LIKE NOTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN || SkyClan border patrol

SkyClan's longest and most prevalent border is along ThunderClan's territory, where the pine trees and the oak trees begin to blend together and the undergrowth sprouts from the forest floor. It's quite a trek, but he figures it will be a good opportunity for Captain, Asterpaw and Sparkpaw to learn marking, to scent other marks, and to maybe hunt along the way.

His first priority, of course, is doing his leaderly duties. Ensuring the border is secure. He has no fear at the moment that ThunderClan would turn against them. Emberstar is a reasonable cat, and he expects they have little to nothing to fear from their neighbors. He hopes that remains true.

The second priority, though the others tagging along may not realize this, is scouting for Little Wolf. The little black she-cat is a ThunderClan warrior now, and although they've met along their borders and shared prey together only recently, he still longs to see her again. He doesn't know how familiar he'll act if he does encounter her -- is it appropriate to act that way with a cat from another Clan, even if it's a Clan they are friendly with?

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Long strides pulled him along the borderline at a sloping speed. A pace or so ahead of the rest, Sloepaw caught sight of the odd cats as they slipped between a leafy bank. Stilling, the tom flicked a dark ear back to those behind him and another towards the enormous orange-sherbet dusted stranger.

Letting an uneasy paw grip the branch lying nearby, he pressed weight onto the brittle wood. It snapped- louder than he expected but it had the desired effect. The crack ricocheted high into the oak leaf canopy. He wanted to see how the passing silhouettes reacted, without him approaching. And hopefully, it would alert the others that weren't far off.

Sloepaw knew of the other clans, of course, but Thunderclan had been the only welcoming group he had encountered. If, whoever these felines were, were anything like Sootstar and her ranks he wanted to be as far back as possible.

/ @HOWLING WIND the apprentice/mentor pinging has begun
Y'know who really needed an apprentice? The clan's medicine cat. Then again, she had her "guards" that "helped" carry the cobweb and other herbs (although whether they'd be useful she wasn't sure). An apprentice would help immensely. But - she realized with a wince - she'd have nothing to teach besides hunting and fighting but that was no longer her job. Jealousy burned in her chest as she saw apprentices and their mentors walk side-by-side.

A tired, irritated gaze stared at the cats so graciously accompanying her. Not. They looked as if she'd attack them at any second. And, to be fair, the thought crossed her mind. Their behavior caused desperation and yearning for freedom and space. She'd never felt so claustrophobic and suffocated before. Of course, she knew it wasn't their fault. It was her own claws that had dug this hole. However, it didn't stop her heavy sighs.

"Where the fuck are those beehives?" she groaned. How fucking long had she been wandering around? Dammit - she should have asked Berryheart: that tom was always coming home covered in the sweet, sticky substance. A scent disrupted her search -


Cats that didn't carry the scent of ThunderClan.

The skinny, blue mink pivoted in the direction of the wind. The cracking of a branch caused her ears to swivel and quicken her pace. In a prompt manner, the she-cat soon stood beside Sloepaw. Howling Wind's apprentices. The older she-cat must surely be lurking about but, for now, she pushed her feelings aside. While the former marsh cat didn't expect the cats originating from the pine to attack, she still stood on guard.

"Greetings." she welcomed, tone low and neutral as she stepped out from the undergrowth. Whether Sloepaw followed or not, she carefully positioned herself between him and the fluffy SkyClan leader. "Patrolling the perimeters?" she inquired, "Or do you wish for an audience with Emberstar?" Hopefully, it wasn't the latter. Borders were being established for a reason, were they not? ​

She hums as she walks with the patrol, happy to be involved, happy to be by Red's side. This time, if anything happens or theres a scuffle, she could protect him (though to be honest, she wasn't much of a fighter). Shes also happy to be on her first excursion with her apprentice, though... Again, she does not quite know why or how Blazestar trusts her with one of the youth of the clan, I mean, she returns home to her twolegs every single night (housefolk, shes hanging around these cats too much, shes picking up on their lingo)!

She flicks her tail as two Thunderclanners pop up, the gray girl starting a conversation. "Hola, amigos!" shes chipper as always as she trills with a smile. "Si, si, you're right on the head with that! I'm Churrodream," she introduces herself with a small little nod. "Whats up with you guys? Anything cool? Exciting?" she longs for some fun information, walking has been a bitttttttt boring.

Little Wolf could always be found close behind her mother. She preferred to stick with faces who were familiar to her, comfortable and trustworthy. And who was more trustworthy that the deputy of Thunder Clan? Who was more trustworthy than her own family? Though she knows family can betray you, she also knows that her own have yet to prove her wrong and thus they were safe.

She is walking with her nose to the ground, trying to scent if any prey had been here recently when she hears the snapping of a branch, the murmur of voices in the near distance and she remembers faintly that her mothers apprentice had headed that way. Slightly worried, she weaves her way through the trees to where the small tom is, giving him a quick glance to make sure he is alright before she turns her attention to their visitors.

