Long time no see || Joining

With silent steps she strode deliberately through Thunderclan territory. She stopped every so often to taste the air, looking for one scent in particular. She could smell him... She just had to find him. Where was he?

Last she saw, he was chased off by a dog. It had been a year since then..... And now, his familiar scent graced her senses once more.

She did not fear the cats who's territory she tread on. No one would stand in the way of her and Rabbit.

The scarred Molly scanned the area around her, looking out for her brother or any possible enemies.
There were too many of them: strangers. She hates strangers! She doesn't get how anyone can stand 'em, they just waltz straight into your home covered in their stink so they can stink the entire place up until your poor nose is desensitized! Her eyes narrow upon the stranger, sharp daggers lookin' for any excuse to make them go away. She'd just tell em that if Emberstar wasn't the softiest softie to ever softie, ugh.

"Wha'dya want. lady?" she asks, not bothering with hi or anything like that, only Thunderclanners get hi. Maybe there was a little teensy weensy eensy bit of cool factor to her, but like, not enough. And why was she, like- lookin' around and stuff like that? "If you're lookin' for something, you should go look in Windclan, they super love guests!"


Wildpaw had attempted to give his mentor the slip that day in favour of doing some solitary training without eyes constantly watching him, but it seemed that a peaceful time alone wasn't on the cards. He overheard Wolfpaw's voice and it caused him to instantly bristle with building fury as he was made aware of the stranger's presence. "Don't just stand there yappin'! Go get Howling and the other warriors!" He hollered aloud as he quickened his pace, powering his way towards the stranger with murderous intent. So what if he was just an apprentice, he wasn't about to just let some rogue waltz in without a fucking pounding! With a mighty leap, he aimed to body slam himself into Badgerstrike's face with the hopes of landing a solid hit on the stranger's nose.​
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Well. She knew she would be running into someone eventually, but she expected......not a baby. She couldn't fight a baby.

"I'm lookin' for someone." She said.

She then stared for a moment. Windclan? "What's a windclan?"

Before she could even get the one braincell in her head working, another baby came along. But THIS one was much more fiery. Yes. She liked this one.

She would play along with sheathed claws, she didn't want to rip him apart-

His claws raked across her nose.

Okay maybe she wanted to bite him a little. But still.

She wiped a paw across her nose and looked at the blood that stained it, then back at Wildpaw.

"Nice hit! Now it's my turn." She said with a smirk, and raised her paw to swing powerfully at his face.


He had seen not one, but two apprentice leave the camp on their own. One after the other. Sunfreckle had frowned in the mouth of the nursery watching and looked around for any cat he could tell this to because weren't they only supposed to go out with a mentor? Wasn't it dangerous? The red tabby bit his bottom lip anxiously, paused to look back into the nursery where the kits were properly dozing during their midsun nap and he gave a disgruntled huff before rising to stand. Someone had to wrangle those apprentices back, he'd take the scolding for wandering out of camp to ensure they didn't get hurt.
With quick steps at his awkward pace, the big tom tracked along after the two and thankfully they seemed on the same path so he spotted Wolfpaw well before he spotted Wildpaw and the scene had his eyes widening in alarm.
A bloodied she-cat he had never seen, a little bigger than even he was, had her paw raised in the air above the boisterous apprentice. He was not fond of the young tom for his brash and rude demeanor, but he wasn't going to let some loner hurt him either.
Sunfreckle broke into a sprint there, trying to think of how to handle this because despite his looks combat was not his specialty. In the end he moved to stand over the smaller cat, pushing a paw forward in a thrust with claws to take a swing at the bi-colored she-cat and try to get here away. His position had her paws make a bee-line for his face and he gave a sharp howl of alarm at them swiping down his muzzle.
"G-GET LOST!" Another swipe with his forepaw, blinded by the blood in his face and missing her easily.

