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Oct 10, 2022

Darkpaw is nice, Koipaw thinks. He's not loud, nor does he hurt her ears, hes kind and not as brash as the other apprentices. Sometimes, those other apprentices scared her, make the heavy feeling in her stomach super tight and it lasts till she gets away. No, Darkpaw is nice, she feels comfortable around him, he reminds her of Carp Fish. The same childish, charismatic innocent. Shes lost in thought, its a nice walk, and it was super nice of Dark to accept her invitation to go out, even if its not that far from Riverclan camp.

She almost bumps in to him as he abruptly stops, blinking the haze away. Oh... Was the walk already over? Aww... He doesn't seem to be moving though, and she takes this as a good thing as she slides to his side, staring down in to the river like he was. Hunting! She thinks hes hunting. Oh... Last time she hunted, the warriors said she did really good, so maybe she can impress her newest friend and so she waits at the river bank, deciding to make idle chit chat while they waited for a shadow to surface. "You, you were born here, right?" its an awkward question born from genuine curiosity as she takes her eyes off of the lapping water and fix them on to him.

Darkpaw doesn't mind the rowdiness of his peers. They're like the river, he thinks; wild and unpredictable. And he likes the river!

He likes everyone. Everyone, except for that one tom who would never be mentioned, ever. Darkpaw doesn't even remember his name, and he doesn't want to.

His jaw clenches around the pebble he carries. Nope, he doesn't remember a thing. It might as well have never happened!

The walk is quiet, but the good kind of quiet. The quiet that doesn't make his skin prickle. Koipaw had invited him, and of course, Darkpaw had accepted. He likes Koipaw, too. She's different, softer and subdued, like the moon to the other apprentices' sun. While Darkpaw doesn't mind the heat of the blazing sun, he enjoys the cool night's breeze.

The walk is over in what seems like a heartbeat. Darkpaw's pulled from his own thoughts by the trickling of the river, bicolor eyes staring down into it's crystalline depths. Don't let your shadow fall over the surface, Reedrunner's lesson echoes, and Darkpaw shifts so that he is hidden from the fish, his pebble placed somewhere safe. Koipaw's side brushes his, and Darkpaw glances at her from the corner of his eye with a smile. He enjoys this much more than fishing alone, he thinks. Her presence is comforting.

Koipaw breaks the comfortable silence, and Darkpaw nods at her question. "Yep; my mom and dad left their old home because they loved the river more than the pine forest. I was still in my mom's belly, though, so I don't remember that." The conversation brings to mind his own curiosities about Koipaw's origins... She hadn't been born in RiverClan, Darkpaw thinks, since he couldn't remember her in the nursery. "Where are you from?"
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Eyes unfocused as she waits for a response, barely suppressing a yawn. Fishing, its something she grew up on, something that her mother had taught her and her brothers since they could walk, second nature to her, just like breathing and eating. An ear flicks as she relishes the warmth, relishes the company shes in and it just hits her how lonely she has felt lately. Its fun, having a friend. When Koi was little, she didn't have friends, she had her mom and her brothers, but they were family. Inwardly, Koi's anxieties start to act up and she bites her lip, scrunching up one side of her lip.

He speaks, startles her again, but instead of jumping she begins to lightly laugh, placing a paw on her chest. "Oh! Thats cool... My mom and dad, they also liked the river." she nods vigorously, i mean, shes never met her dad, but shes heard some cool stories about him from her mom! "Im from... Uh... Uhm..." she racks her brain trying to think of the places name, face flushed in slight embarrassment. Dark doesn't seem too pushy, she appreciates that so much, but its still scary when you can't remember a place you grew up in. "Nearby, I think? I lived with my brothers, and- and my mom!" she thinks its so cool that Darkpaw was born here, by the river. His mom and dad, Mud something... And... Frost? No... Oh geez, what a bad friend she was, she can't remember his parents names!

"My mom, she- she was really cool!" a paw lashes out at the water, scooping back as she raised it. There lay a tiny little minnow, barely worth a catch, but still something. "She taught me to fish, like this. Though, im better... At the shallow areas." for once theres a genuine smile spread across her face, warmth building in her chest. It felt nice to talk about mom in a lighter way, lighter than the last time she talked about her. Either way, she feels comfortable around Dark to relieve herself of the information and she tilts her head at him. Eyes wander back to the water, but shes not one to let the pleasant conversation go. "You- I've noticed, uhm, you have a pebble. Uh," she hesitates as if shes speaking about another cat, wanting to tread lightly but still get her curiosity answered. "Does it have a name? Have you named it?"