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He was not a tunneler so when his prey alluded him by darting into a deep hole and vanishing from sight he did not pursue it. Sablemask's nose wrinkled in mild annoyance at losing the fat rabbit he had accidentally startled. It would have been the perfect catch had his not stepped on that twig and snapped it; scattering every bit of prey for miles from his hiding spot. He had not seen it, it was on his right side and his blinded eye could only really make out colors and shapes at times; not sticks neatly blended into tall grass.
"A true tragedy." The tom says with a sigh perhaps a little too heavy and dramatic for the situation, it had certainly ruined his mood but that would fade once he had located a new spot to hunt. It would not be too hard to do given how many rabbits had suddenly appeared on the moors as of late, he'd never seen prey flock in such droves before and it made him wonder if this land was as blessed as Sootstar seemed to think it; there was obviously a reason so many cats remained under the sharp claws of her absolute rule. Then again, it could be fear...

Sablemask huffed once, haughty but not too proud enough to realize he might need to go find another spot until the prey all returned here after having been given such a fright. His stripes paws carried him along through tall grass that would certainly have him grooming later out into the open hillside nearing the gorge at RiverClan's border, it was unlikely anyone was hunting here right now so he picked himself a secluded spot and settled down to wait for the first foolish vermin to come hopping out of its burrow.

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When Starclan blesses one by quite literally dropping a rather plump rabbit at your paws, of course you’ll take it.
Echolight is on her own hunting mission when the rustle of something running catches her attention, her one-eyed gaze casts towards the long grass, and while her own visual perception is a bit distorted, it is hard to miss the rabbit that comes flying from the long stems, exiting a tunnel in a bit of a hurry.
The bundle of fawn flies past her, and Echolight is on its heels before she can think twice, powerful long legs kicking up dust behind her as the chase begins.
She does not lose sight of the heels that threaten to kick up at her, pushing herself until her muscles burn.
And then, she lunges with her paws outstretched, and she manages to grapple onto her prey, finding the soft spot of its neck somewhere in the tumble and sinking her teeth into it.
So focused on killing the rabbit, the warrior was completely unaware of where she was rolling, which happened to be straight into Sablemask.
The feeling of crashing into another earned a surprised yowl from Echolight.
"Ah! Sorry!" She yelped, hoping that she had not done too much damage to the unsuspecting other.
"Oop," comes the straight-faced interjection from Moonrabbit, blinking slow in her ever-present sorta stupor. One second, Sable was pursuing a bun, n' the next, there's a molly crashing into him. One she knows, too. She blinks at the two of them, tail curling slight in her amusement. "Should I execute her for her transgressions, Sable?"

Eh... they're fine. At least she had a rabbit, even if the two of them didn't. She blinks warmly at her niece, assured that she's alright or whatever. "Naw, I won't be takin' you out... yet," she adds with an ominous sorta drawl. Not too ominous though, it'd be too much work. Her gaze shifts to Sablemask. "Ay, maybe she got your rabbit for ya'"

"You sure joke a lot, Moonrabbit." Hyacinth comments from behind the molly, giving the small group of cats a grin of reassurance- she wasn't here to punish any of them, they had done no wrong. Hyacinth wouldn't go wild just from a single dark joke- she liked Mallowlark's own dark jokes. She had a.. certain taste for them. Especially when they came from the ever-smiling white tom.

"How does one.. See, without one eye? I've always wondered. Inkylotus cannot see at all, and yet he rarely does fail on a hunt in the tunnels. Quite the avid hunter when he puts his mind to it, you see. Perhaps it was because he was born with it."
Weaselclaw almost flinches at Moonrabbit's joke about executing Echolight. It almost hits a little too close to home, though he spares it no critical thinking. Not his place. Instead, he tilts his head at Hyacinthbreath's musings about hunting without sight.

"Well, maybe they should just hunt together," he says innocently. "Between the two of them, they've got two eyes." He smiles, proud of the solution he's come up with un-asked.

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Yuh, sure she does. She'd like to think it's one of the few things keeping this dreary place a lil' bit fun. Her an her nephew. They were on a mission, the two of them. She's not really sure what to say, so she goes with a heapin' pile'a nothin'. Hopefully she wasn't slaughtered for ignoring a lead warrior, or whatever it was they did around here.

And... she's not sure how she feels about the timing of it all, said lead warrior suddenly asking how Echolight sees right after she just crashed into some guy. Was she being sarcastic?? Why was Inkylotus suddenly a subject?? Was she tryin' to say Inky-guy was better than her Niece?? Confusion flashes clear on her face for a few moments, before mellowing out into her usual lidded smile. Windclan, huh.

And suddenly, both lead warriors are on the scene. Weasel must've caught the stupid from Hyacinth, because now he's spittin' nonsense too. "One plus zero equals two now?" She's totally lost. Her smile widens. "Damn... s'why your the lead warrior an not me!"