Emberstar was drawn immediately onto the scene by the sound of fighting on her territory. A blur of cream fur, she raced through the forest, bounding over roots and slipping through underbrush. Finally, three figures that she knew came into sight, facing off against an unfamiliar face. Her eyes narrowed.

Within a moment she put herself between her clanmates and the stranger, who she shot a tense grin. "Heya." She greeted, a phrase in contrast to her practiced combat stance and unsheathed claws. Over her shoulder, she glanced at the three Thunderclanners. "You all alright?" she asked. Though it had been three against one, two of them were mere apprentices, and one was Sunfeckle.

Better that she deal with this herself. If this rogue didn't cooperate, she'd run her off the territory herself.


He felt a swell of pride when he successfully landed a slash with his claws, but it was short lived as he was dragged back into reality that he was still in a fight against someone who was much larger than him. As Wildpaw landed back on crouched all fours he realised just how open he had left himself. The apprentice braced himself for the hit, but it never came. Instead he found himself shrouded in shadow as someone else loomed over him as his protector. Sunfreckle?! The shock was clear on his face, but he gave a wince when they took the strike meant for him.

Though the shock hardly compared to that of when Emberstar arrived and... greeted the enemy?! "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" He swore the whole thing was frying his brain.

A fury worse than before bubbled up within him as he let out a caterwaul as he flew out from beneath Sunfreckle like a torpedo, and he aimed to slip under Badgerstrike like a well oiled eel. If he made it past all of the rogue's legs he would aim to spring up behind her with the intentions of biting down on her tail and pulling with all his might. "Nrgh! Get'away fr'm Sunfrr-kle!" He growled in a muffled voice.​

Badger's eyes widened as Sunfreckle came rushing in to protect Wildpaw. Her claws had slid out, resulting in the swipe the tom had received.

"Well hello-"

And then he pushed her away, landing a swipe on her face. Her patience was wanting fast, she almost didn't see Emberstar approach. Was everyone here just small.......Or was she just big?

"Hi. You carry yourself like someone in charge-"

She was cut off by Wildpaw rushing underneath her and clamping down on her tail, tugging it.



Her hair rose and she stiffened, letting out a shrill yowl of pain.

"LET GO, YOU LITTLE MAGGOT!!" She roared, rearing a hind leg and kicking at Wildpaw.


She would love to stay and fight, but. She had a MISSION. She was going to bully Rabbit so hard when she found him. She was going to sit on him.

One of the apprentices, Wildpaw, managed to get past her while she was focused on the threat in front of her. Throwing himself headfirst into danger, as he attempted to bite the stranger's tail. "Wildpaw!" she called authoritatively, her voice firm. If he didn't listen she had half a mind to drag him away herself. "Behind me, now."

She was going to have a word with his mentor.

As the stranger claimed she was Rabbit's sister, Emberstar regarded her cautiously. She did not raise herself out of her fighting stance, or sheathe her claws. "Really?" she questioned. "Then, what's your name?"

With a glance back at Sunfeckles, she added. "And what happened that a fight broke out before I even got here?" he was the one she trusted most here to give her an accurate account.

Sunfreckle went to call after the rambuncious apprentice but thankfully Emberstar beat him to it; he wrinkled his nose, feeling the blood sliding off it from the cut there and strangely calm about the matter. This felt so small compared to the one on his right cheek, it probably wouldnt even scar.
His tail whisked out to try and fold Wildpaw's energetic form in it, hoping he listens to the leader and pulls back as instructed.
When he was asked for an explaination he stuttered briefly, "Oh I-I'm sorry for leaving camp..." Howling Wind had scolded him once on this before, "I just worried...apprentices alone, but they handled this intruder well and were going to chase her away." Proper little warriors, quite unlike himself.
The red tabby rolled his shoulders uncertain, "I uh...guess there was a miscommunication. If you're Rabbit's sister...you must be...Badger."
This had to be, based on Rabbitnose's descriptions, because the other option was his sister Sweetheart who uh....didn't fit this one appearance wise. She was quite the big cat wasn't she? "I'm Sunfreckle...his mate. He's here..." Somewhere.


