pafp Let it all out || YELLIN

Frostbite rarely witnessed the rage he had seen in Pitchstars eyes. The last time he had seen such wrath was from himself, back in the mountains.

Angry at the world, the hand he had been dealt. The rejection, abandonment.

He still harbored that hatred and rage, but he had quelled it. Mostly from burning out, letting the fire rage on until it couldn't anymore, leaving him as the forest it had burned. Weary, exhausted, yet relieved that the storm had put itself out.

He didn't want to see his leader fall to madness from the rage he harbored. So, he decided it was a good idea to stride up to Pitchstar and try to offer his......Wisdom.

He had never done this before.

"Pitchstar. May I have a moment of your time?" He asked. He made sure his tone didn't have the usual irritation laced into it. Without it, he sounded.... Genuinely nice.

It surprised him, hearing his voice like that. Woah.