lavender skies ;; sootstar



It had been a few weeks since Lavender and herself had talked about having kits. They'd agreed it was something they both mutually wanted, but something about having kids terrified Hyacinthbreath. What if they were born too early, or died young because she wasn't able to care for them properly? Despite her own love for kits, she had no actual idea how to care for them. The moment the Clan's kits went back to the nursery, back to the warm embrace of their parents, Hyacinth was left with herself once again. How, she wondered, would she change that? How could she be more prepared for the kits that were to come sooner or later?

And that's when it hits her.


Her eyes watch for the molly in the camp, waiting to see her gorgeous leader only to spot her in the distance, grooming herself atop a flattened rock. Hyacinth makes her way over quickly, seating herself in front of the molly's resting place. She waits a moment, tail waving to make sure Soot knew she was there, before she finally opens her mouth to speak.

"Sootstar, I, ah.. Can I ask you for some advice?" She chitters out, taking her place beside the rock to curl her paws under her and lay down comfortably. Luckily, she supposed she wouldn't be the one having the kits herself, that was Lavender's job- but she had to make sure everything was absolutely perfect when the kits would inevitably come. "Lavender and I.. We've decided to have kits, and well.. I was wondering, what could I do to make the birthing run more smoothly for Lavenderstorm?"