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After his eventful morning talking with the others, it had taken periwinklekit nearly two whole days to realize he'd never gotten around to his bug hunt. Jolting to his paws, the smoke furred feline is quick to scramble towards the shade of the gorse, eyes focused on the stones. The sun beats down furiously overhead - even the chilly autumn breeze can't dull the feeling of the golden rays on his shimmering pelt, and he furiously sets to work, soft paws scrabbling at the dirt under paw, dull nails scraping fruitlessly upon the stone in an effort to dislodge it and see what creatures may lurk underneath. A quiet whine slips past his teeth as he finally manages his task, pale gaze wide in awe as he see's his prize - a pawful of ants and some sort of bug with shiny armor on it's body and much to many legs. "Wh-wh-what is that-?" he questions aloud, head tipping to the opposite side in contemplation s one black paw snakes out to smack it.

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Creepy-crawlies, little bugs- they were all about if you really looked for them! And how fun that was, that they hid in little nooks and crannies and sat in wait for any sort of looming god-face to descend slow upon them, staring. How huge they must be to these tiny little things! Giant, with paws as big as their millions, with eyes not compound but twin and peering. What could they think, in their tiny little brains? What was there to think about for such a tiny, tiny creature?

Kits were small, too- their brains equally so. Entertained- or scared- by such frivolous things, a bug scuttling beneath a rock... they were thoughtless little creatures, weren't they? Barely aware of the world- oh, to be that innocent, that wandering, that frivolous! Charcoal paws wandered over, grey eyes wide globes, peering over the shoulder of the kitten as he yelped out in query, rearing up to smash the thing. Mallowlark's unmoving gaze barely flickered with thought before he blurted a blunt answer- "A worm. Freaky looking one, though!" Unequivocally wrong, he knew not, and gave his skewed judgement. "Don't kill it! Its ghost will haunt you forever-" steely eyes flared wide, his grin everlasting, "-if you do."
"You sure that's a worm?" She asks, peering at the wriggly thing. Utterly dwarfed by the form of her nephew, you could easily miss her until she started talking. It was unlike any worm she's ever seen, though she didn't have a better guess if she's honest. Some kinda evil spirit, maybe. Funny looking one. Even funnier, a worm ghost. What was it gonna do, bore her to death?

"Aw hell—" she interjects, maybe a bit oblivious to the kit for a second. It's prolly fine. "Swallowed three of those things for dinner last night. Are the ghosts after me?" For good measure she spins in a circle, checking for ghosts.

Wow really?, this two was trying to give a kit nightmares?, and here he thought he was the one who was suppose to be the asshole in the clan. The monster who had killed his own littermates. Leechpaw would frown in disapproval over thier bad humour not like he had any humour at all. Since when had been the last time he had even laughted?. Never. Or wait. He had when he had been a innocent kit like Periwinklekit here. Leechpaw rememberd to have been interested in bugs too, snails in particular. Why?. Because one of the warriors had thought it had been fun to fool a kit with lies that a snail could solve all of his problems through a wish if he just collected all of thier shells. Even up to this date he was still upset over it. He hated it when adults took advantage of kits naivety just so they could have a laugh at them. Tch. Assholes.

" Don't listen to them kit, their brains are just as small as a mouse brain so they dont know what they are talking about more then half of the time." he muttered out sending an annoyed glare at both of them. He guess he shouldn't expect to much at least not from Mallowlark. He was always a creep saying the most disturbing of things. Giving an annoyed flink of his tail he took a few steps closer to try to detect what exactly Periwinklekit had hidden under his paw. " Uh, a centipede....maybe." he narrowed his orbs, not good with telling apart bugs. They where all the same to him. Bugs he rarely paid attention to this days. Did it even matter what it was?. In Peri's age maybe it did.


While he is still getting used to this place he has been trying to figure out who is who around here. He knows Duskfire, Inkylotus and then his mentor Heavy Snow. And then he knows some other cats by face and not be name which is fine. But now he needs to at least make some friends around his own age. At least that is the plan he has next because he honestly doesn't want to be alone. He can't talk about the life he once had and he doesn't want to talk about when he tries to go to sleep at night. So he makes it his mission to be as nosy as possible as he makes his way over to the scene. Staring rather hard he blinks a couple of times, tilting his head as he eyes the adults before he actually sees the other. He stops for a moment, staring before he forces himself to look away. "O..oh, he's pretty...." Oh no. What's he supposed to say? What does he even do?

Flicking his tail back and forth rapidly the young tom blinks his mismatched eyes as he shuffles his paws and moves around to Moonrabbit's side before he makes a face and looks up at the older feline. "Oh, you eat bugs! I wanna try!" He suddenly starts bouncing up and down before he stops and thinks about his words. Oh, what if he doesn't like to eat bugs? He wants to look cool in front of the other and maybe that's kinda gross. "Ah, no, bugs are gross. I would never eat those." Yeah, fixed the problem.
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His confused poking and prodding is interrupted y none other than mallowlark - head tipped back in an equally unnerving way as he stares at the pale furred toms unnatural grin, the weary boy only blinks, frowning. "I was-n' t-t-tryn' too," he stammers, tail lashing as he turns his attention back to the insect. It seems his efforts have drawn a crowd though, and he quickly finds himself shying away from the group, pale gaze flitting from face to face as one cat after another joins the conversation. "Why w-w-woul' g-g-g..." an irritated whine slips past his lips unbidden, and he pauses, taking a deep breathe to hide his irritation at himself. "Why w-woul' they ch-ch-ase you for eat-in' worms?" Sometimes, he wonders if maybe moonrabbit is half-asleep too - she makes even less sense than him.

The rather intimidating glare of leechpaw has peri finally moving, spinning around to face the group now rather than simply craning his neck to peer behind himself, though he's careful to keep from stepping on the spikey worm. He's pretty sure worms don't have legs though. His assumption is proven correct as leechpaw decides to speak, and blue gaze softens as he swats the insect back over to himself once more - it had tried to wander off, like a kit sneaking out of the nursery, and he hadn't even had a chance to make friends with it yet! "C-cent-a-pede?" he murmurs softly, trying to wrap his mind and tongue around the strange word, before nodding to himself. Slitherpaw inserts himself into the conversation so quickly peri can only blink - eyes lingering on the tom's unique pelt - pretty, he notes absently - before he's standing protectively over his new 'friend'. "Well you c-c-cant eat this one, it's m-mine," he says, with more confidence than he actually feels, tired gaze filled with suspicion. He doesn't care how pretty the other kit is - it's his bug, and he doesn't want to eat it!