( ) They milled about without a purpose, lives just as dull and insignificant as the ants they seemed to so resemble. So focused on their mindless little tasks that he remains hidden within their ranks. Brown and white-ticked fur has remained ahead of him, ears pricked and ever-moving despite his presence. They're unable to comprehend such a presence. Their noses busy themselves in the dirt, focusing on the grime they walk on rather than what lies ahead of them. Downy red-and-white fur remains untainted by the travesties of the forest. Of course, the mother is a kind soul, he doesn't wish to understate her importance, but these others handle her oh so poorly. They lack the tact that he has, mussing her precious growth and fighting over her land.

He waltzes into their space, past banks of fern and bramble to observe what they've made. Bushes utilized as rudimentary shelter, strange flora never-before-seen. In a corner, paws deftly weave at a poor excuse for a nest, in another, mismatched pelts chat about something, likely unimportant. There isn't an ounce of accordance, of organization. The movements are brutish, discordant. They moved without a care. His nose draws up with the wrinkle of his muzzle. "This is where you've been living?" he says to no one in particular, voice lilting in disbelief.

Although... they stuck to what was offered to them, and for that, he could be forgiving. It was almost noble, almost. These few would remain where they're permitted, whilst the others spread their flea-ridden pelts and foul smell further into the wood, a pity. Perhaps these few held potential though, yes... something that he may fix. He cranes his neck, eyes wide as he peers at the makeshift dens "You all could get something much nicer not too far away, you know," he remarks, matter-of-fact.

[ Homeless man follows @CHURRO to camp and starts criticizing immediately <3; joining as in this is when he starts showing up just to be a nuisance B) ]

To say Churro was more than half asleep as she pranced to camp with her frilly little collar in a silly little way was quite the understatement. Tail swished behind her and while she heard silent pawsteps behind her, she paid no mind to it. Must be a friend, right? A friend of Skyclan (thats what this little group was called right?) was a friend of hers! She enters camp happily.

Theres a voice behind her and she recognizes it almost immediately. "Valentine! Hola!" she purred out happily, a yawn interrupting her sentence. "Isn't this place cool? Full of friends!" she flicked the tip of her tail to accentuate. "I think this place is very swell, si?" she notes his expression of slight disdain, a frown appearing on her once friendly face before smiling once more. "I'll even show you my favorite napping spot! Have you ever slept in a tree? Do you wanna cuddle? Oh, this is so exciting! You should come here with me more!" she trills happily, excited about the prospect of her friend coming to see her other friends. She completely ignores his remark about their home- a homes a home, eh?
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Camp was a dusty muddle of activity, cats marching to and fro along well-worn tracks. There was a palpable determination to get things done in the wake of the split, and Daisy Flight had been all too happy to contribute. It helped her keep her mind off- well, best not to think about it. Having just arrived back from a successful hunt, the calico sat watching the bustle pass by. Her pelt was lovingly groomed to sumptuous perfection, its muted orange and greys sleek beneath the high sun. Just how she liked it.

A cavorting visitor captured her attention, their cheerful demeanour not unfamiliar. She had seen Churro around before and often appreciated the whimsical positivity the curl-furred feline introduced to the day. The cat that slinked in behind her however was another matter. Sapling green eyes tracked the mysterious figure, creased in amusement as they expressed their distaste.

"It's not so bad. That 'nicer' place gets a tad dull after a while, it's far more exciting out here" Mirth rang through, her words a gentle jab at the newcomer's sensibilities. Her playfulness overtook the truth of the matter, that to live beneath shaded pines was far better than on the rough streets. If Daisy Flight were in a worst mood she might have told them so but she let the judgement drift away on the temperate breeze. The mahogany stranger could hail from anywhere- best not to presume.

At Churro's enthusiastic acknowledgement of this 'Valentine' figure, she let out a humming chuckle. "Welcome back" the molly chirped smoothly, lids sliding shut to give her a 'hello' blink.
It seems that Churro's brought back a pesky little thing. Icy eyes are half-lidded in exasperation, the cream tabby stares down at the sepia tom who'd dared to waltz into their home and insult them from the low-hanging branch he's perched on. Why would this guy come here if he didn't enjoy the wilderness? "Fuckin' thick, aren'tcha, mate?" Harpy's cutting voice interrupts the much more cheerful ones of his clanmates, his pupils constricted into slits. This guy deserves a good nip in the tail. "Not all of us abandon our housefolk." The bandana tied neatly around Harpy's neck speaks for itself, he thinks. His glare is unwavering, only broken when Daisy Flight comments on how the city is dull. His tail tip twitches. "Oi, you're quick to speak for all of us." Degenerate.
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Blaise nods his head to Churro when they enter camp, but his greeting dies in his throat when he sees the frowning cat who shadows her. Light blue eyes turn disdainfully about the camp. Churro seems to notice him at the same time the others do, and Valentine is greeted with a flurry of cats.

