyacinth finally speaks, voice soft with distance- she refuses to look at the mixture of Moon and herself, the result of their accident. If anything, Hyacinth seems to be distressed by the look in her eyes as she flicks her gaze to Ivoryflight. She's happy that it's the cream warrior and not someone like Kestreltalon or Emberfang, though she wouldn't voice such an opinion out loud. "Do you want to see the sky better, Lilackit?" Hyacinth asked softly, looking downwards but still avoiding eye contact with the kit.

Melonpaw watches the sky as well, not that she'd ever admit it of course, because thats where mama told her that all their ancestors resided. Sometimes she wonders if even Brioche watches over her, cause thats Honeys own mama, but Honey never told her she had gone to the sky- so instead she wonders about grandpa Fougasse. Theres a streak of white across the sky and she smiles. A shooting star, how lucky! Perhaps it was Fougasse telling her that he was watching.

Theres commotion at the entrance of the camp and Melon rises from where she was laying on her back, stretching downwards and then prancing over. "You saw the star too, yeah?" her own voice is a mixture of slight excitement as she looks to Lilackit who had just tried to wander out of camp. "Between you and me, I think we should go out and look...! Maybe we'll catch more!" she bends down, a whisper meant for only Lilac. "Ypu should totally take us out of camp Miss Hyacinth, Ivory. Pretty pleaseeeee?" she bats her eyes, excited about the prospect of going and looking at more stars.
Curious. Horizonkit hummed to herself upon spotting Ivoryflight and Hyacinthbreath. They'd interacted with the pair underneath the morning sun and now beneath the starry skies.

Her eyes lingered on the lead warrior. Did the rank not entitle her to more duties? Horizonkit had assumed being a lead warrior meant you, at the very least, third best in the clan. But someone with that distinction wouldn't be in camp so much, now would they?

Casual steps brought her in front of her sister. Upon arriving, a sheathed paw attempted to bop Lilackit on the head. A tiny frown tugging on her lips, she scolded, "Don't make Mother worry." And me being implied.

Horizonkit was curious about the world outside of camp but Moonshadow would surely be dissappointed if they broke the rules. Plus, the thought of getting lectured by Sootstar caused a chill to run along her spine.

A harsh look, which still looked soft given her naturally dainty features, turned Melonpaw's way. Don't encourage this. Unless the encouragement worked...

Firstly a cream paw blocked their way and they gave a small huff in annoyance, "No I wanna catch the star!" They objected to the feline known as Ivoryflight, and lashed their plumming tail of dark stripes. Hyacinthbreath then spoke up about wanting to see the sky more to which Lilackit blinked a few times at, would the lead warrior really do that? Take her to see more of the sky? What about the star that had fallen? Shouldn't they go rescue it? What if it was a Starclan cat that needed help?

Then a mottled she-cat, Melonpaw, approached and spoke of seeing the star too, "I did see it! We have to go get it or else the Starclan cat will be lost and worried," They spoke confidently and puffed out their little chest just a wee bit, giving Hyacinthbreath rounded blue and green patterned eyes, "Can we please go? I don't want them to be lost and confused," Lilackit spoke so seriously, something they believed with their entire being that this was a Starclan warrior that needed their help.

A paw swiped at their head and they flinched a bit with their ears back, dual colored eyes looking to their sibling of Horizionkit, "She won't worry! We'll be with a lead warrior and bring back a Starclan warrior themselves!" They objected back to the grey and white tabby cat, lashing their striped tail in annoyance.

Pleading eyes of many looked up to Hyacinthbreath, beautiful mix of green and blue basically begging her to take her to see the sky. Hyacinth knew this was a bad idea, knew that it would cause her to get too close- and yet, she ignores her feelings of unease and looks to Ivoryflight, tail brushing against her spine gently. "Shall we take them together, then? Two warriors is better than one." She finalizes, looking around for the face of Moonshadow. "Your mother will end us both if we leave camp, so how about we just take you to the highest hill in the camp? It has a wonderful view of the sky." She then asks the children, face turning away as she begins to walk. On her way past Lilackit, though, Hyacinth aimed to lift the kit up by her scruff and place her on her back, gesturing to Horizonkit to join. It would be much easier just for them to ride on her back, even if she wasn't that big- the kits were light enough for her to carry that way. Plus, they'll be higher up, wouldn't they be?