littermate possibilities?


Jun 17, 2022
i have two characters whose littermates i plan to adopt out. the only information i have to use as a base is their own appearances, so i understand if these are too broad and vague to work with.

Cloud is a white longhair with hazel eyes.
Petal is a dilute calico tabby shorthair with pale-green eyes.​
Hi skull! Are Cloud and Petal in the same litter, or are you wanting possible littermates for each? I can absolutely run a random set of parents that would produce those results as well as other results for a full litter!

For Cloud specifically, is there a certain color you want them to mask underneath the white? White cats can "mask" any color! If you have none in mind, I can randomize that as well!

For Petal, would you say they are low white or high white? Low white means that less than 50% of the body is white, while high white is more than 50% of the body.
oh, i apologize for not clarifying. i meant possible littermates for each of them!

i'm not sure what masking means—may i have an explanation before i decide?

i would say Petal is high white!

thank you for taking the time to respond 😊
No worries at all!

An all-white cat technically has another color underneath all of that white. Think of it like a bucket of white paint was dumped all over a cat - they have the gene to be all white, but they also have genes for other colors hidden underneath! So your character could be any color, such as black or blue or red tabby etc., just with the Dominant White gene masking it.

Here is a litter for Petal with randomized parents that could have produced that color!

Sire: SH blue w/ low white
Dam: SH torbie w/ high white (carrying dilute and solid)

Toms can be black, blue, black tabby, blue tabby, red tabby, or cream tabby
She-cats can be black, blue, black tabby, blue tabby, tortoiseshell, torbie, blue tortoiseshell, or blue torbie
- kits will be shorthaired
- kits will have low white or high white
- kits can have any realistic eye color
- red tabbies will mask black or black tabby; cream tabbies will mask blue or blue tabby
- non-dilute kits will carry dilute; tabbies will carry solid
oh! i see, thank you. in that case, would it be possible for Cloud's masked color to be brown tabby?

and thank you so much! i really appreciate it 🥰
Absolutely! I will randomize a set of parents that would produce a longhaired white cat that masks black/brown tabby!

Sire: SH white (masking black tabby; carrying longhair and solid)
Dam: LH black

KIts can be black, black tabby, or white masking any of the former colors
- kits can be shorthaired or longhaired
- non-white kits will have no white
- non-white kits can have any realistic eye color besides blue; white kits can have any realistic eye color; white kits with one or two blue eyes have an increased risk of deafness on the side(s) with a blue eye
- shorthaired kits will carry longhair; tabby kits will carry solid