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Jun 17, 2022

It was a challenge this days to put Ravendusk on a bitter mood but oh, today Peachpaw had succeeded with the impossible. The apprentice was not being greeted with anything but dead silence as the warrior lead the younger cat through the forest. After the little scandal back on the border Ravendusk had demanded for the young shecat to follow with them, demanding it and when Ravendusk was on a such mood like this he was far away from a pleasing face. That patient smile who usual made him to a good company was replaced with a dreadful coldness. That dreadful silence would contunie on until the raven-like cat suddenly come to a stop. Slowly he turned around to face them, amber orbs piercing right down at them. Peachpaw was young. He did understood that quite easily not having had them under his wing for special long. Of course he understood how exciting this all most be for her, to no longer be trapped in camp and have the whole world to explore to think she was older and far wiser then she actually was. That was why the adults were suppose to be here to guide them through life to protect them from the cruel world they not yet had got exposed at, and sometimes even towards themselves. It was an importand role that Ravendusk took very seriously. But to succeed she had to understand reckless desicions never was to her or anyones favor. That rules where not to be broken, not at her age.

" What where you thinking Peachpaw?, and don't lie. I can tell if you do." He demanded them to explain themselves now when they where out of anyone elses reach of hearing. There was a warning in his tone though for her to watch her words very carefully. Ravendusk was not fond of liars having dealt with enough of them through out his life. Because of that he could tell when a cat was being dishonest to him, and that was never a good start to build a relationship with any cat. Despite his inner anger, he remained his cool elgantly looking composed despite the coldness that was clear as day that rested in his gaze. Ravendusk had no clue what went inside of his apprentice head to have done the decision she had made but he was gonna figure that out today, right now and correct it to make sure it never happend again. He would not allow this behavior to repeat itself. His reputation stood on the line here, and he had fought very hard to get accepted by everyone in this clan so wouldn't let his apprentice take all of that hardwork away from him to get thrown back out there in the middle of leaf-bare. All of his efforts would not go to waste.



Soaking wet and cold, Peachpaw was begrudgingly marching herself back to camp alongside Ravendusk when he had turned and asked her just what she was thinking- to not lie to him. His tone reminds her of her mother, and she grits her teeth to restrain herself from saying something mean to her mentor- something like why do you care? you're not my parent. but she knows it will do her no good, only piss her mentor off more. She was already in trouble for wandering into WindClan territory, she didn't need to be in trouble for her attitude, too.

"I just wanted to explore a little, Ravendusk! I swear!" She tries to reason with the tom, whiny voice hiking up a pitch as she moves to circle the tom, standing in front of him. "I got lost, that's all. Everyone's so busy with their own stuff, I had nothing to do so I went on an adventure." She meows softly, suddenly quiet beneath her mentor's scalding glare.

She had just wanted to explore...That was not even close to a good explanation to why she had ended up on the moors out of all places. Surely she had a nose that worked perfectly well for her to not having wander that far away. She could still have got lost on their side of the territory. Ravendusk was not convinced that Peachpaw would be that none observant of her enviroment. No. Ravendusk was more convinced this had been something she had done on purpose. An adventure perhaps or maybe there was something deeper going on here that they not yet had discoverd. For what it was worth he would listen although it did not made him plesant to hear her explanation even less her tone towards him. " Are you trying to suggest i do not give enough of my time to you?." he challenged her words, remaining calm as he adressed this up to give her a chance to rethink her words. Blaming her boredom on him. Ravendusk might have felt offended by it but instead he took an extra minute to think all of this over more carefully. Perhaps he was somewhat to blame or at the very least he needed to give more of his attention to the apprentice now to make sure this never would repeat itself again.

" Listen, i do not fault you for being curious about the world. In your age there is so much to see and...explore. If you even had considered coming to me i would not have minded taking you out to show you places you not have seen before. Instead you decided to leave on your own to kill some what?, boredom?. " His gaze soften noticing how Peachpaw's own gaze fell to the ground. How much she might deserve a scolding Ravendusk knew when something else was going on underneath the surface and when he shouldn't go to far. This whole mentor-apprentice thing was still new for both of them so much for him even to learn. Never before had he been given a responsibility to look out after a youth, to make them grow in this world. He wanted more then anything to push them into the right direction and not...the opposite.

" Is there anything else that's going on here Peachpaw?. Do you by any chance...feel lonely?." A bold statement perhaps but Ravendusk knew very well the feeling of loneliness was a commen thing for a cat to feel, especially at her age. Maybe this was her way of seeking attention. He for one was not shy to bring up something that he had observed to make sure he was having right or not. Too many in this world bottled thier emotions up to suffer alone without ever speaking up. It trapped them into isolation and in a such lonely bubble. He did not wished that for Peachpaw. He truly wished to be there to help her if she would let him.