LOVING IS EASY — being lazy


Jun 7, 2022
It was the simple pleasures in life that Rain enjoys, the sound of a storm hitting the roof of his den, the gentle pitter patter of a light drizzle, and the sun that comes after a cloudy day. They had been going through many of those cloudy days lately, so when the sun finally shined down on their small clearing he flipped over in it, flipping over onto his back and pressing it into the earth, enjoying the warmth that spread through his body after so many days of it being dark and gloomy. The weather finally clearing up made him want to do nothing else but just lay here. He knows that food does not come easy in this new life he has chosen, but maybe he could just lay here a little longer.

Alas, his rest would be short lived. A shadow falls over him, blocks his sight of the sun he had yearned for the past couple of days. He lets out a sigh, it was expected that he would be disturbed, he had so many responsibilities now, so many cats relying on him. Reluctantly, he cracks open an eye to see who is was that had disturbed him.
Rain. It had been Rain that had taken the king into his care when tragedy had left him without a home. It had been this scrap of a cat, some idiot stray with a malformed muzzle and a ragged hide of a pelt who had allowed him shelter. He had been taught how to survive by what something he would previously never give the time of day.

Tugger owed Rain his life, even if he didn't act like it most days. Instead, Tugger usually surveyed the other tom with barely more than grunt whilst more unlikely cats received a barbed tongue for even looking in the ginger cat's direction. But today, today of all days, on this pleasant morning, Tugger chose to be spontaneous. A mouse is clamped delicately between his jaws as he stands before Rain now, an offering, from a king to a leader. He... smiles?... when he drops it.

"I thought you might want a snack." Is his gruff explanation.

On days like this he wanted to rest and just relax, but something in him begged to be moving. To be doing something productive. Even if he knew that he would surely tire himself out he wanted to contribute something. So he had been out hunting for some better part of the day. At least he was trying to but his mind was focused on something else. He wanted to go and visit her. See how things were going on that side of the territory. He hadn't been able to stay too focused but he was forcing himself to do what was necessary. Even coming back empty pawed was sort of embarrassing and he sighed with a rueful like smirk on his muzzle. He could try again later. When he had time to clear his thoughts. Stepping over he peered at the grouping of cats before he noticed Tugger with that of their leader Rain. Thick tail swayed back and forth before he gave a bright smile upon his muzzle and stepped over to the two toms. "Nice mouse you got there, Tugger. I bet seeing you in action to catch it would have been pretty amazing to see." At least it would have been better to see than watching himself stumbling about the territory and looking around absentmindedly.

A tremble of his maw was soon to pass before he glanced to Rain then, settling down the large tom would dip his head to the other. "How are things with you, Rain?"

Haku wished not to be a bother. There was so much that he owed to Rain, a cat whose kindness he saw as unrivalled. A pathetic, scorned soul such as he had been swept under the wing of a cat, fatherly and calm, who herded others and taught them well; that fortune was hard to justify. Though he had been assured he could take his time in the recovery from what had driven him from his home, he still felt frequently as if there was something more that he should be doing, always another task to do.

Yet, he had been unable. It was unsurprising, at least to him- no matter how hard he tried, he could not live up to standards internally set.

A sigh, quiet, pushed through his nostrils. He too had an interest in how Rain was feeling- he would be profoundly uncaring not to- though he doubted his presences required in the conversation buzzing nearby. For now he hovered awkwardly by the fresh-kill pile, chest alight with the heavy thrum of his heart, blood rushed quick through long limbs. Why was he nervous to approach someone he was supposed to trust?

✵ ღ ☾ I'D WALK THROUGH FIRE - Rain was a hero, at least in a young Indigo’s eyes. From the moment the tom had taken on the responsibility to raise him and Viridian as his own to now, Indigo had decided from the moment his tiny legs could move that his father was his hero.
Indigo had shed his tiny legs for large ones now, and where kitten fur once rested a new kind of fur grew, as well as muscles underneath.
His mind wanders as he slides through the camp entrance, humming a soft tune under his breath despite the feathers that muffled his voice.
He spots his father quickly, blinking back to reality and picking up his pace to a smooth trot, greeting everyone with a flick of his tail he settled beside the large tom, dropping the piece of prey and lightly pushing it away, gesturing that it was up for grabs for anyone before spotting Tuggers own meal. ❝ Great minds think alike, no? ❞ Indigo hummed with amusement, angling his ears towards the mouse. ❝ How’s it going? ❞ He then asked, his jaw now free from carrying the prey he was able to flash an easy smile.
❝ Speech. ❞