Cinderfrost. The medicine cat puts a bad taste in her mouth and she finds herself looking for her mother, not trusting the blue colored she cat when it was just her and an apprentice. But then another scent hits her nostrils and she looks up, startled. Blazestar. She doesn’t know what would be appropriate in this situation, does she run to greet him? Does she pretend to not know him? She is not certain how her clanmates would feel if they knew, how her mother would feel if she knew that she spent a lot of nights out of camp, pressed against his cream colored fur exchanging stories of their lives and sharing prey together.

She settles for dipping her head at him, though her eyes scream that she wants to do more. Maybe they could meet later?

“Thunder Clan is doing well” she says simply in answer to the brown molly, though her eyes never leave their leader. She tells Blaze so much that she’s surprised Sky Clan doesn’t know every little thing about Thunder, surprised that they even have to ask. But she supposes that he doesn’t share everything with them.
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Howling Wind is hot on her daughter's heels, having not realized just how far her apprentice had wandered. They were still getting to know each other, and she knows it's her duty to protect him, the soft kittypet that he is. That is why as soon as she spots Cinderfrost standing near him, she feels the fur along her scruff prickle and she strides swiftly forward to stand at Sloepaw's shoulder, effectively standing between them. She makes a mental note to remind her apprentice later to never, ever find himself alone with the medicine cat. But her attention no longer dwells on the murderer next to her - now her fern-green gaze rests upon the cat she recognizes as Blazestar, alongside a group of SkyClan cats. She offers a kind smile, seeing how friendly their neighbors are (and withholding her feelings for the "kittypet clan"). "We're enjoying the plentiful prey that Greenleaf offers," She purrs, chin lifted. "As I'm sure SkyClan is. I didn't catch the rest of your names? I'm Howling Wind, ThunderClan's new deputy. This is my apprentice, Sloepaw, and my daughter, Little Wolf." She assumes they must know who their medicine cat is. Besides, while this is a friendly conversation, she wanted to make a point of letting them know the status she now holds. ThunderClan is strong in our ranks, Is the message she wants to convey.
Blazestar smiles and waves his tail at the tri-colored dark tom who emerges from the undergrowth. He is about to introduce himself, but soon the young cat is joined by a faintly familiar blue mink she-cat. Frosty eyes and a scarred muzzle, he remembers her name from a conversation he had with Little Wolf, and later Emberstar's Gathering announcement. Cinderfrost, the medicine cat. The murderer.

He offers her a nod, a guarded look storming across his face. "Just patrolling the border. Making sure everything is alright." He tilts his head. A former marsh cat, and although her scent is masked by the oak forest now, there's something very much of Briarstar's former group about her.

Churrodream begins to greet both the gray-pelted medicine cat and the young tom. Blazestar's attention is diverted, though, when a small black feline parts the brush. Blazestar can't help himself - before he thinks about it, he blurts, "Little Wolf!" He almost winces at his familiarity, his friendly and excited tone. Would their Clanmates be suspicious? His blue eyes meet her green, sparking with affection. "I'm glad to hear ThunderClan is doing well. SkyClan is, too."

Deersong and Churrodream both are pleasant in response to the ThunderClanners, but Blazestar doesn't tear his gaze away from Little Wolf until a long-furred tabby makes her appearance. She carries herself regally, but her smile and her words are kind.

Blazestar's ears twitch at her words. Howling Wind, ThunderClan's deputy. It seems Emberstar has chosen a capable cat, as he believes he has. He gives her a respectful nod. "Congratulations on the promotion. And nice to meet you all." He makes a mental note to himself - that ThunderClan's deputy is Little Wolf's mother. "I'm Blazestar, in case some of your patrol doesn't know. And this is Churrodream, Redstorm, and Deersong." He nods to each cat in turn.

He wants to stay, but now that he's acted like a fool in front of both the ThunderClan deputy and their medicine cat over Little Wolf, he decides to move their patrol along. "It was, um... nice meeting you. Tell Emberstar I send my regards." With a pointed look at his warriors, he begins to move along. It takes everything in his willpower not to look back at Little Wolf.


Sloepaw was relieved to see that Skyclan housed nicer cats than Windclan. The white-specked molly who spoke first was chipper, bright with words that he didn't recognise. Intrigue however, was cloaked in discomfort as the ashen shape of Cinderfrost came up alongside him. He had scarcely believed the rumours, spoken both in hushes and loud announcements, but the reality that she had laid a claw on their leader was laid stark. They told of her dying- that seemed a little farfetched- and it didn't paint a pretty picture of the medicine cat's character.

Any words of greeting were hollowed out, the tom remaining quiet in her presence. Only when his mentor, Howling Wind, slid into place beside him did he let the tension slide from his shoulders.

Listening in on the clan's inner workings was an interest of his, so having the opportunity to do the same with another kept his ears perked and eyes wide. The shot-out greeting from the Skyclan leader to Little Wolf caught his attention, the familiarity noticeable to him. Sloepaw wondered how they knew each other. As the other patrol disappeared into the undergrowth, he plied, "They were friendly." The comment was accompanied by a quick glance at the pitch molly.