living life like im in a play - ghostpaw

Aug 6, 2022
Ghostpaw was a fool, if an inoffensive one. The other apprentice had caused her no trouble, which was more than she could say for some of her peers. Though he wasted no time embarrassing himself, he had done nothing to bother her, and had been polite enough on the rare occasion they spoke. That alone wasn't enough to garner her respect though. Indeed, she could hardly bring herself to muster any emotion at the thought of him, much less love or hate. The most she had every regarded him with was mild amusement.

Recently though, she had begun to consider him more. He was, without doubt, an idiot. However, she might have use for a simple, unassuming fool like him. The whole clan might. If only he could be made to listen to the whims of a keener wit. Like hers.

Sharp yellow eyes regarded him as she rolled the thought over in her mind. Since her mother's death, she had lost interest in the small deceptions and petty disturbances of her youth, but this idea intrigued her. The idea of having another cat acting according to her every desire appealed to her, and she was certain that Ghostpaw was enough of a pushover that she might be able to pull it off. With that thought, she rose to her paws, her mind made up. "Hello Ghostpaw." Ravenpaw greeted him with a reserved smile, a kinder look than what she usually allowed herself. "What are you up to this fine morning?"
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He doesn't know what to think when Ravenpaw suddenly approaches him. It was the same Ravenpaw, wasn't it? She spoke with the same cool tone and always maintained perfect posture, knew how to make herself look... important. And... she was important. Briarstar's her mom, was her mom...

She was - she was talking to him. He feels like she doesn't do that a lot, but maybe he wasn't remembering good? He... he forgets things a lot... Ghostpaw turns to her with his typical stare, though not before glancing to his side. Just in case she was talking to someone else... But - but she said Ghostpaw, didn't she? That was him, Ghostpaw. It takes a second before he remembers... talking. "Hi... Ravenpaw," he greets, not unkindly, he wants to be nice and make friends. "I... I was just digging," he says, looking to where formerly-pale paws were now caked in dirt. The hole he made was... not too big, even though he's been at it for a little bit... He sniffs. "Someone... they told me there were bugs in the ground, and I wanted to see... I can't find them..." Not even a cool worm so he can... can show it to Marrowpaw...
"That's... nice." Ravenpaw lied through her teeth, struggling to stop her ear from flicking. Such a small lie was not usually this difficult for her, but this was beyond strange. Enough so to give her second thoughts. Even still, Ghostpaw could be useful, she reminded herself. "You don't seem to have made much progress though." She commented with false sympathy, glancing at the hole. It really was kind of pitiful. Two sharp yellow eyes fell back upon the other apprentice. A sly smile crept onto her face. "Maybe I could help. What else are friends for?"

If she played her cards right, she could make this idiot think they were friends, and get something out of this in one go.

Sometimes she worried she was too clever for her own good.

The jet black molly immediately turned tail and began padding away. "Not by digging more here, of course." She commented over her shoulder. "I work smarter, not harder. Follow me."