Jun 7, 2022

Rain was an understanding tom. All the cats in his group came from so many different backgrounds, so many of them were looking for a second chance and Rains group would be that for them. He didn’t mind taking in the strays and the stragglers. What he did mind though was the way Briars group interacted with the cats from the pines. They acted as if the forest wasn’t large and plentiful as it was. They acted like they were owed something for a reason Rain could not seem to comprehend. And that arrogant attitude is exactly why they were where they were right now, standing in a clearing, facing one another, both doing their best to be civil, though he was sure Briar despised him, he also was sure that she had not approved the attack on Finch. He hoped that in this regard, at least, she would be understanding of his request. ”thank you for taking the time to speak to me” he says, his voice respectful, no trace of the venom he feels pulsing through his veins in his tone. The anger towards the one they call Willow is all he can think about right now.

”I want to start by saying that your apology does mean a lot, but unfortunately it is not enough. What the cat you call ‘Willow’ did was abhorrent and needs to be punished and I have to know what that punishment will be.” he knows it’s a tall order, but he needs to ensure that she will be properly dealt with. He’s sure Briar would do the same if put in his paws prints. No, that’s not true, he’s almost certain she would make sure that the punishment was carried out by herself or her group. All he wanted was justice.

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