It was in the middle of the night. Stars was shinning so brightly and Leechpaw was seating on top of Outlock rock staring painfully down at his own paws. it had gone days and Rosepaw had still not waken up. No one knew why. Maybe it was the injures, or a hidden infection or...it was the trauma itself that prevented the apprentice to wake up. No matter what the reason behind his friends slumper was it was far to unbearable to watch. Everyday he visited that medicine den and everyday he watched as Rosepaw's body lost weight. The body was eating itself up on the inside to get nutrition. If he didn't woke up soon...Rosepaw might die of starvation. Even Leechpaw understood that. He did not needed to be a medicine cat to understand how the body worked. The worst part was that there was nothing he could do about it, and he had tried. Leechpaw had tried to reach out to them, to call out thier name but nothing. He had never felt so powerless before in his entier life...and there had been many times in his life he had felt powerless but not like this. Not even Dandelionpaw or Honeytwist could do anything about it except treat his injures and hoping Rosepaw would open his eyes...eye.

That was why he was here tonight on Outlock rock to ask help from dead cats he didn't even believe in. Leechpaw had never thought in his entier life this day would come. He had his reasons for being so against them - against Starclan. He didn't think they where any different from the cats down here on earth. But he was desperate. In truth he was out of options and so he found his way to them, the only ones who could help Rosepaw. If they could give nine lives to the leaders, if they could bring someone like Sootstar back to life...then surely they could help a cat like Rosepaw who did not deserved to die yet, not anytime soon!. Rosepaw who had always believed in them from the very start, who always spoke fondly of them. A such strong believer like them they wouldn't send to death, would they?.

" I know i've not been your strongest believer....i doubt i'm even on your 'favorite' list of cats down here...but...I've come here to ask all of you for a favor." he started, his words uncertain and coming out as a slurr. He was not good at this. He never had claimed to be. Swollowing, he picked his head up to face the sky, to look directly up at the stars with a look that was pleading and desperate. " Rosepaw...can you please save him?. He is not doing well...and...i...i can't lose him. He is...my only friend." Tears started to blur his vision, lip started to tremble. Leechpaw paused to hold back a sob, and he would clench his teeths to keep his emotions under control.Taking in a deep breath he swollowed down his tears, and used a paw to wipe away his tears. " I promise i will do anything you want in return!. I will pray to you, i will believe in you...i will even spread your word...or...anything... I will do anything..." He couldn't do it, to hold his tears back so he let them fell. He ended up into a sobbing mess as he sniffled. " So please...just bring him back home to me...I...i can't lose him too..." he broke down into crying, hysterically so and he didn't know how to stop it!. All the pain and grief awoke itself up inside of him. The grief of how he had lost his littermates came crashing in. He had barely survived through that grief, he only had because Rosepaw had been there but...if he was gone who would be there for him then?.

" Please...please starclan...i...i'm on my knees begging you!...don't...please don't take him away from me!." He sank down to his stomach crying as he spoke this words out, tears just keept on falling. He sobbed and cried, begging and pleaded. He was all he had left....If he lost him what was the point of even living?. " If you need to take someone please take me...not him....i...i need him..." After that all he did was cry while saying the same thing over and over again. Please come back to me.