pafp LET IT SHINE — catching fireflies

The sun has only just disappeared behind the horizon, the sky scattered with orange and yellow and the encroaching blue of nightfall, but for Clayfur that hardly means that the day is over. In fact, the tabby has always considered himself a bit of a night owl. Can one be both a night owl and an early bird? He’s energetic despite the late hour, and he finds himself searching around for someone to join him in his newest great idea.

In moments, his gaze lands on his first unsuspecting victi—err, friend. He doesn’t know Hound all that well, but the guy seems stiff, guarded in a way. And Clayfur just can’t have that, can he? "Ohhhh Hoooundie," he drawls, sliding as close as possible to the other tom without actually touching him. "Help me catch fireflies! They’re all over the place! See?" He shoots Hound a broad grin, and then he’s bouncing away to bat at one of the flying bugs. "I bet they’d make your stomach glow if you ate one," he giggles, turning back to check whether the tom will join him.

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( ᴛᴀɢs. )  ❝  Night's meant to be a time'f peace. Dreams of wonderful, impossible things, hours curled up by those that'd protect you from anything. More often than not, though, Hound'd found himself ensnared by insomnia. A beast that wrapped itself 'round his paws and demanded he keep moving, always and eternally. Sleepless nights had become his normal. A few blinks here an' there, or sometimes he'd get lucky and sleep through everything. Nightmares woke him eventually, and that monster would nip at his heels again. And the cycle continues. So here he hovers, on the cusp'f that new cycle, when Clayfur approaches. Houndie. He near feckin' recoils from sheer horror at that, quiet green eyes going wide and judgmental. "Call me that again an' you'll end up a firefly yourself." An odd, meaningless threat. Not even sure how one could become a firefly, or how he'd go about trying. In truth, he wouldn't even try. Unsuitable as it is, the familiarity is comfort.

"You make it sound like a glowing stomach's something I'd even want." And even still, his paws are following. This time it's not insomnia nipping at his heels as much as his clanmate dragging him along. The change is both welcome and absurd.

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  • ──── hound. trans male, he/him pronouns only.
    ──── approximately 30 moons old, or 2.5 years.
    ──── bisexual with firm male preference; single.

    ──── a chocolate tabby with ( stylized ) low white and intense lime eyes. lean and lanky,  with whiplike musculature and a long, quick stride. hound's notable features include his impressive height, the long scar across the left side of his face from nose to jaw, his very deep, dense fur, and the confident manner with which he conducts himself.
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The thing about being apprentice was that she could leave camp as long as she had someone with her- and she certainly did take advantage of that by working around it. As long as someone was there, she'd almost always follow after them just for a chance to see the rest of the territory. Though, this time, she supposed she had interrupted something.

She listens from the shade, tail hanging awkwardly out of the hiding place- making it blatantly obvious that she was hiding there. She still hadn't learned proper techniques, but she didn't care.

The sight of fireflies were beautiful.

She wished Seedkit could see this. That Ashkit could see this.

The voice that calls out the possibility of glowing bellies finally triggers the kid in her, and Peachpaw comes running out to chase after a firefly almost immediately- impulsively wanting to test that theory. There's the snapping of jaws in the air, and then a soft 'OOF' as she hits the ground, failing miserably to catch the bug. She lays on the ground awkwardly for a moment, before nervously turning to look at the two warriors who must have caught her.

"Ah.. Um, I can explain-"

The dark-furred tom doesn’t seem all that amused by his antics, but that’s okay. Clay knows he isn’t a hit with everyone. Some people have sticks up their-

Anyway. Houndie responds with a threat to turn him into a firefly if he calls him that again—which, what?? What does that mean? Clayfur is almost concerned, but brushes it off with a laugh and a good-natured flick of his white-tipped tail. "Oh, come on," he teases, tipping his head to the side with a wrinkle of his nose. "All friends give each other nicknames. And besides, I think I’d enjoy being a firefly. They get to fly, it’s in the name!" He takes a few steps away, reaching with a paw to try and smack another firefly down from the air. (He misses.) Hound replies with a complaint about not wanting a glowing stomach, and he rolls his eyes dramatically. "See, this is what I mean! You gotta loosen up." He turns, though, and the other tom is still following behind him. Maybe there’s a chance they can have fun together.

He’d spotted a tail poking out from the shade at one point, but it hadn’t really bothered him enough to investigate—no odd smell, so it’s probably just some clanmate lounging around or hiding from Clay’s own loudness. So when the apprentice bursts from their hiding place to pounce at a firefly before failing and then trying to explain, he breaks out into laughter. "Chill out, kid. I’m not gonna, like, get you in trouble with Cicadastar." And if Cicadastar has a problem with Peachpaw being out here chasing after fireflies, then Clayfur can just persuade him to be okay with it. Cicadastar loves him.

Okay, so maybe the leader doesn’t actually even like Clay—just tolerates him—but Cicada just doesn’t know him well enough yet! "You weren’t really hiding very well, anyway. Could totally see your floofy tail over there," he chuckles, offering her a bright grin. But his mind works fast, so he returns his gaze to Hound, asking the dark tabby an upbeat question. "Who d’you think’s the best at catching fireflies, out of everybody?"


Who's the best at catching fireflies? Well, that was an easy one!

"I BET YOU ARE THE BEST!" screamed-- well, let's be honest, you know exactly who this is.

If these were birds instead of fireflies they'd bolt, but the dots of light don't seem bothered by the outburst. Ashkit did, in fact, get to see this. The kitten came barreling out of the underbrush-- and she wasn't being bad this time! She was allowed!

She couldn't sleep, and she saw Clayfur leaving and scampered over to ask if she could come. She wanted to go on a walk, please, please could she come with him? And since he was the bestest friend ever he'd said yes.

So here she was.

"Hi Peachpaw!" Ashkit chirped, practically vibrating with excitement, bouncing up and down on her little paws. She was outside! She was out here with the big kids and grown-ups and the fireflies! "And hi Hound! Can you turn me into a firefly after Clayfur? Cause I like fireflies and I want to be one for a little tiny bit. Just don't eat me. Anyway, I bet Clayfur is the best, because he's smart, and you have to be smart to catch fireflies. That's the rules."

She paused for a moment, then frowned, little brow furrowing. The kitten turned back to Clayfur.

"Is Hound your mate?" she whispered. (It was an Ashkit whisper, which meant everyone could still hear her.) "You called him Houndie! And that's romantic. I know, because my mom who's not Silver called my mom who is Silver "Silvie" and if anybody else ever did that, they would be dead, and you're not dead!" He wasn't a firefly yet either, which was a point against the mates theory, because if Hound really loved Clayfur then he probably would have already made him a firefly. But maybe it didn't work right away? Anwyay, Ashkit did not have time for thoughts, she had more things to say. "I know all about these matters. I think I might be a love expert, actually. And we're best friends which means you can tell me."

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