let it happen &. frog encounter

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chilledgaze was exhausted. few hours of sleep left them feeling slightly more irritable than usual, so they had chosen to distance themself from the rest of the clan, doing other things that made them useful. it wasn't much, but they figured it was better than lazing around snd doing nothing. dropping a final piece of prey in the hole they had made, chilledgaze was quick to bury it so they could use it later to teach their apprentice how to track certain scents. as they begun to rebury it, however, tufted ears of obsidian perked upward, swiveling towards an unusual sound. a deep croak echoed in the air and suddenly the feline is reminded if their kithood. they'd spent a lot of time frog watching. it was nostalgic. even as a prey of choice, they still liked to watch the swamp-land's most favorable piece of prey. turning, crystaline orbs gaze upon the mucus covered amphibian. they didn't say anything. they simply watched it do what it did, quietly questioning if maybe it had a life like their own.

pfft. as if. can you imagine? frogclan... led by toadstar. having their own little star covered frogs they follow. with a roll of their eyes, they simply laid down, watching as more frogs joined the other, nose twitching in a silent curiosity.
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  • It was--


    Betonyfrost struggles with a justification. She just happened to be in the same area. She just--

    She enjoyed Chilledgaze. That wasn't so bad, was it? To simply enjoy someone's company? Betonyfrost has yet to know Chilledgaze's company but oh, she is certain she will. She enjoys looking at Chilledgaze, enjoys thinking about them, enjoys wondering why they are staring at frogs--

    But that is a strange thing, isn't it? They are just frogs, insignificant in every aspect of their lives, ultimately alive to croak their songs, lay as many eggs as possible, and then die an unceremonious death by the teeth of some predator. Yet Chilledgaze watches the frogs, and so Betonyfrost watches the frogs, and then she watches Chilledgaze instead.

    What is so interesting about them? Betonyfrost would ask if she was braver. If she were braver she would come out of hiding, but she settles into the comfort of knowing she could use a fear of scaring potential quarry for her silence.​
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shadowclan warrior | blue mackerel tabby | tags
Drag of a hunting trip, barely a bird or a worm in sight. S'too early for this place to be devoid of prey already. At least, feels like they haven't been struggling nearly as much since the war cut down their numbers. Buncha' weaklings who died. At least the prey would be going to folks who deserved it now.

In theory, that is, since, just as the thought crosses his mind, he spots a pair doing absolutely nothing. Gawking at frogs, not catchin' em. The hell? Barkbreath strides between the two of em, head swinging back and forth to give em exaggerated, incriminating stares. "You two havin' fun wasting our time?" he asks, accusing, though there's a twisted smile in his tone. Th' way he speaks is naturally a little loud, at least one of the frogs have probably bounced by now. And f' only he had grandkids to tell his showstoppin' jokes to, damn.

"Come leaf-bare, we're gonna be starvin' again, and this'll be one less frog you coulda' had in your tummy," he says with a pout. N perfect timing, he finishes off his wisdom with a short bought of spine-wracking coughs, sure to send some creatures fleeing. The fault of these two, anyways.

So I walk alone down the darkest roads

"Let them have their fun Barkbreath, we don't stay young forever, one day we'll end up like you. Grumpy, old and smelly" came the voice of Canarywatcher as she made her approach towards the four, her ocean blue eyes showing no signs of amusement in the young warrior as she made her approach, disappointment flashing in her eyes as Barkbreath's raggedy cough made some of the unsuspecting frogs run off and an irritated sigh slipped from her maw. Perhaps Barkbreath should retire before he coughs out his only life and keels over on a hunting trip or scares away any more prey.

"Besides, they weren't the ones scaring off Dinner, Barkbreath" she would bluntly place in as her tail lashed in irritation. It was such a perfect opportunity as the frogs had not been aware of any of their presence until the old geezer decide it was a perfect time to cough, how disappointing, mayhaps she'll bug Pitchstar in not sending her on any hunting patrols involving Barkbreath, in fear his coughs would just drive away the prey and Canarywatcher was not one to risk an unsuccessful hunt, especially with colder weather settling in.

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chilledgaze's ears perked upward, turning their cold gaze back to barkbreath with a very unwelcoming and frigid smile. stars did they hate elders... or warriors that probably should have been. they didn't know what the hell barkbreath was.

"if you used that good for nothing nose of yours sometimes, you'd have smelt the prey i've burried right under your paws."

standing up, and shaking out their pelt, they looked at the small crowd that gathered with another roll of their eyes. tch. playtime was over, now, and they hadn't even had much of a chance to just relax. their claws gently flexed into the ground beneath them, looking back at the bother of a cat that barkbreath was. surely on purpose.

"cute of you to talk about leafbare, like you won't have dropped dead by then. mind your manners, and your business, frogbreath."

with a final flick of their tail, they turned off to go finish their duties, without the risk of being interrupted.
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Golden eyes flicker between the arguing cats, drooping ears twitching with each insult which muddies the air. "...Hell hath no fury like an old bastard," Boarjaw mutters beneath his breath with his snout wrinkling into a snort. It could've been peaceful, hunting down the frogs bouncing about, had it not been for Barkbreath.

In his informed opinion, Boarjaw thinks that the older tom's passed his expiration date. All he really does is spit and hack and complain nowadays.

Like now; the elderly tom keels over into another coughing fit, and Boarjaw raises a brow at him. "Uh, maybe you should save your breath... Your lungs must be shriveling up; it's dangerous to waste precious oxygen." Half-joking and half-hoping that Barkbreath would shut up so that Boarjaw could breathe air without holding back a gag, but his monotone voice betrays little.

The territory is growing far too tense for his liking. With a grunt, Boarjaw goes to make his departure further into the swamp in search of more prey. (There wouldn't be much to find here, now, anyways; they would've all fled by now, either scared off by Barkbreath's grating voice or Barkbreath's horrendous... breath.)
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It almost seems like everywhere she goes there is spitting and arguing. Snapping and hissing from one to another. It's bothersome to her and she doesn't exactly know why. Perhaps it is because this group, this Shadowclan doesn't remind her of the camaraderie that Hare Whiskers' colony once had. The bitterness seems to be everywhere and she wonders just what happened to her family. To the group she actually cared about. It's maddening and she breathes out harshly before shaking her head. Everyone is snapping at Barkbreath but he has a point. Elders have wisdom and his is there. Leafbare is right around the corner and they will weep for that one frog they allowed to bounce away.

Dark and light slip along thin foliage and she shakes her head befoee looking to Bark for a moment. "They don't understand. I get what you mean Barkbreath. Now that our territory has been cut to just the marshes it'll be a bad leafbare for us all. We need to cherish what we can get. Starvation...isn't pretty." She mutters before she watches the retreating froms of others. "That cough, you might want to take it easy, old timer."
Aye, so this is what an ambush felt like. Ya do what you know 's the right thing, an a buncha young folk crawl out of their holes to spit on ya'. Goddamn, imagine caring 'bout a bunch a toads dis much, leaping, sagging bags of flesh n' warty skin. He barks a laugh at the comments that ensue. He smells? Alrighty, he'll give Canary a good lungful of his stink, his laugh n' her direction is calculated, keh.

"You stupid?" he asks Chilledgaze, a valid question, he finks. "Since when does catchin' some prey mean there's no reason to catch any more. Mindset like that will get ya killed," even as he says this, his tone is light. Wasn't worth spendin' energy being mad at young folk, he'd waste his entire life rippin' his fur out, then. "These old bones have survived more leaf-bares than you, I got the strategy down pat. Dunno about you."

He merely rolls his eyes at Boarjaw, grin ever-present. What was he gonna do, argue that his lungs were in fact fine? He didn't need to prove nothin to some kid. (Though he does contemplate keepin' them all awake at night singin' some ditty at the top of his lungs. Wouldn't that be a treat.) He flicks his tail in greeting to Bonejaw, the wiry thing slipping amongst them in the midst of it all. This one had always had sense amongst her age bracket. Good she was keepin' it that way. He let's out a rumble of agreement, grinning at the backs now turned away from 'im. "I'll be fine, swear it."