keep pushing, keep living | briarfam




Time seems to stand still now, things seem so empty and cold. When she opens her eyes at the beginnin of another day shs finds it hard to get up. Hard to force herself to care. Yet she does because she knows that her sister wouldn't want her to waste her life. Their parents had sacrificed so much to protect them from that Sharp Tooth, and her sister sacrificed so much to keep the both of them alive till they were able to find the colony and finally stop starving, stop fighting. A short lived peace but still. Now it is her turn to sacrifice. Gathering them all up she breathes in as she emerges from the warrior den. She beckons them all to follow her out into the territory. The muddy ground is drying slowly and soon will be covered in frost and perhaps even snow. She knows these times. She has lived through changing of the seasons. Bone keeps the silence and she steps around a large puddle that bubbles with the promise of frogs. Yet she ignores it till she gets to the burnt Sycamore.

Turning around she looks to them before she frowns a little. "I brought you all here to clear your heads. To get a grasp of what we have. Briar may not be here anymore but we still have each other. And we still have Shadowclan. This is our home and this is what Briar fought for and despite how horrid Starclan has been to us we are still standing strong. Don't loose sight of that. I know...I know I'm not my sister. I can never measure up to her, I'm not your mother. But I hope....I want you all to know I have love for all of you. You are my family, my nieces and nephews. So please..." She forces herself not to cry. She has done to much of it in the last couple moons. Clawed at and screeched. Turning she makes her way to the roots of the tree and she pulls a marsh hare from it. One she caught. For them. Dropping it she looks at her family. "I just want you all to come to me in confidence knowing I'll be there for you."