lesson number one || glimmerpaw

Jun 7, 2022
Still holding steady with a stranger's laugh
right after returning to camp with the early morning patrol to windclan, blazestar had made a quick beeline towards the high branch where he would call for a clan meeting and waiting for a sizeable crowd to gather. the flame point had went on to intergrate a new cat into their ranks then moved on to the kits who were ready to start their apprenticeship. when blessed with their -paw suffix, blazestar would then appoint them mentors who he thought would make a good fit. to huckleberry's surprise, he was one of the few in the crowd who chosen.

if he remembered correctly, glimmerpaw was a fairly new member of skyclan having joined alongside the new named warrior torchthroat.

when the meeting was dismissed, he'd approach the sepia apprentice with a grin spreading along his maw. " well lil' lady, looks lak we'll be workin' together for a while. ah'm pretty new to this teachin' stuff but whaddya say we git things rollin' by showin' you 'round the territory? "



That’s who she was now. Excitin’ to say the least, even though a sliver of anxiety ticked at her heart at the thought of being away from Missy, or Torchthroat she was a’called now.
Even so, the sepia sea cat eagerly looked to her new mentor anyhow. Tail waggin’ to and fro as if she were a hound.
"I be new to learnin’!" She quipped back, her head bobbing with anticipation. "Aye… I be ready for a’tourin’ and a’walkin’! " She agreed, already shufflin’ cream paws towards the exit. "Yer talkin’ way is funnier than that nice deputy lady! Where you be from?" She asked, oblivious how that could be deemed as rude.

Long furred sepia she-kit with baby blue eyes and a red bandana with bones || Loner || tags


( ) a hearty laugh would rumble out from his throat, the corners of his eyes crinkling upwards in amusement at how enthused this kitten was to begin their first activity of training. huckleberry would soon set after his apprentice towards the entrance of camp where they'd push passed surrounding brambles to enter the territory, one ear flicking towards the sepia when she asked about the funny way he spoke.

"ah'm from the barn tha' lies over on tha' moors. if ah could, ah'd show you but we cain't really wander off willy nilly or else we'd git in trouble." he replies with a smile, leading glimmerpaw through the pines towards their shared border with thunderclan. " what about you? yer way of speakin' sounds awfully lak mine but ah don't think yer from a barn?" huckleberry asks curiously, keeping a leisurely pace as they walked so that glimmerpaw can take in everything around her.
( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )