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"Wait, wait, wait, so let me get this straight. You're name is Sootstar, because these cats that are dead gave you nine lives to lead Windclan? And they told you before to spread into five other groups?" Truly this is boggling to the tom and he stares at the woman as if she is floating herself. It's also mystifying. His gaze travels up to the sky and he wonders then about them. This place and group called Starclan. Are they good? He doesn't know yet and this is his first time hearing about them at all. Pausing from his sky watching the black and white feline fixes his gaze back on the molly with mild intrigue glittering in his aquamarine colored orbs. "I don't mean any offense. I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this. It's...kind of amazing." Shifting he starts to walk along the sunwarmed pool, eyes flicking to look down at it. So they have claim to this place because of the stars at night.

It sounds so over the top but he can believe that. They are here now and growing as it were. Taking a deep breath in he turns back to look towards the woman again. "Well since you've kindly allowed me residence here I'll do what I can for Windclan. I don't plan on leaving either." He will stick with this through and through and given the possible tour he is going to learn about this place.



His disbelief was unsurprising to her, anyone would be shocked upon hearing this news... Sootstar had been, all of the clan cats had been. Yet the blue smoke could not stand being called or implied a liar, which she was expecting Roost to do within his next few words. If you don't believe my words to be true, leave, there was little she could do to prove it aside from slicing her own throat.

Luckily for the both of them, Roost would go on to state he means no offense.
It was good enough for her.

"Good, because if you leave now there is no coming back... My warriors would slay you on sight if you showed yourself on this land again." She was not a woman who allowed her kindness to be taken advantage of. Roost has already gained valuable information on WindClan in his short time here, he knew where the camp was, and he was getting hints for how they ran things here. She didn't need running off and telling anyone about things only a WindClan cat should know.

"What have the others caught you up on already? So I don't waste any time." She didn't have anything better to do, but Sootstar was one who was privy to acting as if she had better places to be.