Sep 18, 2022
Turtlenose is anything but pleased after the recent gathering. Her tail flicking with agitation the whole way home, she glances to her clanmates around her, bewildered at how things were going. If anything, they would be as equally upset as she. First the fire, and now the gathering ended anything but smoothly. What exactly did Pitchsun and Briarstar think about Windclan being supposed murderers? Shaking her head softly, she let the feelings pass. As of right now, it was anything but her problem. Her main focus was the clan and the fire. Surely Briarstar would address them on the matter later.

How are you feeling?” She’d address a cat beside her, who seemed to be walking less gracefully than that of their other clanmates. Perhaps they’d been harmed with the fire and signs were only just beginning to show? While she may normally be a stern feline, it didn’t mean she couldn’t allow herself to show some sympathy towards her clanmates. With any hope, Starclan would heal them, and allow the clan to return to life as normal.
the felidae turned to the femme beside them, a snort leaving them as they turned their gaze away. how were they feeling? what a loaded question. for a moment, chilledgaze wants to ignore them. it's almost too easy to just do that. but in an agonizing way, there is something in the back of their head that tells them to just answer the question. it can't be that bad, right?

"not good at small talk, hm? what kind of question is how am i feeling?"

okay maybe it could have been that bad. with a huff, they lashed their tail with a flick of their ears.

"i feel like i haven't slept in days. too much bullshit going on these days. what about you?"

oh, gross. they sounded like they actually cared when they couldn't have cared any less. annoying. now turtlenose would continue this conversation. they wished she wouldn't.
Quipped words, pronged like the pinecones that littered the marsh floor, thrusted from the tongue a bit harshly. A retort of sorts that seemed to soften around the end and edges- from Chilledgaze to Turtlenose.

Hornetsting stalked in sidle along them, the frayed nettles of pine limbs tickled his coat. Lantern lit eyes peering at the pair, neither seemed keen on conversation yet still it comes- a natural desire to connect and speak. " The forest is quite restless " he agrees following the term bullshit, a relatively decorated description but valid nonetheless. " between the char of the fire and the bloodshed- you can’t walk far without staining your paws " he speaks a bit distantly, accented tongue bladed and eloquent. His shoulders rolling under thick battle withered skin.

" I hope I’m not interrupting " he added with casual effort, but if there was any touch he could bring to a conversation between two bristly pelts, it’s flattened hackles. Hornetsting hadn’t the feel for anger nor agitations anymore, while he was guarded and quiet at times- his walls had no thorns. " everyone else is-… quite … tense and quiet " he admits.


Firedawn would enter the scene with a crow hanging from her jaws. The catch had been an especially hard one, but one she was proud of nonetheless. She wondered for a moment if she should take it to the queens, but as she turned to walk towards them she would notice that the mothers and kits were already eating.

Oh. What do with her catch now? The reddish molly would not have to ponder for long when a few familiar voices caught her attention and she spotted Turtlenose, Chilledgaze, and Hornetsting sitting together and chatting.

Her ears perked up happily and she would trot over to the trio, her emerald gaze glowing with their usual warmth and humility. Firedawn would drop her catch in the center of the group before she spoke, "Hello you three. Would any of you be willing to share this crow with me? I can even clean the feathers for keepsakes if any would like one." Her paws would gently brush the bird's silky blackish blue-hued plumage as she took a seat beside Turtlenose.

As Chilledgaze slowed beside her, Turtlenose would raise a brow in annoyance. “What’s wrong with me asking a clanmate how they’re feeling after they’ve suffered injuries in the fire? If you’re limping like that maybe Bonejaw could help you out.” Rolling her eyes, she’d wonder what his problem was. How was that her being bad at small talk? Toms. Almost relieved that Hornetsting joined them, she’d nod as he spoke, mentioning how impossible it was for them to avoid staining their paws. “Indeed. Hopefully soon Starclan will bless us. It is rather quiet. I suppose the gathering would make anyone tense. What a meeting that was.

As the trio rolled into camp, she’d find herself taking a seat. Before heading to her nest for the evening she’d need some time to process what the hell had happened at the gathering. Shaking her fur, she’d glance up as Firedawn approached them, nodding as she asked if any of the group were interested in sharing her crow. “Sure I’ll share with ya’. After that meeting I could use a distraction.