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Jun 14, 2022

Fire was radiating happiness today. Dawnpaw had agreed to go on a two-cat patrol with her and she was excited to see how he was fairing with his leg. It made her sad when she heard that her friend would never be able to use it again, but she was full of confidence that he would not let that hold him back.

The fiery pelted femme was sitting near the camp entrance, emerald gaze looking around to see if she could spot the golden pelted tom. Her plume-like tail was waving behind her as an outward sign of her excitement and when Dawnpaw came into view she would jump to her paws and call out, "Dawnpaw!"
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Why did he agree to go on something so early? The fact he had to basically peel himeself from his nest was an understatement, and the cinnamon mink cat yawned loudly as he rose from his comfortable bed. Dawnpaw had become accustome to sleeping outside for the most part and he wondered if he should move to the apprentices' den at some point. Nah, thats another thought for another day. Dawnpaw had shaken out his cinnamon mink coat and gave another yawn as a voice sounded from across the clearing. Dark pointed ears perked up at his name- his new name.

It was strange, this whole naming process. These two-part names was interesting to say the least and he wasn't sure abou them. So because the other clans were doing these whole new name things they also had too? It seemed rather- counter entuative if one would ask him. Dawnpaw though suppose their names where fitting to the others, and he gave a ghost of a smile to himself. Fire had been named Firedawn, and he found it ironic. Named after him, even though that totally wasn't the case, and he gave a smile upon seeing the red ticked tabby. Probably the only one aside from Dusk that can get him to smile genuinely.

"Good morning Firedawn, what where we doing again?[" He murmured softly upon approaching the femme cat, his own lion-like tail flicking out behind him, "Why am I up this early?" Of course Dawnpaw was joking but with his monotone voice, it was a bit hard to tell.
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Firedawn would return the toms monotone voice with a warm smile as she purred, "We are going on a small adventure." Her feathery tail would flick lightly as she brushed it against her friends side and let the way out of camp. "Thought it would be nice to get out of camp for a bit, maybe do some hunting?"

She woud look back over her should to gauge her friends reaction to their plans and her paws carried her towards the carrionplace and she would admire the scenery as they walked. She would make sure to keep a comfortable pace for them both, and once they were far enough away from camp, she would fall into a trot that allowed her to walk beside him, "Anything interesting happen to you today? Didn't cause too much trouble did you?"


Small, mink colored paws moved across the ground as he followed in suit behind a feathery red tail. Hunting? Suppose he wouldn't mind watching her hunt or something, but she couldn't expect him to decide on that? Hunting was difficult now for Dawn and it hurt his confidence just trying to walk, let alone be stealthy enough for a mouse or squirrel. "Blackpaw stopped hanging around me, uhm I watched a black bird fly by today," Truth be told, he hadn't done anything honestly interesting in weeks. Dawnpaw realized he spent most of his time wallowing in his own self hatred over his leg and how stupid he had been to get injured in the first place. So, part of him was glad that Firedawn was dragging him out here- it would be good practice for him to get stronger and work on his now lacking skillset.

Bright blue eyes looked to the flame-color cat beside him, "What about yourself? How is the whole being a full warrior and stuff going?" He gave a slight grin and nudged her shoulder with his muzzle.
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She would look at him in soft concern as he mentioned that Blackpaw was no longer hanging out with him, but she wouldn't pry. Was it because of his leg? Or had something else happened she wasn't aware of? Firedawn would not ask him these things, however, as she didn't know if it was a sensitive subject or not for the tom.

His next words would pull a soft smile to her lips, her gaze brightening up as she purred, "It's been going wonderfully! Of course, it's a lot of work but at the end of the day seeing everyone well-fed and sharing tongues makes it all worth it." Her tail would lash behind her as she looked out ahead of them, a new glow of determination beaming from her emerald optics, "I want to be the absolute best warrior I can be. I have a lot to thank Shadowclan for, after all." She would turn to look at him as she tilted her head, "I hope it's alright that we are going to the Carrionplace to hunt. Its stinky but the rats there can be huge!"

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The prickly cat couldn't help the softened smile that wavered across his maw at her excitement. Suppose she did have a lot to thank Shadowclan for, as did he of course. Shadowclan gave them a home, a place to rest, food in their bellies and a sense of belonging. After so long on the streets with his siblings, it was nice to not have to worry. Worry if they'd have a place to sleep, they'd be safe or even eat that day. It was crazy how much changed since they got here- both good and bad. Duskpaw seemed so exhausted all the time, always worrying and Dawnpaw thought he didn't sleep anymore, and then Eventide- he didn't want to think about. The chocolate mink point was gone.

