littermates for a 10-moon-old pine cat ♡


Jun 17, 2022
hello! i'm looking for a maximum of two (2) littermates for my character, Petal, who is ten moons old and living in the Pine Group. below is a description of Petal, the litter's upbringing, and what ae is like as a sibling. after that will be the genetic possibilities for Petal's littermates (many thanks to Blitz Krieg for their knowledge).

Petal is a dilute calico tabby shorthair with pale-green eyes. Once a brash and athletic adolescent capable of climbing to the tops of the pines, inactivity has softened aer figure into gentle curves. Ae is a wallflower and has withdrawn further into aerself since aer sickness, timid toward all but the closest of loved ones. Though easily fatigued and taken ill, ae tries to divert from feelings of deficiency by completing random tasks for others, small as they may be. Those who remember aer as a self-willed daredevil may find the transformation into a spiritless waif, desperately clinging to hope, disquieting.

Aer mother joined the Pine Group while pregnant with this litter, which was likely not her first. She was a distant parent who was uncertain of how to accommodate Petal's differences (read: ambiguous neurodivergence) and unwilling to make the effort, resulting in low self esteem and a tendency to self isolate. When the litter were six moons old, she deemed them mature enough for her to leave the group, never to be seen again.

If ae is close to aer sibling, Petal will be relaxed, rambunctious, and lacking in a filter; ae has difficulty expressing aerself verbally, so ae offers aer support through physical affection and acts of service. If not, ae will be awkward and quiet. If ae and aer sibling actively dislike each other, ae will be tense and avoidant and may experience a meltdown if unable to remove aerself from their presence.

Sire: SH blue w/ low white
Dam: SH torbie w/ high white (carrying dilute and solid)

Toms can be black, blue, black tabby, blue tabby, red tabby, or cream tabby
She-cats can be black, blue, black tabby, blue tabby, tortoiseshell, torbie, blue tortoiseshell, or blue torbie
- kits will be shorthaired
- kits will have low white or high white
- kits can have any realistic eye color
- red tabbies will mask black or black tabby; cream tabbies will mask blue or blue tabby
- non-dilute kits will carry dilute; tabbies will carry solid