Love comes in waves (Intro)


꧁༺ 𝓭𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓱𝓸𝓹𝓮 ༻꧂
Jun 14, 2022

A huge yawn would part the jaws of the red-pelted Somali as she rose from her nest. A gaze of emerald green would sparkle in their usual excitement, eager and ready to begin another day in what she considered a good life. Yes, her home was facing challenges at the moment, but Fire was confident that they would all make it through together. Her plume-like tail would swish behind her in a friendly manner as she trotted towards the fresh-kill pile. She also looked around for any signs of any cats she knew before bending down to pick something from the pile, settling on a small lizard, and finding somewhere to get comfortable amid the muddy ground.

A soft purr came from her throat as the coolness of the ground offset the humidity of the day, and she dug into her prey happily as she pondered what she should do today to be of use to her found family.


After a long late-night hunt, Rust had planned on sleeping in... Yet at the very hint of dawn he found himself unable to sleep, so up and at 'em he was. It made sense, he was quite the morning cat... it didn't use to be that way but most cats he found made that transition with age. He wonders why with a light snort of amusement to himself.

He's casually ambling around camp, half observing others begin to tiredly mingle and half taking note of what needed to get done today. Hunting was always a priority... but what else?

The cinnamon tabby just so happens to walk past Fire when a soft purr rumbles from her throat. Abruptly he stops in his tracks and looks at her, he's silent for a few moments in his usual awkward fashion before he quietly meows, "You're in a good mood." An obvious observation, but it was his attempt at conversation and checking in with one of his group-mates.

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Azalea held a certain disdain for the marshes, the only thing keeping her leashed here being her family.
Still, the blue tabby always tried to make the best of it. Where the murky atmosphere made it hard to track, to run, her skills were able to be sharpened and enhanced in a clear environment, where the rain was seemingly never-ending, there was always water to drink.
Today, the molly trailed in after another peer, a triumphant smirk on her face as they limped towards the prey pile.
A friendly spar was always a good way to put the molly in a good mood, even if her paws were caked in mud.
Fire was the first she spotted, a familiar face to her and company she often enjoyed. Gliding over Azalea flicked her tail in greeting towards Rust before settling beside the molly. ❝ You should’ve seen me kick that guys tail today. ❞ She hummed, the adrenaline still heavy in her veins.❝ What’re you doing today? I was thinking we drag Hound out of camp to show us a few hunting techniques ❞ She prompted after a moment, casting a expectant sideways glance towards Fire.
❝ Speech. ❞
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Broad paws and a familiar deep voice would catch Fire's attention, and she would look up to meet the older cat's yellow gaze with a warm and humble smile, "Oh! Good Morning, Rust." She would give the tom-cat a dip of her head in a respectful gesture before she continued, "No use in starting a day off in a bad mood. Messe your whole day up."

Yet another familiar pelt would catch her attention and she would smile even brighter as Azalea came closer to the pair. "You sparred today? Aww, I wish I could have seen it! You should have woken me up!" She would blink as a suggestion for something to do was presented and she nodded eagerly, "That sounds wonderful! Should we go and find them now?" Turning her head back towards Rust, Fire would smile in her friendly way, "Would you like to join us? I'm sure there's a lot you can teach us too."

At Azalea's tail flick he returns the greeting with a dip of his head. Amber eyes are taken back to Fire as the other she-cat speaks to him. He didn't think as optimistically as her, it was difficult too... Not only were there prey issues and tensions with the Pine cats as usual, but his parents had their health declining. Rust could respect Fire though for her strength to have such a way of thinking even during times like these, but he could not be on the same boat as her. "I'm sure you're right," he agrees with a slow nod.

He was about to get his muscles moving to walk away as the blue tabby speaks of touching up on hunting techniques, but he spots Fire's look at him. Would you like to join us? "...Sure, why not.", he shrugs, "but don't overestimate me girls, I've never been much of a hunter. If you fetch Hound I'll help where I can though." Rust would explain to the young she-cats.

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