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The two groups have split off into five, including their own group—Briar’s group has become ShadowClan, which is a very fitting name for them, if not a bit dreary. And while other cats are going out, settling fully into the marsh territory that Briar has claimed, Moongeist is confined to the bounds of the group’s camp. They’re just about bored out of their mind, and they can only play so many rounds of mossball with boisterous kits before they feel like they’re going stir-crazy.

A glance around camp reveals a cinnamon she-cat who looks as though she could be an interesting conversationalist, and the white-splashed feline trots over to stand to the right of her, pale eyes wide as he clears his throat. "Uh, hi," he murmurs, offering a dip of his head in greeting. Moongeist doesn’t know this cat very well, only that her name is Sandra and she seems friendly enough. As he approaches her, a biting comment sits at the tip of his tongue for a brief moment before sizzling into nothing—there’s no need to cause more problems for anyone. And he needs to get to know his fellow ShadowClan members better, he supposes, if he’s going to be sticking around here. "How are you doing today? It’s been kind of… crazy, lately."

They chastise themself for the remark; crazy is an understatement. It’s been a few moons of tension and squabbles that finally crescendoed into a bloody fight before ending with the fracture of both groups of cats. "I’m Moongeist Beam, by the way," they add, a quick afterthought, since they aren’t sure whether she actually knows who they are. They aren’t exactly the most outgoing cat in camp, so it wouldn’t surprise them if Sandra only knows them by their actions and not their name.

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Sandra ✧ She/Her ✧ Marsh Group. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

This couldn't be happening. Simply just couldn't be a thing. The two groups had split into five groups; Riverclan, Windclan, Skyclan, Thunderclan and lastly Shadowclan. A rename to her home of the last few months and she wasn't sure how to feel about it. What she didn't like that was for certain was that she hated that Soot was now a leader. Who allowed such a thing? A cat like her, so hot headed and stubborn, leading a group of cats? Don't make her laugh, it was going to be hell for those who chose to follow her. Sandra felt even more useless as of late because of the seperation as she wasn't chosen for anything. She wasn't a leader type, but she loved to help out when she could. Maybe there was a place for her to help out? Perhaps.

The slew of thoughts coming from the cinnamon tabby that she completely missed being told 'hello' by Moongeist, and those amber eyes blinked a few times. What was that again? She didn't know much about Moongeist, other than that she could be a bit of a prickly cat as well. Sandra didn't speak to many cats as of late and she was thankful someone approached her today, she didn't realize how much she had been stuck in her own mind.

"I'm doing- alright. It has been rather insane lately," She agreed as she caught the tail end of the others' words and gave a soft sigh. Looking to her belly for a moment before back to the white patched cat, "I'm Sandra, it is nice to meet you. I don't think we've ever spoken," She offered a gentle smile.​

The cinnamon-striped feline doesn’t respond to their greeting at first, and Moongeist heaves a deep sigh. They’re about to do something stupid—something dramatic and thoroughly irritating—to get her attention when she finally seems to register that they’re speaking. They don’t particularly expect the she-cat to say anything in return; they’re used to being ignored by clanmates they don’t know too well. But she doesn’t, and instead comments on the insanity of the situation they're all in. Moongeist merely nods in response, blue eyes wide with understanding. "It almost doesn’t even feel real. Can you believe that one snappy she-cat is a leader now? And her clan is called WindClan," they scoff, shaking their head.

They suppose they don’t have much room to talk, with a name like Moongeist Beam—like what does that even mean?—but they can’t help the scrunching of their nose when she states her name. "It’s nice to meet you too… Sandra. That’s a weird name. Where did you come from, before ShadowClan?" It’s not surprise that they don’t quite know the histories of the others in the clan, seeing as they’ve spent every waking day in Briar’s group either outright ignoring or antagonizing some of the younger cats.

Sandra ✧ She/Her ✧ Marsh Group. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Someone with some sense it seemed, and she gave a small chuckle at the tomcat with a swish of her tail, "Yeah I can't believe it either, I just hope those who follow her don't fall for her stubborness," She agreed with him about Soot. Though the she-cat was rather authortative and could make a good leader if she just didn't see everything as a threat or was so hot headed about every little thing. Moongiest then went on about asking her about where she was from, due to the lack of a forest-like name and Sandra gave a hesitant smile, "I'm a former kittypet, I came here a few months ago because of Flint," It was a simple answer but she knew that sharing that of her heritage could lead to- bad results.

"What about yourself? You have quite the unqiue name too, are you from the forest?" It was a genuine question and she gestured with a paw to prompt him to answer her question. She did like the name of Moongiest, it reminded her of the night and the cold light from the moon. Etheral in a way. ​