King and Lionheart [Berry]

✵ ღ ☾ IT TOOK ME BY SURPRISE - She couldn’t recall that there had ever been a period of peace in her short life, not between the kitty pets and the marsh group, from what she knew- or more had been taught, the kitty pets were greedy wanna-be’s to sum it up. Yet, Willow’s attack had sparked something, and the kitty pets were angry, rightfully so, Azalea would suppose.
She ponders this as she settles beside Berry.
❝ Good morning, ❞ she hummed to her uncle, not really having a reason to visit him except for the fact that she simply enjoyed the tortoiseshells company. ❝ I hope you don’t mind mouse, I found it trapped behind a rock ❞ she continued, letting go of the mouse tail that had been clasped between her jaws to set in the middle of the two, ❝ I don’t think I could stomach another frog ❞ she admitted with a dry chuckle.

❝ Speech. ❞

Berry cared not for the conflict- that much should have been obvious to anyone who knew him well. Objective as ever- irritatingly so- he believed both groups had their faults and points, and refused to further elaborate even slightly. He could never quite wake up in the morning, not properly- though, at Lake-eyes' greeting he forced his eyes wider with a firm, long blink. He greeted her lowly, maw twisted in a curve that his niece might recognise as a smile. His pupils followed the mouse as it was set at his paws, and his ears raised in well-suppressed glee as she insinuated that it was for them to share.

He hummed in agreement to her verdict, not wasting time to get a bite- frog was abhorrent, and he adored mouse. He liked to chew slowly- it was easier on his misshapen jaw, and allowed him to savour the flavour more- and it was impolite to talk with a mouthful of food. "Thank you," he murmured after he swallowed, his tail moving to touch hers- a rare act of physical affection from the tortoiseshell. "Have you ever tried honey?" That was the only thing he liked more than mouse that he had tried- though he knew there were other foods he had not had the opportunity to appreciate.