LIKE A WRECKING BALL // intro, training


Sep 25, 2022
"ALRIGHT MAGGOTS! LINE UP! Time for some proper training from yours truly!" The thunderous voice came from Brawlinglion, a broad shouldered calico she-cat with a fire in her gaze. A wicked grin filled her features as she stood poised at the camp's entrance, an obvious attempt to bar any apprentices from eluding her impromptu training session. Hell, if they even dared to avoid her they would find themselves given some unfortunate tasks to make up for their short comings.

She meant well, even if she had a questionable way of showing it. But with threats sitting beyond their borders and so much youth making up their ranks it was clear that they needed to be ready for all forms of trouble. She'd be damned if she left them unable to defend themselves.

So I walk alone down the darkest roads

Brawlinglion had an interesting way of handling things, dark blue gaze looking at the molly with no hint in what she was thinking as her tail swished in a calm motion. Oh those poor apprentices, all scrambling in terrified motions at the boisterous voice of Brawlinglion's loud voice boomed all throughout the place and she sighed before approaching the other warrior, staring up at the burly she-cat unflinching, whisker's twitching lightly. "Need any help? I am sure they will be less likely to run off if a quieter cat was around" Canarywatcher said pointedly, which, was perhaps true but...Canarywatcher wasn't much help as she would just watch and jump in when she thought to see fit, so the poor apprentices were doomed underneath the watchful eyes of the two warriors.
  • Every quiet cat in all the territories wouldn't be enough to balance Brawlinglion's... everything.

    Betonyfrost keeps this thought to herself. She doesn't know anything about training apprentices-- was never a proper apprentice herself. Maybe this is the best way? Brawlinglion is confident enough to seem like she knows what she is doing. Betonyfrost feels a clap of guilt settle over her chest. She should be less judgmental.

    "Maybe I could join?" Betonyfrost says like an offering upon approach, "Training, that is?"​
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the deafining, boisterous call coming from brawlinglion was quite the contrast to the gloomy and depressing state the camp was in and it startled a few of the cats sitting around in the vicinity, some didn't even react at all which was surprising. possumpaw was busy watching the wriggling worms crawl out from soaked grounds when it happened, head lifting from its lowered state to look over at the calico that stood at the entrance. oh god, she's gathering reinforcements in the form of canarywatch and betonyfrost.

training did not sound appealing in the slightest, especially not when it sounded like it was going be torture to do. the lilac apprentice raised a hind-leg to scratch behind his ear in a lazy manner, maybe he can make an attempt to get out of this. "ooh, sorry, i have. . .fragile bones. i'll just watch." nailed it.
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"Excellent, back up! Canarywatcher, can you weed out any apprentices daring to hide in their den? Betonyfrost, help me ensure that no one can escape the camp. Once we have 'em here we'll get started, so I'll need all paws on hand to assist with the training plan for the day." Brawlinglion's grin only seemed to broaden all the more as she found back up in the form of two other she-cats. She fully intended to utilise them for the day, so if they had any plans for the day they were getting shelved!

At last an apprentice made his presence known, but Possumpaw's words did not sit well with the fiery calico. "Fragile bones? Fragile bones! You're the sort who need training the most! Do you seriously think your enemies will give a shit about your brittle body?! You'll watch and do, kit! If you don't find an apprentice to partner up with you'll end up pairing with me! And I hear that broken bones heal stronger." It was a threat, and considering her history it would be a potential death sentence to risk denying her. She wasn't the sort to show mercy, not even to allies or family. She lived up to her name; born a fighter, and roaring like a mighty lioness.
loud. why the fuck was she so loud? standing up from their spot, chilledgaze shook out their pelt, head tilting before they slowly made their way towards possumpaw, tapping the apprentice on his shoulder with a shake of their head. before they even had a chance to speak, brawlinglion is yelling again, and a very characteristic snort comes from them as they rolled their eyes. seriously?

"maybe your name should be loudmouth instead. why do you insist on yelling so much?"

frustatingly, their tail swayed and they growled at the threat. they didn't care for apprentices, not really, but threatening them wasn't furthering their training, was it?

"watch it. i'm sure pitchstar isn't going to be so fond of your pure stupidity when threatening a fellow clan member."

turning towards the apprentice, they sighed deeply, annoyingly flicking their ears back and forth. they did not have time for this shit.

"listen, possumpaw. in battle, stopping and giving that excuse will not prevent your injury or even your death. cats don't care, and foxes certainly will not. in fact, spilling out such words will make you an easier target. so stand up. stop being lazy. and learn a little."
  • Brawlinglion gives Betonyfrost an order: prevent anyone from escaping.

    It isn't what Betonyfrost had asked for. She had thought that, perhaps, Brawlinglion might have her practice crouches and maybe they could spar. Someone could point out all of the ways Betonyfrost falls short, and with luck they may even tell Betonyfrost how to fix it. Instead Betonyfrost is told to stop anyone from leaving-- something she both doesn't want to do and doubts she is capable of even if she did want to.

    This is just her luck.