The kick was enough to dislodge the feisty apprentice, but it was clear that the desire to keep fighting burned within him. However, before he could dig himself into further trouble he was brought to a halt by Emberstar's instruction. For a moment he hesitated but ultimately he gave a huff of reluctance and wandered his way over to stand behind the leader. He didn't want to but he wasn't going to risk his goal of becoming a warrior, so that was that. Though he couldn't help but pull his mouth into a thin line of uncertainty as the stranger gave her reasoning for being in their lands.

"Er... yeah, I started the fight. I thought Wolfpaw was in danger considering, ya know, the idiot who waltzed into our territory." Wildpaw explained as he decided to own up to being the one who had thrown claws first. He'd do it again in a heartbeat though! Fucking loners thinking they owned the place!​

Even if Wildpaw had let go already, her tail still hurt. She idly wondered if it was as painful as it was from past injuries, he wasnt the first nor the last to go for her tail. Such thoughts were for another time, she had more important things to deal with. She listened to the cats infront of her speak. Man. It had been a while since she had stumbled upon a group. Colony. Pack, whatever you'd call it. She'd heard many terms for it.

Just as she was about to reply to Emberstar, her ears pricked in surprise when Sunfreckle spoke. "Yeah, I'm Badger, how did..."

Did he just say mate.



"H-HIS MATE!?" She exclaimed in shock. Oh god. She accidentally hit her brothers mate.

She looked at them, coming down from the previous shock."...I hold no ill will towards any of you. You were protecting your territory from a perceived threat, and I am pretty threatening. And to be fair, I did trespass on purpose when I caught Rabbit's scent." She said, looking to Emberstar. She had to be the leader. She had that.....Leadery aura. Leader vibes. "So....He lives with you guys, huh...?"

She thought hard for a moment. She could ask to join......Or she could go back to that barn. Where the twolegs always came by and PET them and gave them KITTYPET FOOD. And not only that, but the place smelled funny. The others might be content to live there, but she wasn't. She wanted to be WILD AND FREE.

Emberstar's guard lowered a touch as her clanmates spoke up in turn. Sunfeckle seemed to recognize the intruder, at least by name. That gave her some shred of relief. Wildpaw owning up to starting this mess gave her another. It made sense too. She really needed to have a talk with his mentor.

Badger herself seemed reasonable enough, given that she had just had a pair of teeth biting down on her tail. Cautiously, the leader sized up the molly before her for a second time.

"Yep," she confirmed with a nod. "Sunfeckle is a part of Thunderclan. You could visit him, if you want." Emberstar offered, she wasn't about to keep a family apart. She didn't add that she would be staying by Badger's side the entire time, though it seemed that this might have all been a misunderstanding, she wanted to keep an eye out. Just in case.
Sun streaming in through the leaf canopy highlighted golden eyes. Accustomed to the mountains and higher places, Leopardprowl peered down from her position. The branch held firm like her tense muscles. Although the situation had calmed, the she-cat remained poised to pounce.

She had discreetly followed Wildpaw through the thick undergrowth. Pride swelled in her chest when the apprentice landed a strong hit on the intruder. With claws unsheathed, she'd been inches from launching herself at the rogue when Emberstar arrived.

Her nose crinkled while whiskers twitched in annoyance. Their leader was going to allow this loner who attacked her apprentice free reign of the territory? Why did they bother with territorial markings and border patrols, then?

At last, Leopardprowl chimed into the conversation, "Wildpaw, you need not defend or explain your actions." Gracefully, she climbed down from her perch. "Especially when the reason is self-explanatory." She frowned as she examined their leader. Leafbare would soon arrive yet she shepherd more and more into their large flock.

"I recall scent markings being there for a reason." She'd crossed them when she thought the forest and her brother had burned to a crisp. Upon ThunderClan's return, she was taught that the territory still existed. Perhaps the deputy and leader needed to speak about their conflicting views.​