He pads over, a smile breaking the weariness on his face like the sun splitting stormclouds. "Val, what are you doing back here?" He purrs, ignoring the judgmental expression on his friend's face. The others seem confused, offended, but Blaise knows Valentine. He doesn't mean it.

Well... he does mean it, but Blaise likes to think he means well anyway.
( ) His assessment of the space is swiftly interrupted by a chirping voice, cheerful, yet ladden with a certain tiredness. His acknowledgment of her is languid, a slow turn of his head and the flick of tufted ears. HIs eyes crinkle at the edges, lips pull downward in a slight grimace. Blue eyes linger on the molly with hesitant contemplation. A wry hello, lingers on his lips, though she continues to babble on before he can reply. His nostrils flare with barely-concealed annoyance. "Sleep in a tree? You aren't serious."

His lips remain creased in an exaggerated frown as he shifts toward a stranger, a molly with fur made up of all sorts of color, all muted stripes and darkened patches. Small worm, he blinks down at her curiously. Surely the wildcats weren't so picky, willing to more out here for little more than excitement. He's keen to point out that the so-called dullness (quick to jump to such conclusions, wasn't she?) would be more entertaining than mites crawling under his skin, though something strange finds him.

Pale little bug with something (of frankly, horrible taste) strung tightly around his neck. Valentine can only pray such a color was fashioned to him by the paws of a vengeful twoleg, and not of their own volition. Poor thing. Their voice twinges strangely, sharp compared to the familiar babbling of Churro. He narrows his eyes, quizzical. Was that a compliment? His head cranes to glance down at himself. He supposes he is thick-furred. Now, what was he accomplishing, pointing this out?

He hums low, considering what the cream-ticked tom has said. Ice-blue eyes acknowledge Daisy Flight once more. Less 'dull' out here, and yet, they may still return. He supposes that's what he's been doing already. One venture into the forest had quickly turned into many. He blinks, slow, considering this. Though he wasn't sure he'd quite like to be on the same level as someone like him─

A hulking form of cream-and-red enters his vision, and any past thoughts are completely disregarded. A previously skeptical gaze snaps open, wide-eyed at the sight of Blaise. "Looking for you!" He hadn't been, but he was disappointed, nonetheless, to find him in a place like this. He glides closer to the tom, voice pitched in a not-quite-whisper as he draws closer "Don't look now, but there may be insanity within your midst," he muses low with a pointed look toward Harpy.

There's another moment of consideration, before. "What I'm hearing is that is all for entertainment's sake," he remarks, though his tone doesn't betray any approval or lack thereof.
Harpy's tongue clicks as Blaise greets the fool with friendliness. Blatantly brushing aside the snide remarks? The cream cameo eyes the flame point, his tail tip twitching. What kind of leader does not address such disrespect?

The long-legged feline beneath him does not acknowledge his cutting question, simply glancing down at his plush coat with scrutinizing eyes. Harpy snorts drily. He wouldn't expect less from this donkey of a cat. Perhaps he should dumb down his words as if he were talking to a kitten. Or, more likely, this guy was a complete waste of his time.

The thick-headed feline, who Blaise refers to as Val, exclaims that he'd been looking for the flame point. Then, without a shred of conspicuity, Val leans in and mumbles something into Blaise's ear. He does not catch what the tom has said. What pisses Harpy off is the pointed look shot his way. A humorless laugh falls from curled lips, the sound unfitting for his taut expression.

Harpy bunches his muscles beneath him and leaps to the ground. He lands easily, striding over to Val and Blaise with his head held low. "Don't be tight-lipped, mate. You got somethin' to say? Speak up."
Blaise stifles a smile as Val exclaims that he'd come into the forest looking for him. "Surely you already knew I was here from the last time," he says pointedly. But Val has moved on, closing the space between them and lowering his voice into a hushed whisper. "Don't look now, but there may be insanity within your midst." Blaise slowly looks to where Valentine is.

"Ah... that's Harpy. He's not--" The cream tom drops from his perch in the branches, muscles taut and a furious look on his face. Blaise's instinct is to step in front of Valentine and apologize for him, but he doesn't. He only flicks his tail against his old friend's flank and gives him a look. "He's a good Clanmate. We're happy to have him." He blinks desperately at Harpy, hoping this will appease him. If not, he might have to let him teach Valentine a lesson. Stars know someone will one day.

The russet and white tom remarks, "What I'm hearing is that this is all for entertainment's sake." Blaise shakes his head. The thick ruff of fur about his neck ruffles slightly with a warm breeze. "No, not at all. We're a Clan. A family." He lowers his head. Can he even really say that? It's his heart's desire, something he wants more than he can say, but so far SkyClan has been lukewarm to his leadership claim. Haze and Squall specifically had been furious. Tugger had not been impressed. The cats who did agree to his role had only done it, he feels, because their only other choice was to leave the pine forest.

He gives his chest fur a few licks, attempting to hide the sadness that clouds his expression. "Some of us are here now because we have to be," he says simply.

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