laughter is the best medicine || marble


Jun 11, 2022

  • MARBLE — named for her marbled tail
    40 moons — ages every 1st
    female — she/her
    windclan — warrior, former loner on the moor
    mentor — n/a
    apprentice — n/a

    appearance — Marble is a relatively small, thin and scruffy looking feline with a very intense gaze. She is a medium haired tortie point with huge blue eyes and a slightly unnerving smile. Her right ear is torn and her tail tip is thinning (both due to dogs).

  • there is someone home — she's not stupid, no. She is quite intelligent, being both street smart and nimble.
    smile! — her family is the best. She loves her sisters and her nephew and niece.
    where did the mouse go — a mediocre hunter at best, her skills lie in fighting.
    dial up the intensity — if anyone's going to say hi to your face, it's her.

  • HARE (NPC) x ROSE (NPC) — generation 1
    sister to SUNSHINE, EMBER and POLLEN
    aunt to MALLOW and ECHO
    partner of n/a
    mother to n/a
    friends — list friends

  • before — Marble lived on the moor with her family before Sootstar and WindClan decided to start living there as well.

    after — Marble and her family joined WindClan.

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