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❥ - she smells like lemongrass and sleep
After spending her entire life in the swamp, feeling hard ground beneath her paws was a bit of a shock. The topsoil didn't squish into peat-moss and mud soup between her toes, it was merely dirt and grass and rock. She could walk - or run, she supposed - for tree-lengths without having to ever worry about getting stuck again. What a glorious feeling it was...

With the harder ground came another surprise: flowers. Wild flowers, the type that her friends (and herself) were named after, though she had never seen one up close. They were beautiful. Delicate petals seemed to reach up to greet her as she extended her neck to sniff at the fragrant blossoms. A sneeze tickled the inside of her nostrils as she did so, an automatic reaction to the scent, and the following explosion of sound and snot propelled the little cat onto her haunches by the sheer force of it all. Good thing no one was around to see that.... right?


The moors weren't a strange place for them to be in. It had been a home for them for the last few months alongside with their traveling companion of Ferret, and now they where housed within this place called Windclan. It was rather strange as he had never heard of cats living together so- well before? Sure there was rogue groups or loners that lived together, but it wasn't structured like this. It was rather refreshing, and he was enjoying his stay thus far. It was definitely easier than living on their own on the moorlands or anywhere really.

It was a warm day, fresh air was what he needed most, and he moved along the moorlands rather confidently. Head held high and tail waving behind him happily, but he stopped on the crest of a hill. A scent prickled the air and his nose twitched, it was a cat but he couldn't pinpoint whom. Everyones scent was too much for him to pick apart just yet plus they all seemed to smell the same as of right now as well. Then a loud sneeze echoed through the moorlands and startled the black cat with his fur bristling slightly to show his fear. What on Earth was that?

Following the new scent, plus the sound of the sneeze, he came across sweet flower scents and felt the petals brush his pelt, "Bless you, that was quite the sneeze," He mused once he got close enough to sense the feeling of another cat. Also the scent was strongest here as well.
❥ - she smells like lemongrass and sleep
Lavender's immediate reaction is to whip around and rear up to greet the sudden newcomer. Her instinct is to attack first before she is overtaken, her size is a curse so speed must be of the essence, but the visage of the taller cat stops her. Black with the faintest ghost stripes across their pelt. A she-cat? She sniffs, her little gray nose twitching to identify the cat. Hm.... maybe at birth, but this cat held itself differently compared to the she-cats she knew. Her eyes trail up to the stranger's face where -

Lavender coughs a little at the sight. This cat has no eyes! Instead, they sported shallow diverts where normal feline oculars would be under any other circumstance. The shock of it is enough to make her fur lie flat and instead, she perches on her hindlegs to sniff at their face, brushing her whiskers imperceptibly against the black cat.

"Wow, you're quite a sight." She meows rather brusquely after a couple sniffs.

The scent of this sneezy cat got closer to him, and he gave a curious flick of his ear. Then felt whiskers brush his face with a cold nose sniffing at him. Inky didn't mind closeness, it was often how he was able to tell cats where nearby, and flicked his tail a bit. From what he could tell this cat wasn't of average size, since he was sure they where on their hindlegs to reach him, then she apologized for her invasiveness.

"Thank you?" He responded questioningly, not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or not, "I'd say the same about you but-," Inky gestured with a paw towards his face and gave a small chuckle at his own blind joke. The black cat then moved to lean his head down to gently nose this other cat, and was surprised how far he had to lean down to reach her, "It is nice to meet you, I'm Inky. Are you new to Windclan too?" Genuine curiousity, he hadn't gotten to know most of his new clanmates yet.
❥ - she smells like lemongrass and sleep
It was very good for Lavender that Inky could not see, as the largest grin spread across her face at his joke and the realization that came with it. They could not see her and therefore could not judge her for her short stature, for her malformed legs, for her too-large head and too-long tail. She was just another cat to this shadow of a feline. She decided she liked them immediately.

"I guess. I came with Soot from the marsh group. You're not from the pine group, are you?"

Ah, she had come along with their leader from the two groups that had been here before. Inky recalled a bit about the Marsh group and the Pine group from what others had told him about the groups. About this large battle that had taken placed a few days prior to their arrival to the moorlands, and starry cats that came from the sky to warn them of- something. Inky believed in spirits and their impact on the groups had been large enough that they split into five other groups, so who was he to question it?

Sightless face gave a warm smile, "Ah, I see, and no I am not. My traveling partner and I are from beyond the mountains. We have been every where it feel slike," He could go on and on about the things they had done in their travels. They cats they had met, the scenes described to him by Ferret and so forth. Inky would love to share the stories he could tell with the other cat but he seemed to realize something; he should introduce himself, "Oh I am Inky by the way, any variations are fine by me,"