look pretty for me .. everest

Jun 30, 2022


everest | he/him | 35 months
Long-legged and lanky long-haired tom with big ears. Bobbed tail that is moreso a fluffy stump. Blue classic tabby with green eyes.
Known for being a friendly extrovert- the jokester, he is always the one to brighten up a dark mood. An optimist. Definitely not dumb in any way, questions why the cats were created and the purpose of life. Sentimental and emotional, sensitive to his own feelings and others.

Combat ●●●●○
Hunting ●●●●○
Swimming ●○○○○
Climbing ●●●●○○
Speed ●●○○○

NPC X NPC | gen 1
younger adopted sibling to tugger
older adopted sibling to spring
Mate to Crow | Parent to Nobody
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