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WindClan, WindClan, WindClan, home of rolling hills and sweeping grass. It is a niche little place with no cover, kissing the sky and ringed with clouds like a carefully guarded fortress. Such a place of beauty and green had hardly crossed him as unsafe initially. He had joined some time back, alongside his sister though her presence was more known; he liked his privacy fine but he had one of those faces that blended into the others. A dark gray and white cat, could be anyone here really and he didn't often make himself known. He had been a quiet monolith overseeing things, a sympathetic wince with his bad eye to one who lost theres, flattening ears to furious orders and demands, a gentle tail flick to the shoulder of one slighted and wronged. Sablemask had kept quiet, not for fear but because silence bet assisted in studying a situation and gradually understanding it. The things cat said when they didn't expect to be overheard, the things they did when no one was watching. Perhaps 'mask' suited him well? He could neatly put himself in most situations as easily as slipping one on; act as required and pushed it all away when bored.
With his eyes idly up to the sky he mused recent events, single eye staring at the seemless line of cloud and earth off in the distance as the forest rose to claim the land. It was only when he accidentally walked into another did he snap his gaze back down.
"Terribly sorry." His tone is smooth, face smiling apologetic and almost sheepish as if expecting a scolding in response to his distraction. "The sky is very blue today. I can't seem to take my eyes off of it."


A soft purr would escape her jaws as her brother stumbled into her. Whiskers twitching with amusement, Ivoryflight would aim to wrap her tail over his paws as she licked the top of his head affectionately. Her eldest brother was someone she had always looked up to, despite how he seemed to become… distracted at times. “Don’t worry about it! Accidents happened! You didn’t mean to!” Taking the opportunity to glance at the sky, she nodded as she took in it’s beauty. Sablemask did have a truthful statement. The sky was in fact bluer than she could remember as of late. “It is. I’ve always loved how the sky looks out here, don’t you?




Probably better than most, Dusk knew how to blend in to the background- an ironic thing to say considering he was now the Deputy. Still, it didn't change the fact that Dusk was usually seen and not heard, a trait that Sootstar was no doubt fond of in the tom. He was a hard-worker and diligent when it came to respecting the clans laws and taking care of the cats that belonged to it, but he had never been good at stepping into the limelight. Conversation had never been his strong suit, and despite his dedication, he still lacked the social skills that most cats in his position held. Even Sootstar, as abrasive and controversial as she could be, was able to act with confidence among her peers.

Dusk, on the other hand, had a hard time figuring out even the basics, like what face to make or what kind of responses were appropriate. Back where he'd been born there'd been no need for things like social heirarchy or proper manners. It was quite literally a cat-eat-cat world where nobody was interested in anyone else since they were all rivals to the limited resources available, and so he'd missed out on that crucial part of his life where he should have been figuring out how to make friends and be himself. Now, he felt more machine than cat, constantly on autopilot as he went from one job to another, keeping himself busy with tasks but never quite fulfilled.

He was reminded of this whenever he happened upon cats like Ivoryflight and Sablemask. As Dusk made his way back from the freshkill pile and noticed the siblings, he couldn't help but note that this was what he was missing. The easy reporte, the casual affection, the familiarity of another cat. No cat had ever felt familiar to Dusk before, not in the way that Windclan cats knew each other. They shared prey and groomed each other, playfought and shared their thoughts and dreams. It was a strange yet alluring world that Dusk was still trying to get a grasp on, and he wasn't sure if his attempt to mesh with them would ever lose their awkwardness.

Oh well. Time to give it another go.

"Um, hey. Your Ivoryflight and Sablemask, right? You guys feel like sharing this squirrel with me? Everything on th ekill pile is pretty big right now and I don't want to waste it." he said as he came to a stop before the pair.

He saw cats do this with each other literally multiple times a day and it was nothing, easy as breathing, so why did it always make him feel so out of place?

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat

The sight of Ivoryflight in the distance made the walking Hyacinth stop, pondering if she should go over and greet the femme. She was next to a tom that looked unfamiliar, but she was licking at his head as if she knew him well. There is no jealousy, no facial expression that left her emotions bared to the world before her. But there is confusion, curiousity. It shows in the way she carried herself cautiously over to the gathering group soon after Duskfire arrived. The molly gives him a grunt of greeting before she seats herself a bit away from them- rather awkwardly.

You've never been good with talking to people.

Hyacinth would scold herself as she watches them all interact, the promise of a squirrel making the scrawny she-cat's mouth pool with saliva, though she swallows it down stubbornly. She'd eaten a lizard earlier, she was just fine until dinnertime. Hesitantly, the she-cat opens her mouth to speak- wanting to at least talk to the group instead of hovering around awkwardly.

"Per.." She gulps, swallowing her anxiety. "Perhaps we can share tongues.. while.. you all eat?"

Turning as the deputy approached them, Ivoryflight would offer a wave of her tail in greeting, beckoning him over to join them. “That sounds lovely! We’d love to!” Making room for him to comfortably join them, she would prepare to ask him a question as Hyacinth arrived. Noticing she seemed to be anxiously hovering around, she would offer a small greeting, instinctively making room once more as she began to walk towards them. “That sounds like a great idea!

Ivoryflight would be a good mother some day, if her coddling of him was anything to go by. Despite the fact he was much larger than she was, he was also older by several seconds, mind you. But the gestures of affection never bothered him, he had always been a tom very open with his feelings and adoration of family and friends and the idea that something as sincere as a gentle lick atop the head might be embarrassing in public had never crossed his mind once.
It had, before, just been him and Ivory and while he was fond of the idea of a group to live in he had been slowly growing his misgivings about WindClan. His sister seemed to think it was something that could be saved, enough of a show and effort and the clan would seem less like a prison and more like a home but he had his own skepticism regarding it. Still, most of the cats were kind enough and he did not feel his life or sister's life in any peril as it were. Something to be mindful of. The deputy, at least, seemed an awkward but charming fellow and the tabby turned with alert ears to the sudden call and offer from the shadow-spotted bengal. It is the following cat to speak that catches his attention a little more thoroughly. Hyacinthbreathe seemed a decent enough she-cat but there was an air to her he could not quite place that felt both too similar to Sootstar and also horribly out of place; he might just be superstitious but when you were named for a flower associated with pride...well. Who was he to judge at a glance and a name anyways?

Duskfire and Hyacinthbreath's offers were answered by the cream tabby next to him and he heartily nodded in agreement behind her, "I was just thinking it was about time to get something to eat. I believe I'm on a patrol...later? To some border, I've already forgotten." He flashes Duskfire an apologetic smile, paw raised to wave nonchalantly, "I do not envy you your duties! You do them well but I certainly couldn't keep up with all of that!"
On much slower steps he followed along after his sister to join the two, long legs neatly folding under him and nearly vanishing in the thick fur of his sides.