The moment she's freed from that mixed-bag of a meeting, Wolfpaw is scampering after her newly-found mentor, swiftly trying to banish all thoughts of Cinderfrost from her mind. "Soooo.... Are we gonna go train? Hunt? Fight? Teach me some top-secret battle moves?" she hounds her, paws sliding against dirt as she flies across camp (only to come skidding to a halt and rounding back once she finds that Meadowflame indeed, isn't running after her. Lame.)

She huffs, cheeks puffing in indignance as she slows her pace to match her mentor's. Though she tries not to bum herself out, yet. "I'm on track to be Thunderclan's best warrior, Howling Wind said so," she adds with a purr, chest puffing with pride for her grandmother's new position. Her family was kind of the coolest ever.

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Emberstar must somehow know she despises her, Howling Wind, Cinderfrost, and the rest of the damnable Clan. It must be the reason she assigned her the most annoying apprentice known to feline kind. The newly-dubbed Wolfpaw has the biggest mouth, and she runs it excessively, as loudly as she can manage.

The cream tabby takes several deep, calming breaths. Find your happy place. Grounding. Find your center. She thinks she might almost be there when the irritating young she-cat yells, "I'm on track to be ThunderClan's best warrior. Howling Wind said so."

Meadowflame's eyes pop open, but she's smiling. She's achieved... something. She just doesn't know what. "Well, I'm sure that's true," she purrs. "You're kin to the deputy. You must be meant for great things."

With a shake of her pale fur, she leaps to her paws, skipping ahead of Wolfpaw with a spring in her step. "Well, what do you know how to do already, Wolfpaw? Surely a smart, brave cat like you doesn't need too much training." She doesn't want to waste her time teaching the little freak something she already knows how to do.

Wolfpaw lets out an affirmative hum. Meadowflame totally gets it. Once she had her warrior name, she'd be deputy 2, the SECOND one, next to Howling Wind! She grins, seeing how Meadowflame was totally getting in the mood now. Maybe this whole thing wouldn't suck. Mimicking the older molly, Wolfpaw shapes out her thick pelt, before skittering after her.

"You BETCHA'!" she exclaims, nodding as quickly as she possibly could. Meadowflame totally got her! "I'm reallll good at hunting, one of the best hunters ever, 'ctually. Caught the biggest squirrel you'd ever see the other day! And 'm a pretty good fighter - i mean, azalea got the jump on me at the gathering, but that's cause she's cheating! Those nasty River cats are teaching some no-good strategies. Fight me honorably! Like ya' mean it! Not with some stupid.... stupid dumb sneak attacks..."

Wolfpaw pauses. "What were we talkin' about?" she sniffs. "I'm basically a warrior already, jus need some, uh - sharpening, i guess, yeah."
"I'm reallll good at hunting, one of the best hunters ever, 'ctually. Caught the biggest squirrel you'd ever seen the other day!" Meadowflame's smile widens at this assertion. If she had to guess, Wolfpaw's never caught so much as a grasshopper, but she keeps this thought to herself -- for now. The blue and white apprentice rambles on about being a good figher, despite her RiverClan sister pinning her easily at the Gathering.

Meadowflame purrs with amusement. "I saw you with Azalea at the Gathering," she says with an apologetic glance over her shoulder at Wolfpaw. "I'll bet she's learning to fish and swim now... next time you see her, you'll have a better chance." She won't have any apprentice of her's giving her a bad name, after all.

With a hum, Meadowflame tilts her head. "Do you miss her? Having your sister in another Clan?" Hazel flashes through her mind, and she narrows her eyes. Was she in another Clan now, or had she gotten lost, died in the forest? Her own fault for being such a... a...

Meadowflame shakes her fur a bit. "Anyway. I'd like you to show me your hunting skills." She spots the branches of a nearby oak trembling, catches sight of auburn fur. "That squirrel. Bring it to me." She sits and curls her tail around her dainty paws. If Wolfpaw can bring her the squirrel, she'll probably fall over in shock, but at the end of the day, it would mean less work for her.

A better chance next time? Next time? Well she'd thought her chances were good that time, and look what happened! Bested with cheap tricks, shady tactics, Azalea— Lakepaw now??? (Horrible, low-tier name. She even had to change her name to something more rivery? Ugh.) No, she's turned to the darkside, there's— there's not hope for her anymore. The sudden question catches her off-guard. She flinches, before straightening up in the most no-she's-never-bothered-by-anything-ever-pose she can muster. "Miss her?! N-no," She lowers her voice at the word, meaning to put out a big firm denial, but she wavers and messes it up, damn. "Choosin' to go live with sum mismatched rat 'nstead 'f, ummm, literally THE REST OF HER FAMILY? She's a- a good for nothin' traitor!" An that's the truth... yeah?

Anyways... "Uh—" she totally missed what she said, but she was sittin' there all expectant-like and.... uh... Oh! A squirrel, skittering down a nearby trunk. She should— yeah? That's... that's what she wanted. Probably. Okok. She drops into a crouch, th' sorta stuff she'd see the rest of her family do back in the marsh, bellow low, tail a whisker off the ground. She's got it, for sure. She slowly brings her weight forward, just a bit closer and she'd spring—

The grass that crunches beneath her paw then is so. damn. loud. The squirrel looks upward.

She breaks into a sprint then and there, lunges for it like a starved man as it skitters away from her. Her hissing is anything but quiet, a half-growl of a thing that rings in her throat as she throws herself face-first at the thing.

Her teeth do indeed sink into the thing. She- she feels like she just ran to Shadowclan and back b-but like. "I...I..., she announces, the inflections of her voice soundin' like this is the first sentence she's ever put together. But she's triumphant, her smile crooked as she turns to Meadowflame with tufts of red between her teeth.