Jul 23, 2022
Having only just received a name of a warrior to replace his birthname, Billie would taste the name Dogteeth on his bladed tongue carefully and around a proud smile. He wasn’t a stranger among his clanmates but still they knew his waters quite shallow- while he would happily share tongues and stab his attention into the meows of his new family where he was welcome, he knew them little.

Having fumbled in fishing a few weeks ago, smacking his face on the rocks- he already made himself a good laugh for the reedland felines.

Settled on his side, Dogteeth chewed the inside of his cheek and wiggled his toes restlessly. He wanted to try and break the ice with someone but every time he padded toward someone he ditched it last minute with a quick re-route of paws and nervous smile.

" I’m not good at this- heh " he muttered to himself in a soft tune of insecurity around a smile.


Oh, he knows very well how it is to embarrass yourself by fishing. And... In front of clanmates. Otter had made quite the show when he had joined, and Buck had to drag his rat-like self out of the raging river. To thank her, he tried to catch her something he could get. And that, sadly, was minnows. Eugh. He didn't like thinking about it.

Dogteeth was muttering to himself as he laid and with a curious face Otter peeks at him, ears perking forth. "Same!" he smiles regardless of not knowing what the other man was talking about. Then his own shyness kicked in and he flattened his ears slightly. "Er, Dogteeth, right? I'm Otter. Otterpop." he corrects himself with a friendly little nod. He begins to realize he does not know what to say afterwards and so he begins to awkwardly roll a pebble between his paws while waiting for a response.
Crisscrossing his toes in the dry mud, Dog is narrowly startled when a voice raises in agreement. A warrior with mismatched eyes and chocolatey scruffy fur, disturbing a pebble with his paw. A face he had seen in passing just as a name he had heard through the natural bustle of camp.

A natural beaming smile swims over his face in response- excitement crackling in his eyes like dry leaves. A swell of interest blooming evermore when the other’s ears drop with his confidence. " yeah that’s me!- you can call me dog for short, I don’t mind it- or even Billie, that was my old name… "

" Oh!- I’ve wondered who had that name, It’s so cute" he gushes, lifting to his paws to pad toward the other. His smile faltering- cute can easily be an insulting word! " I hope that wasn’t rude!- it.. it’s a tough warrior name- … I only meant- uh" he fumbles on his words almost as frequently as his paws.

" I like it " he chuckles. " my maw moves faster than my brain " he crosses his wrists neatly.


Ravendusk had never found it difficult to start a conversation with another cat. It was easy to keep an conversation going if he truly wished for it. From the very start he had been teached on how to properly interact with others smoothly so watching this two awkward toms stumbling over thier words when trying to get thier words across...He could do nothing but feel pity for them. Perhaps he should help them a bit?. Doing a good deed for the day.. " Otters do have an rather adoreful apperance but don't let thier looks deceive you. Thier bite i have heared can be one of the nasties one. A true warrior to fear..." He invited himself into their conversation as he approached closer not seeing any harm to get to know his clanmates a bit better. Just like Dogteeth he hadn't been here for long himself and could really need to show his face around a little bit more. The difference between them though was that Ravendusk liked to be by himself most of the times. That didn't meant though he not desired company now and then. With the right cat that was.

" Since we seems to be introducing ourselves my name's Ravendusk. Pleasure meeting the both of you." He smiled just like they did but his wasn't beaming with life. It was polite and pleasant looking for sure but beside that it was lacking feeling to it. Now he had to admit that Dogteeth was an unusual name for a cat to have. Named after thier natural enemy. Was that a reason for them to have been given that name from thier leader?. " Is there a story behind your name?, or can it be you are just fond of dogs?." He asked the stunning looking tom. Of course there would be no issue if they actually did like dogs. Not from him anyway. There was no much left in this world that made his whiskers twitch...not anymore.

( ) she is rather fond of her clanmates. in the two moons she's gotten to know them, everyone has been rather kind and accommodating, something she has never expected with anyone. in her experience with the river and fishing, she often forgets that not everyone knows what to do with the water before them. as is the case, willowroot has made herself as available as possible to try and give tips and generally help out. it's her job after all, but she feels that she must give back, in some way, to the kindness of these newfound friends.

having noticed the small conversation and anxious energy from afar, wil pads over, pelt glistening from her afternoon swim. fern hued eyes gleaming in the sunlight, she basks for a moment, suddenly feeling an overwhelming gratitude towards her own existence. a soft smile graces her jaws as she joins the trio, offering a nod of greeting. it appears they're discussing names and riverclan life, something the smoke is always happy to participate in. "dogteeth is a rather ferocious name," they'll agree, crossing their tail over their paws. "but also rather impressive. pardon me for barging in, i just overheard this little conversation and wanted to get to know my clanmates. i'm willowroot." tufted ears flick in a nervous manner and they focus their attention towards the handsome tawny tom whom they've haven't yet met.