LOST BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY [ apprentice announcement ]

Tired eyes, a broken heart, tear stained cheeks. She had done all she could, but she was not a miracle worker. Never would be, she'd never be able to bring his eye back and she wept. Wept every night, silently in her nest as her baby got his well needed rest after his accident. How terrible of a mother she was, she had not been there to save him. She had promised him, always call for your mama and she'll be there. She wasn't there, not in time. Not when he had needed her. She wonders if he would grow to resent her for not keeping her promise.

She couldn't keep doing this by herself. What if she hadn't been in camp that day? What if she'd been out for herbs? What ifs fill her mind.

"Windclan." she announces suddenly as she finally leaves her den, having made up her mind. Her voice is cold, unusual for the kind femme. She has boiled with anger, regret, remorse, festered in it as she silently worked on a child that should not have been out in the first place. "The time for me to take an apprentice is now." she needed one, she couldn't, can't do this. Not by herself.

Eyes scan over the gathered crowd, but Honeytwist had a sneaking suspicion for someone the moment they had come in to camp. "Dandelionpaw," she calls out, voice even, booming across the camp. "I will take you as the medicine cat apprentice." it was obvious something was wrong with her, there was no warmth, no room for objection. "You have shown countless times that your heart is in the right place, you will work well alongside me." she meows. "Your duty will start as soon as this little group is dismissed."
The cat who normally addresses WindClan is not the one doing it now, face stained with her grief, wind battering her cinnamon fur. Honeytwist's throat is raw, her heart as well. Pollenfur sees her and instantly, the molly's throat closes - what grief this poor medicine cat has gone through, continues to endure. She wants to break rank and run to Honeytwist, press her flank against hers and sit beside her injured child together.

But even as she prepares to do so, Honeytwist states she is taking an apprentice. A cat she will teach to learn the ways of a medicine cat, a cat who will one day take her place, stars forbid.

She names Dandelionpaw, and Pollenfur's eyes widen, impressed. She walks to the point tom and nudges him with her forehead. "Congratulations, sun child," she murmurs. "Lots of love in your heart." She glances almost fearfully around, looking for Sootstar and her soldiers. She wants to say, Don't let them take that from you, but she doesn't.

She leaves Dandelionpaw's side and goes to Honeytwist, aiming to comfort the medicine cat with a brush of her flank. Her poor baby lies within that den, mauled and half-blinded, and yet Honeytwist also thinks of her Clan. "You've chosen well."


Since Grackledive had vanished his mood had been poor, not that it fully dampened his spirits but he was starting to wonder if he was just unlucky. Between many things that had happened recently and in the past he was struggling to keep his usual chipper demeanor up and apparently so was Honeytwist. Their medicine cat had always been so kind and welcoming, to see her so dejected and with defeat evident in her voice was as cutting as any claws in his hide; to think that without her skill they might have lost Bumblekit to a dog, that so many cats could have up and just died. The first time he learned that his namesake flower could help cats he was pleased, coming from a place where dandelions were just referred to as useless weeds and not even the prettiest of flowers; to discover that despite this they had their uses was a boost to his confidence as silly as it was. He wasn't a flower, he was named for one, but the idea that even he could be as handy as his name made his fur prickle in delight. Of all the cats in WindClan to teach, she'd picked him? It was baffling to the excitable tom who was accustomed to the older cats dismissing him for being too naive or too cheerful that it made him wonder if any cat even liked him sometimes.
He couldn't let her down, he wouldn't. "...Ah'll do my best to help ye out and learn everything, Honeytwist!" The apprentice declared, tail up and head high and it was Pollenfur's friendly nudge that put his smile back on his maw, he hadn't realized he'd looked so serious until then. He watched the spotted molly wander over to comfort their healer, he would have joined but he didn't want to smother the cinnamon she-cat with too much so instead his mismatched gaze looked back to the medicine cat den and then to the other cats present. Here was hoping he'd do okay...


After Bumble's attack, Hyacinth couldn't help but to patrol the territory more often. She'd bring Coldpaw with her, drilling into him just how important it was to look clearly for any signs of dog, for any possible noises they could hear. When she'd returned, she heard Honeytwist's announcement as she passed by. There's a look towards Dandelionpaw and Pollenfur, then a nod- acknowledgement, agreement. He was a good fit, and even if she didn't much trust medicine cats, perhaps Dandelionpaw being one would help her adjust to them better.

Sun-kissed violet eyes turn towards the medicine cat, to Honeytwist- and she notices the exhaustion, the stress. Hyacinth shuts her eyes, turning from the growing crowd of congratulations.

She had work to do. As happy as she was for Dandelionpaw, she didn't want to disturb this happy announcement with her own stoic company.



Windclan had been suffering lately. It was a feeling that Dusk was well familiar with after the life he'd lived before joining the clan, and he wondered what it said about him that it wasn't hitting him quite as hard as it had hit the others. Bumbles accident with the dogs. Honeytwists grief. The death of the Skyclanner on their border. Their leader getting shot by a hunter. How many others had he missed?

If anything, Sootstars death had been the thing to shake him most. The blue shecat was the only thing standing between him and a Leadership he knew he wasn't ready for yet, and the idea that she was gone had left the golden tom an anxious wreck in the days it had taken her to return. He'd thrown himself headfirst into patrols and training, trying his best to not think about that fact that technically, Windclan was entirely his responsibility. Needless to say, he'd been extremely greatful to see her shuffling into camp growling for prey upon her return.