    Betonyfrost drifts toward the camp's entrance with an undeniable air of hesitance and, once there, stands at an utter loss as to what exactly keeping anyone from leaving would entail. She can't exactly stand around and look intimidating, and she needs to believe that Brawlinglion wouldn't expect her to use physical force-- so what? Did Brawlinglion just want Betonyfrost out of the way?

    Internally, Betonyfrost fumes. That had to be it. Betonyfrost was an annoying kit given a pointless task to keep it out from underfoot. And Betonyfrost listened, of course she listened; she was too much of a coward to do anything else. Outwardly, her face remains stone.

    She is drawn from her own head by the voice of Brawlinglion. At once, Betonyfrost stands straighter, certain that she already failed, then relaxes when she sees that Brawlinglion is only berating Possumpaw. Better him than her, but something about the whole thing doesn't sit well with Betonyfrost. Brawlinglion isn't Possumpaw's mentor, as far as Betonyfrost is aware. Doesn't that mean that she shouldn't have the authority to try and train him?

    ...And shouldn't the goal be to not break an apprentice's bones?

    Then there is Chilledgaze, brave enough to say not exactly what Betonyfrost was quietly thinking, but something near enough that Betonyfrost feels her heart speed up. Her anger collapses and leaves in its place a wary curiosity: we're so alike! and Brawlinglion isn't going to like that. She can feel the spat approaching and, helpless as a leaf caught in a river, watches.​
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Proper training? He needs that, he thinks... Maybe Brawlinglion can tell him what good apprentices are supposed to do. Interested, Ghostpaw stands at the edge of the clearing, ears pricked towards the gathering bunch. She was so loud though... could he really get close to someone loud like that?

And suddenly, all the looud-ness is directed at Possumpaw. It's not good to have fragile bones... or... or... just... don't let the bad guys know you have fragile bones? Maybe that's it? He must have fragile bones too - someone said, cause he's always...fall...falling... He couldn't tell anyone, though! "I'll be his partner... I..." no, it's a secret... "Don't break his bones, please. That's not nice..." he tells her with a shake of his head.

Chilledgaze isn't very nice, either. And their face is weird. They say a lot of funny words and be-tony is looking at them all funny too. What's he supposed to do? He glances at his partner, and then back to Brawlinglion, a mile-long stare.

It is annoying, she is too loud but it seems everyone can agree on that. The woman doesn't even move from her spot as she hears all the commotion and then some. Her white tail tip twitches with agitation and she opens her burning gaze to look upon the group. Brawlinglion is talking about training the apprentices. It is true they need it. Most mentors have two apprentices to look after. She tried to forwarn about keeping adults from joining despite her own trust issues. A clan full of kits is hardly a productive one. Especially with so many young and defensless mouths to feed. Sighing she rolls onto her back, trying to soak up the sun. But soon more and more mouths are vocal. It's bothersome and she frowns. Sleep is elusive for her these days it seems.

Forcing herself to her paws she narrows her eyes a little as she glares at the group. "There are too many apprentices to be training in camp. Take them somewhere more open. I suggest near the bog." She doesn't want to hear the wailing or the yelling adults.
Brawlinglion found herself narrowing her eyes dangerously at Chilledgaze, clearly unhappy with their words. But she ultimately left them be on this rare occasion. One day they would come to understand her ways and what it took to be truly strong. At least they were making themselves useful by talking to Possumpaw and helping the apprentice understand that hiding away behind frail excuses would only get him killed.

Her gaze shifted to that of Ghostpaw and she found herself snorting a laugh. "Yes, it's not very nice, but our enemies won't hesitate to do so. They'll break bones, cut throats, sink fangs into flesh! Understand this and work hard towards avoiding such injuries. The world isn't a nice place, and there are far worse things out there than even me. Also well done on stepping up, Ghostpaw."

Before she could even think of getting started on the good stuff there was an interjection from Bonejaw regarding the chosen location for the training session. "Hmph! Very well, we'll go to the bog. But one of these days we will need to host a training session here in the camp so these apprentices can learn how to protect their home from attack." Although many would like to think that their cosy little home was a haven, the harsh truth was that it wasn't. "Everyone, to the bog! Partner up along the way. Betonyfrost, on me! You can be my partner today." A wicked, toothy grin filled her features as she turned and proceeded to leave the camp behind.
It's hard to miss Brawlinglion's screeching, even tucked away in his den.

The loneliness crowds in on him. Some days it comforts him, to know that no one can see him cry. Other days, it terrifies him. Today, it is the latter. Pitchstar feels as if he's trapped underwater. He needs to breathe air fresher than that of the stale den's, or he's going to pull out every last strand of his fur.

The unkempt leader stumbles from his den, locking bloodshot eyes onto the warrior who is corralling the apprentices out of the camp for a training session. "Consider yourself lucky, today; I'm accompanying you." Pitchstar smirks, an odd contrast to his heavy eyelids and dark eye bags. "You'll be learning from the best." Like the phases of the moon, his confidence waxes and wanes. It is as bright as a full moon, in this moment.

(It will never last.)