pafp LITTLE FICTIONS \ bargaining

Too-large paws, attempting fruitlessly to trudge away the juvenile irritation that had built up within him, carried Fernpaw across camp. Head bowed low and a frown set upon his bulging features, the tiny ginger tom made a beeline to his nest, begrudgingly moving some of his belongings from the nursery to the apprentice's den. That morning had been mostly spent attempting to find some other trinkets, but scattered across the shore was nothing but boring grey circular rocks that made the tiny tom's brain numb even thinking about. Where was the fun in those, other than kicking them as far as you could across the stream?

Wandering bug-eyes found kin, Darkpaw, and immediately his frown left his face. He remembered something- when Fernpaw had moved floods of belongings from the nursery, Darkpaw had seemed content in bringing only one thing- a rock. And it was a cool rock. Glaikit in his assumptions, the tiny apprentice figured that he could find something that Darkpaw liked more, so he could ass something new to his hoard. "Darkpaw," he greeted, ratlike tail offering his brother a brief wave of greeting, "Do you still have that rock?"

( penned by pin )