Little Soldier Boy {Intro}


Chivalrous Knight
Aug 25, 2022


Eyes of crystal aqua would stare at the river's surface with intense concentration, a lithe body perfectly still, and not even a twitch of a whisker would disturb the air. Aspenfrost had been born and raised near this river, knew it as well as he knew himself, and as such, he knew that even the tiniest of movements could cause the water to pull any of its blessings back into its depths.

A flash of silver would catch his eye and his paw would strike out, barely making a splash as it dug into the water and hooked a fish expertly with his claw. The dart would flop onto the river bank and the chocolate mink would end its life with a swift bite. A barbed pink tongue would lick his chops as he smiled in satisfaction with his catch.

Giving his body a large stretch, the tom would shake himself out before scooping up his prey and making his way back home. He enjoyed his life in Riverclan, they had provided a safe and warm place for his disabled mother to live, and his father and he had already gained a rather favorable reputation due to their dedication and chivalrous personalities. Aspenfrost had taken his warrior name with pride when the time had come, and he had tried his best to provide for his clan ever since.

Slipping into camp, Aspen would drop off his catch and then scan the clearing to see if there were any patrols he could join or chores that needed to be done. His gaze would settle on a group not far off, some faces and pelts familiar while others were new to him, and the noble warrior would make his way over to them.

"Good Afternoon." He would greet warmly, his charming smile reaching his bright aqua gaze as he meet each pair of eyes equally, "How is everyone today?"
she is, unsurprisingly, beside @LIGHTNINGSTONE in the fine noon. she awoke a bit too bitter today, and perhaps it shows as she keeps herself pressed to the ground. lazy with the sun combing through her fur and no real interest to hold her attention. the conversation happens without her, she simply tries to relax in the middle of it all. not that it does her much good, but she remains. perhaps a huff or two so her ward can know of her alertness.

with the approach of a tom who is deeply familiar to buck, she tries to perk up a bit. offer him a steady greeting of her own, but she can't find much to say other than a long sigh to greet him. "horrible. aspen..I'm being tortured by the embodiment of pure rigidity." there's a lack of true complaint in her voice, rather than just trying to voice her current boredom. she's sure that lightning has little care for whatever she speaks now, other than an annoyed quirk of his mouth or a retort of his own, it usually ends with her teasing words. she needs something entertaining, or at least something to keep her attention. she's strangely restless this day.
Lightningstone sits nearby, offering the approaching warrior a friendly nod of greeting before his assignment speaks up. He rolls his eyes half-heartedly and flicks his tail against the cinnamon she-cat's shoulder. "Otherwise known as laziness, Aspenfrost." His half-lidded eyes shift to the warrior splayed across the ground, "I asked if you wanted to go patrol." His tone is not angry nor is it annoyed - it's clear he's not actually upset with the she-cat. Hazel eyes shift back upwards towards the lithe tom and he mews back, "Good fishing, I see?" His gaze finds the well-muscled leg of his clanmate slicked with water and assumes that's what he had been doing.


A hearty chuckle would rumble like summertime thunder from the toms' chest as he listened to Buckgait give a long sigh and lightly complain about her watcher. His gaze would flicker over to Lightningstone, nodding in greeting and giving a sympathetic smile before turning back to the molly.

"You've been keeping him on his toes, I'm sure. It's never a boring day with you after all." Turning back to Lightning he would curl his tail around his paws as he took a seat before the pair, "It was thankfully. With the colder seasons coming we will need all the good hunting we can get." He would appear thoughtful for a moment before meowing, "If you are really bored, Buck, we can go on a patrol as Lightningstone suggested. I'd be happy to accompany you to mark the border?"

His invitation was a friendly one, the tom appearing to genuinely want to spend time with his two clanmates and any others who overheard his words and volunteered to join. It had been a moment since he had been near the borders anyway, and Aspenfrost was due for a long walk.