But the rest of it? He could only muster a vague sort of sympathy for the cats left to grieve; Honeytwist, Leech, Bumble, unable to share in the actual grief itself.

The tom had been in camp relaxing when their Healer suddenly called out to the cats. Green eyes would alight with curiosity at her announcement, unsure of a cat was allowed to simply take an apprentice without Sootstars approval, but then again the Medicine Cat had never really seemed to play by Soots rules anyways. And besides, it wasn't as if Dusk could see a reason for he to disaprove. Dandelion really was a good choice when it came to picking from the youth, as the bengal hadn't seen him be anything other than considerate and compassionate when it came to other cats- even those that didn't hold the Windclan title.

"Congrats, Dandelionpaw!" he called, offering the child a look of genuine approval. Honeytwist was one of the few cats he'd come to respect and trust within the group, and her choice of Dandelion was one the Deputy could stand behind. When the young cat grew up, Dusk was sure he would trust them to look after him and the others just as much as he trusted Honeytwist.

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Leechpaw would just snort, no congratulations falling out from his mouth. In truth he didn't really care of who was thier medicine cat or not. He refused to visited them for anything anyway. The only thing he felt grateful for even having one was that Honeytwist had saved Bumblekit's life, something he took full blame on. So yes he did saw the value of having one he just didn't care who got that role. For what it was worth though he was glad it was Dandelionpaw the barn cat and not...Weaselbrain the barn cat. Huffing to himself the bitter apprentice would just turn his back to the scene as he had been resting in his nest shutting this completely of. Dandelionpaw had enough cats cheering on him. He didn't needed another one.


Ears perk up at the mention of his mother taking an apprentice.

He'd been wanting to ask his mother if he could just be her apprentice, instead of Flaxenjump's, but, with Bumblekit's sudden injuries, the thought had been pushed aside.

And, now, Honeytwist wants an apprentice. But it isn't Lemonpaw's name she calls out. No, it's Dandelionpaw's. The cinnamon tom looks over at the older apprentice, mixed feelings brewing. On one side, he was upset. Did this mean he couldn't help his mother collect herbs anymore? That he couldn't sit in the medicine den anymore?

But then again, Dandelionpaw is much bigger than him. He'd be able to run towards those who need help quicker than Lemonpaw ever could. Dandelionpaw would have been able to gather cobwebs and Lemonpaw's many siblings, when Bumblekit came back from the attack. So, maybe his mother made a good choice, picking him over Lemonpaw. Maybe he could help Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw, now?

"Congratulations," he says to the newly named medicine cat apprentice, no sign of a complaint in his voice.
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A medicine cat apprentice, Dandelionpaw. The blue smoke can't help but feel a conflicted wave of emotions, Dandelionpaw had... soft tendencies. Sure, perhaps medicine cats needed to have softer hearts, but couldn't they have gotten a successor who would've known when to not listen to their throbbing heart? She's had enough instances of arguing with Honeytwist to last her a lifetime on whether to or to not heal a loner in need on the territory.

There was plenty of time for all of that to change with Dandelion she supposed... but not with Honeytwist as his mentor. She sighs.

Though she does not speak, the leader could be spotted lingering nearby the scene. If Dandelionpaw ever met her gaze, she would give him an affirming nod.

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Honeytwists words had gathered Owlpaw's attention quickly. A new medicine cat apprentice. This was the moment she was waiting for. The moment StarClan had been warning her of. Today she would be named Honeytwist's apprentice. She could learn all the herbs and grow closer to StarClan. She would be the best apprentice any medicine cat could ask for! Her chest puffed up, prepared for her name to sing through camp with pride, followed by thunderous praise from her Clanmates. After all, she was Sootstar's daughter, destined for better things than any who were not conceived of a feline kissed by StarClan themselves.

"Dandelionpaw. I will take you as the medicine cat apprentice." Owlpaw froze, her entire body going rigid when her name wasn't called. Dandelionpaw - the tom who was too hyper, too loud, too kit-like to even amount as a good warrior much less a medicine cat! Honeytwist must've misinterpreted whatever signs StarClan had sent her. Surely there was something wrong here. This was Owlpaw's dream. This was her destiny! Her entire world felt like it was being torn apart by tooth and claw in that moment. Her throat tightened and tears involuntarily filled her eyes.

Her mother approached just then and a surge of hope swelled in Owlpaw. Sootstar would tell her! "Honeytwist, you've made an awful mistake. Owlpaw is supposed to be your apprentice," she would say. But she never did. Her eyes were glued on Dandelionpaw, nodding her approval. She would not speak up for Owlpaw. Nobody would. Just like that, she was condemned to the life of a WindClan warrior because everyone but StarClan had failed to see how special she was.

"This is a mistake," she murmured quietly to herself before rushing off to her nest to pout. She tried to hide the tears in her eyes and kept her head low.

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A medicinecat apprentice? Ivoryflight was excited to see who would be blessed with the opportunity to learn from Honeytwist. Whomever was chosen would be for reasons only Starclan knew. Had they told Honeytwist who to name beneath her? Eyes darted amongst the crowd, briefly landing upon Owlpaw who seemed to almost be expecting to be called. Soon enough, however, she would find herself cheering along with the crowd as Dandelionpaw was named the new medicinecat apprentice. Unaware that Owlpaw had slipped away, Ivoryflight found herself making her way over towards the other apprentice to congratulate him. “Congratulations! I know you’ll make a wonderful medicinecat!” A large grin sat from ear to ear as she aimed to lay her tail across his back in a friendly manner.