Jul 20, 2022



While Dusk had found success in Windclan to some degree, no cat in the clan would probably describe him as the outgoing sort. He was definitely friendly and willing to socialize, but he seemed to lack the skill to initiate things without it coming off as forced, meaning he just tended not to do it. He was kind to most cats but wasn't close with any, and outside of handing out patrols or dealing with issues that came up in the clan that weren't important enough to garner Soots attention, he didn't really go out of his way to interact with anyone outside of his apprentice and Inkylotus.

It was a trait about himself he'd slowly been trying to change in the last few weeks, but with time no longer on his side Dusk knew it was time to jump first and worry about weather he could keep his head above the waves later.

"Hey, Weaselclaw. You feel like training together this morning?" he asked as he spotted the other tom with his own apprentice. Usually Dusk would either go out alone or teach Rosepaw things while they were out on patrol, but he'd seen quite a few cats pairing off like this to work together, and he figured it would be good for both him and his apprentice to maybe work with some other cats for once.


windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat
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The tabby is on his way out of camp with young Owlpaw when he's stopped in his tracks. The bengal approaches, which isn't customary for him - Weaselclaw isn't sure he's ever been addressed by Duskfire unless it was to ask or order him to do something.

He tilts his head, musing. Rosepaw and Owlpaw are probably almost the same skill level, though Owlpaw is so young. Perhaps it isn't a bad idea. He has no reason to deny his deputy this request, anyway.

After a second, Weaselclaw dips his head. "Sure, Duskfire. Owlpaw and I could use some company. Right, Owlpaw?" He flicks his gaze to the blue and white she-cat. She's been moody since Honeytwist chose Dandelionpaw as her successor; she needs to get out and get a proper taste of what it means to be a warrior again.


Rosepaw was in the same boat as Duskfire. Beside Leechpaw, he didn't exactly have any friends...maybe Dandelionpaw was becoming one though?. He wasn't entierly sure but he wished they could become friends!. Just thinking about the chocolate sepia cat made his heart take a innocent skip. Not yet was he familliar with what this butterflies meant. Following after his mentor like he always did whenever it was expected or asked of him he had thought it would just be the two of them today again. Rosepaw actually liked to spend time with Duskfire. He was a great mentor and a such admirable deputy!. He had learned alot from him during this short time they had shared already!. Rosepaw still needed alot more practise but he believed he could get there with his help!. The future looked bright for even a cat like him thanks to the bengal. That was...what he wanted to believe anyway, trying to keep his head up and on the positive side of things.

Turned out they wouldn't be alone today though. Duskfire had stopt to ask for one of the lead warriors, Weaselclaw if he wanted to train together with thier apprentices. Uh....Rosepaw was suprised and a slight bit nervouse...Weaselclaw could really be so intimating sometimes. He for sure was one of the warriors that he found very scary in this clan. That made him feel anxious. But he couldn't say that out aloud. So he just stood there smiling softly. " H-Hi..." he greeted the both of them. He knew very little about Owlpaw despite them sharing dens together. All he really know about her was that she was Sootstars kit...which meant he couldn't mess up in front of her...or even worse accidently hurt or humilate her!. What would Sootstar do then?!.

Aha, he stared at his paws feeling not so sure about this...but he trusted Duskfire. He knew what he was doing!...Right.

Owlpaw had been trailing behind Weaselclaw as they headed out for training. She sulked a few paces behind him, her gaze lowered to the ground. It traveled upwards only when Duskfire stopped her mentor in his tracks and asked if he would like to train with him and his apprentice, Rosepaw. Owlpaw didn’t know much about Rosepaw. Like Duskfire and the other apprentice, she was not one for socialization. In fact, she was very introverted and preferred time to herself than with others. It was easier that way. She didn’t have many friends — actually, she had none. And the one cat who had tried to be her friend, Dandelionpaw, she now despised for taking her dream position as Honeytwist’s apprentice. She wasn’t eager to try and make friends but maybe Rosepaw would be a friendly face she could chat with from time to time.

Her mentor’s question dragged her from her thoughts.
“Right,” she echoed the lead warrior with a nod of greeting towards Duskfire and his apprentice. Her eyes flickered towards the young tom as he forced out a shaky greeting. She dipped her head and offered a small but fleeting smile in return before turning towards Weaselclaw and Duskfire. “Where are we going?”