Life goes on {Intro}


Shield Maiden
Oct 9, 2022

The Pine Marsh was quiet this day, only the most determined of the moons' light peeked through the closely grown branches of the evergreens that loomed overhead. Within this dark forest was a tigress of ash and shadow, her paws delicately moving her forward as her burning copper eyes were trained on the lizard not far ahead of her.

It would be as if the world itself was holding its breath, eager to see the huntress succeed in her kill, and she would not disappoint. With the speed of an adder and the precision of a hawk, the shadowclan warrior would pounce on her target. Claws of glinting ivory would catch the touch scales of the reptile and she would grab it by its tail and slam its body down onto the ground, killing it quickly.

Glowingsoul would let out a slow breath as she rose to a sitting position, licking her paw and swiping it over her face as if she could not stand even one tuft of fur out of place from her hunt. She would not be long, however, as she quickly picked up her catch and began to easily trot back to camp. She quite enjoyed the night hunting that was so accepted within her clan, finding hunting by moonlight and shadow to be much more favorable to the exposed hunting of the day. Slipping into the dark hollow that Shadowclan called home, she would purr ever so lightly as the coolness of the muddy ground soothed her dry paw pads. Glowingsoul would deposit her contribution into the prey pile before moving to lay down a few tail lengths away, going to work on grooming her pelt and wondering what she should have for a meal.

Perhaps one of her clanmates would offer to share prey with her.
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Was an unremarkable night, wasn't it? The crickets were a'chirpin as they always were, the toads a'croakin, the stars a'twinklin'. Camp falls into a peaceful sorta lull when night falls, but it was never quite inactive. There were some hours, jus ungodly enough where you'd find just about everyone tucked into their nest, but this certainly wasn't one F' em.

Patrols all said an done for the day, nothin' left to do but warm his belly with a meal n' relax till it was time to rest his head. Barkbreath noses through the pile 'f fresh-kill, already lookin' less than it was it few sunrises ago, but lookie here, a flash of feathers, ash-grey an' prime for the pluckin', pigeon.

Was he an elder yet? Naw. Would he ever be? He hopes to the stars he certainly wouldn't, but what better was there about bein' old, then usin' it as an excuse to get perks. Wit' a rumble of a pure in his throat, he clamps his wicked teeth around the morsel, an he walks away like a cat that got the cream, tail lifted high an swayin' it its satisfaction. N' as he looks for his place to sit, he can't help but spot lonely Glowin'— Glower... somethin'. He doesn't get the obsession some f' the ladies seem to have with grooming themselves t' perfection, f' you asked him, you basically sign away that task the moment yer born in the marsh.

Barkbreath stops near her, waves his claim around with the shakin' of his head, quite literally danglin' it in front of her. "Ay, Glow, lookimf' to share?" he asks wit' a tilt of his head. "S'a shame, cause I ain't! KEH—!" he barks a laugh, drops his claim on the ground in the process. "Heh— oh SHIT!" 'nother slurry of giggles falls from his maw before he scoops up the bird, makin' way for a rare patch 'f sun over yonder.
Brawlinglion was a bit of an early riser, generally keen to catch the dawn patrols so she could put herself to use. Though if she wanted the energy to work she would of course need some breakfast, and with luck the night kitties had brought something good in to satisfy her tastes. The calico prowled across the hollow and arrived at the fresh-kill pile where she began her examination of the contents. Though she became aware of two others who were nearby.

A scoff of amusement broke from her when she saw Barkbreath drop his prey. Talk about a butter paw! "Serves ya right." She spat before she grabbed a squirrel and approached Glowingsoul, setting the squirrel down between them. "Fancy sharing? At least my prey isn't covered in filth and stupidity." She purred with a glimmer of amusement in her eyes.
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Tornado stepped to the side as Barkbreath released a fit of giggles that resulted in the old tom dropping his meal. Her lips pursed into a thin line as she failed to see what was so funny before continuing onward. Ebony paws followed closely in behind Brawlinglion, lemon shaded eyes falling upon the squirrel as the kitten took a seat. "I didn't know stupidity was tangible." The masculine looking fae quipped although there was a thin veil of humor covering her vocals. Tornadokit then turns her attention to Glowingsoul, chin dipping ever so slightly in the process. "You're not tired from being out so late?" She asks whilst wrapping her curly furred tail around her paws.
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At Barkbreaths' annoying quip, the expression on Glowingsouls' face would simply be one of un-amusement, though his trip and fumble of prey would pull a satisfied smirk onto her pretty maw. A snort of approval would leave her nostrils as Brawlinglion came forward, voicing the funny irony of the display before she patted the ground beside her in an inviting gesture.

"I would be honored to share a meal with you, Brawlinglion." Waiting as her clanmate got comfortable, her copper gaze would flicker over to Tornadokit and her expression would soften considerably from its' usual serious and intense state. She would lower her head so that she could speak eye to eye with the kitten as she smiled, "Not at all, Tornadokit. You see, Shadowclanners hunt the best during the night hours. When you become a strong warrior, you'll learn how to night hunt too and you'll see what I mean."
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"You'd surprised, kiddo." Brawlinglion retorted with a deep chuckle as she settled herself down beside Glowingsoul when invited to. Once she sat down she began the process of breaking apart the squirrel into three pieces, seeing as Tornadokit had come to join them. Once it was suitably divided she nosed the pieces towards their respective recipients. "I doubt it'll take you long before you make a full warrior, given what I've seen so far. You've got a proper fire blazing in that soul of yours." She added on with a broad grin as she looked at the youth. The calico wouldn't deny that she would love to have Tornadokit as her apprentice if given half a chance. "Not all of us go out in the night, I personally prefer the day. So it makes for a good mix of skills."
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The youth hummed softly with understanding, it made sense that a clan cloaked in shadow would do best under the veil of darkness. "What is your favorite kind of prey to hunt?" The child asks Glowingsoul. Her mother and father both shared the duty of hunting, however they seemed to favor the day rather than slipping out at night. Tornadokit gave Brawlinglion a curt nod of thanks for tearing a piece of squirrel off for her. It was unexpected but appreciated nevertheless. Leaning down she takes a hearty bite, savoring the flavor before swallowing. "That's the plan." She voices with a one-sided grin of her own. "I hope to be one of shadowclan's finest."
When I let it bother me, that's my problem