The memory was still so raw in his mind, so wretching that he found himself moving closer to Firedawn. Seeking comfort in her red fur for a split moment before realizing what he had been doing, and quickly moved away. Eventide had been hit by a monster on the Thunderpath shortly before they joined Shadowcaln, and Dawnpaw missed him everyday. Wondering if he was in Starclan watching over him or if his brother was finally at peace now. Those pointed ears flicked back against his head, and Dawnpaw shook out his coat for a moment. Dismissing the thoughts as thinking about it did no good.

Blue eyes looked back up to Firedawn and he gave a small shrug of his shoulders, that playful behavior evaporating, "I do not mind either way. I haven't been there before so I think itll be interesting," Dawnpaw murmured softly and moved his gaze to the path before them.
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Firedawn would notice the change in his mood and she worried that perhaps talking about her warrior life was making him feel bad about his leg again. She felt him move closer to her, and she was about to brush her tail against his flank for comfort, but he would move away as suddenly as he had moved towards her and her tail dropped back down quickly. Perhaps he did not want to be comforted.

She would take a quick deep breath, nodding to him as he approved their destination and walked the rest of the way in comfortable silence. The smell of the place was usually what hit them first. Firedawn would scrunch up her nose but shake her head as if that alone would rid the stench that invaded her senses.

As they entered that area, Firedawn would make sure that they stayed close together as they moved deeper and deeper within. Her ears were alert for the familiar high-pitched squeaking of the prey they were seeking.

Her emerald gaze would finally spot one scuttling around the piles of trash that lay around them, and Firedawn would give a look to her companion before folding easily into a hunting crouch and stalking towards it.

However, they were not as alone as they assumed. The fiery red molly was so focused on her quarry that she didn't notice the other rats that were beginning to gather around the pair.

She was just close enough to pounce, muscles bunched and ready to leap, when the first screech of an angry rat ripped through the air and soon the femme was charged at by four huge rats.

Firedawn would let out a yowl of both pain and surprise as one clamped its jaws onto her hind leg and she swatted at it to attempt to knock it off before another went for that same paw.


Orginally he had wanted comfort, wanted to press into Firedawn and breath in her comforting scent, but he didn't want to push. He didn't want to rely too much on her like he had been on his brothers. Firedawn was someone special to Dawnpaw, someone he looked up to and cherished, and she didn't need his pitiful ass bothering her further. She had already done so much for him since his leg got hurt and everything with Blackpaw- it would be too far of a push. Didn't want to ruin their friendship they had with each other.

Dawnpaw followed along beside her as the wretched stench of the carrionplace came before they even saw it. His nose wrinkled at the sour scent and taste that layered on his tongue like smog. Trash littered around them from twolegs, rats havign torn away at most of the items in there, and he watched as Firedawn crouched down easily. Dawnpaw took a few steps back to give her space and watched her crawl towards a rat that had been nibbling at some trash.

Then the cry was given.

Four massive rats charged from the depths of the carrionplace. Charging for Firedawn as she yowled in pain from one clamping down on her hindleg, swatting away the rat before going for another. Dawnpaws' ears perked up and he moved to quickly get to her side, limping as fast as he could, and extended a unsheathed paw for the nearest rat.

What he didn't notice though was one of them chomping down on his lame leg. At leats not until they started to drag him backwards did he see this, and he quickly moved to kick with his good leg at the rat. Wrestling with it to free his lame leg and was able to claw the eyes off the rat. Causing it to squeal loudly and bumble into the darkness of the trash piles.

Dawnpaw then moved for the next one, refusing to leave Firedawns' side, and lunged for another rat. Grasping it by the shoulders and slamming it down onto the ground, though dirty claws got him across the chest and he growled lowly in annoyance. Fighting back the urge to pull away from the pain and instead kept wrangling the rat.
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Her hindleg was bleeding heavily, the wound stinging angrily with every move that she made. She saw a flash of golden fur and both fear and guilt would wash over her. Not because she didn't think Dawnpaw was capable of fighting, but because she had been the one who suggested coming here. If something else happened to her friend...

A snarl that was so unlike the usually kind and soft-spoken molly would rip from her throat, and she shook the last two rats off of her, the creatures squeaking in pain before they scurried off into the darkness once more. She would turn quickly to Dawnpaw and meowed, "Dawnpaw! Let's get out of here!" She would wait for him to finish off the rat he was fighting before limping quickly to the exit of the carrionplace.

She would keep looking beside her, making sure that her friend was at her side the whole way back, but despite how strong she was trying to be it was clear that the dark russet molly wasn't doing well. Firedawn was panting heavily, her leg was bleeding profusely, and the closer they got to camp the more she appeared to stumble.

The entire trek back home, she just kept chanting with guilt in her head, 'This is all my fault...'