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Love And Trust
Jul 15, 2022

Everything Stays

"You know you didn't have to come out here with me, I can watch myself," Inkylotus mused with a gentle purr to his tone of voice as he trotted along. The sightless cat had brought out fellow warrior, @WOLFSNARL to come along on a little hunting trip. Prey had been plentiful for a while now and it was so promising! Windclan would thrive until winter and maybe even then be okay if things kept going so well. Though there was slight worry as well as Sootstar had started to make more and more brash decisions. Duskfire wouldn't say anything on the matter, but still he wished he understood what it was. What had happened or what was happening, but he also understood the toms' stance as the deputy.

The tomcat slowed to a little bit of a walk instead of a trot, and looked to the larger tomcat beside him, "Maybe we can impress Sootstar and bring back a nest of rabbits," He playfully spoke and nudged Wolfsnarl happily, "Though she seems rather hard to impress," He considered his words for a moment before giving a laugh at the other. The crested a hill came shortly there after, and the young Windclan warrior slowed down to stand at the top of the hill with his nose in the air. Sniffing the crisp morning air for any sign of a bird, a rabbit or even a mouse.

The sightless cat looked towards the smell of Wolfsnarl, and then opened his mouth to pick apart the different smells. Then waved his tail a bit back and forth before speaking to Wolfsnarl once more and felt like he was rambling at this point, "What do you think? West or East?,"
Doesn’t make a difference to me.” Ignoring the comment over needing to “watch” the other tom, Wolfsnarl would instead roll his eyes at the thought. Of course he didn’t have to watch Inkylotus. Neither option was favorable towards himself, and he could care less about kissing ass towards Sootstar. More than anything, he wanted this to be over with. “I doubt we’d bring back a nest of rabbits. If we can find a few then I suppose we could stop.


Everything Stays

The black cat seemed to falter a bit in their rather joyful prance at Wolfsnarls' words. Was something wrong? Had he don't something wrong? Inkylotus was uncertain and gave a small flick of his longer, long-like tail and gave a smile, "Prey has been plentiful, I'm sure we could find more than enough," The tom pointed out to the other with a small gesture of his paw. Though he felt something clawing at his chest, anxiety? Maybe regret? They had just wanted the other to enjoy some time out of camp as everything seemed so- stressful lately. Well Duskfire had stated it was stressful and who was he to question the deputy? The sightless cat lapsed in silence for a moment and flicked his ears a bit in thought, "Isn't it crazy we ended up in the same place? Felt like just a few weeks ago we ran into you," Another smile, some friendly words and hope to quell the rather aggressive tone of Wolfsnarl.
Unaware of the fact that he’d unintentionally put off Inkylotus, Wolfsnarl would continue on their path. While he was right that prey had been plentiful as of late, he didn’t think that meant they would automatically find food. “Definitely odd for sure.” He’d agree, wondering how on earth they’d managed to meet up with one another again. While he supposed it could be a benefit to having cats around that you previously knew, he wondered if sometimes being around cats who didn’t know you previously was better. While he wasn’t certain of the past between Inkylotus and Duskfire, he could figure out that there was something between the two. “How’d you two end up here anyway?