Night was beginning to fall upon the oak forest once more. Howling Wind was truly, utterly content within these woods. Nothing had quite felt like home like this place did, and she was beyond thrilled that she could live here in peace with her family. And in times of peace, came fun. Stories was something that the tabby had always been quite good at - she would raise her kits upon such tales just like she had been by her own parents. The stories of the great cats of the past, painted with stripes or doused in spots or decorated in golden manes.

"Okay, okay, settle down everyone," She chuckled as the stars glittered brightly up above. The young ones could be so energetic once the day ended! She blinked at the small cluster of cats that had gathered for her tale, young and mature alike. With a smile, she purred, "Have any of you heard the stories of our ancestors? Can anyone tell me the names of the monstrous cats we've descended from?"

// JUST IN CASE for anyone who doesn't remember the answer is lions, tigers, and leopards <3
Quail pauses her bathing to watch a tabby she-cat gather those youngest in the Clan for a story. She can't help herself--she feels the need to draw near and listen herself. Howling Wind is an older cat, but not nearly as old as herself, without fur streaked with gray. Unlike Quail, however, she has a cast of wisdom about her.

The torbie sits beside the others, shifting in an attempt to get comfortable. Ancestors. What could Howling Wind be talking about?

She furrows a brow. "Well, I hope someone knows. I'd like to find out myself." She quirks an invisible brow Howling Wind's way. Monstrous cats?


Though a bit older than what the storyteller probably intended her audience to be, Kindle finds himself among those who listen to Howling Wind's tale. The brown and white tabby sits off to the side, as to let the youngest of the audience sit closer to the story's narrator. He too enjoyed a good story from time to time, after all.

She starts her story with a question, one about their ancestors. Kindle vaguely remembers hearing such stories when he was younger, when his mother was still around, but the memories are foggy. Another question follows, and Kindle has to reach to the back of his mind for some sort of answer.

"Lions?" he offers, however only after it seems like those around him are at a loss, unable to come up with answers of their own.
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Even now among a different colony than the one he had been adopted into, Berry never found himself far from his kin when the day wound down, the sun retiring alongside ThunderClan's residents. The tortoiseshell tom lay nearby, grey-green eyes half closed as they threatened to pull him by the paw into gentle sleep. However, nearby the soft and familiar voice of his mother buzzed, talking of ancestors; interest swivelled his ears and lifted his eyes to settle upon her and the small group that was beginning to close in, similarly enraptured by her question.

He had heard it before, and committed it to his memory- so he knew the answer, of course. As Stripes spoke up after a few moments of silent, Berry's attention flickered toward him- vague, a smile curved his lopsided features and he dipped his head in approval of the answer. That was one of them... though for now he refrained from saying the rest. He had not been directly asked... it was not his place to teach.

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - Questions. If anyone knew Wildflower, they knew she was full of them. This time, however, it was Howling Wind who was asking one.
Flow found that she quite like the brown tabby, she simply had a soothing way about her, something the blue molly could find a distant comfort in.
Quickly finishing her meal, she happily trots over to meet those who have already gathered and opting to settle beside the perched molly, she rests her flank against her friend with a small yawn and a pondering thought.
Monstrous cats? Wildflower never grew up with such a sordid tale. Kindle mentions lions- ah! That makes more sense.
❝ Cougars? ❞ She chimes in, hoping she got it right. Though she had never seen a big cat before, the stories she had heard on her travels were enough to make her never meet one in person.
She casts her gaze upwards to Quail in surprise, Quail knew everything about everything, didn’t she? She tucks that thought away for later and diverts her attention back to Howling Wind, eager to hear the Molly’s answers.
❝ Speech. ❞


Usually, Sand didn't like to listen to stories but since it was Howling Wind who was telling it she suppose it wouldn't hurt to listen in. So she sat down by herself to listen in silence. Ears perked up however over the question. Oh, she actually knew the answer to this one. White Thistle had loved telling her all sorts of stories when it come to thier ancestors and she had listened to them all with fascination. When she had been a kit that was. Thinking back on it though reminded her that White Thistle no longer was in this world...Pushing this memory back for the time being she remained quiet for a while longer before she no longer could listen to all of thier incorrect answers. " It's Lions,Tigers and....leopards." Sand said without hesitation and a confidence that was buried underneath this soldier looking eyes. She gave a short nod to confirm to herself that yes she had been correct. It would have been embarassing if she had screwed that up as well being a disgrace to the memory of the old man.


A purr of amusement left her as green eyes found Quail. She quite liked the other molly. The two had seasons of experience in common with each other, and that was comforting to share with another. Her attention would then be pulled towards Kindle, who offered up one of the correct answers. "Yes, that's right," She confirmed with a smile, nodding her head once towards him as praise. Young Wildflower piped up next, and Howling Wind gave a gentle shake of her head, kindly explaining, "Oh, no. You see, these cats roamed many, many moons ago, but no longer do. Perhaps cougars also came from them." Eyes glittering with thought, she next looked to Sand, who impressively listed off all three right answers. "You've got it! Lions, tigers, and leopards."

She had been toying with an idea in her mind, and she was ready to implement it into the stories. Now that they were ThunderClan, who's to say that their ancestors didn't have clans? "These big cats made up the three Great Clans," She spoke, scanning her little crowd with pricked ears. If anyone had heard these stories before, this would surely be a new addition. "LionClan, oh they were the large of them all. Massive, the size of the horses at the Horseplace. Bigger, even. They were golden, like the sun, and had massive teeth and claws. But the most noticeable thing about them was their manes that flowed in the wind and shone in the sun's rays. They were the strongest, bravest cats. Legend says we get our courage and strength from them."

"Now TigerClan, they were the sneakiest. Pelts of flame and streaked in inky black shadows. They were hardly ever seen, for they only hunted at night,"
She crooned, ears angling back against her head as she lowered her face to the ground, as if in a hunting crouch had she not been laying down. "They were powerful beasts, devious too. It is said they had the darkness of night in their very souls. But oh, they were determined. Once they set their minds to something, not even StarClan would be able to stop them. We get our silent feet and the ability to see after dusk from tigers."

"And last, but certainly not least, is LeopardClan. Leopards weren't as big and strong as the other cats, but they were the swiftest. They used their speed to become the best hunters in all the forest. Their pelts were golden, like the lions, except black spots covered them, like paw prints racing across their bodies. When you are pursuing prey, be sure to thank LeopardClan for the speed and the sureness in your paws that they gave you."