oneshot mad as a march hare's tea party

She couldn't hunt. It felt wrong to hunt for herself and not another. When was the last time she'd caught prey and ate it herself? Never.

She couldn't eat. Even if she hunted down prey, her appetite was lost. If anything, the thought of eating made her sick. All prey that stumbled in her path were spared.

She couldn't groom. It reminded her of sharing tongues with her family. With her presumed friends. Friends that revealed their true colors when she no longer played the role of the "yes girl".

She couldn't sleep. Living nightmares encroached on the sleeping world. Leaping Toad standing tall and proud next to Frog's Ribbit but then... his lifeless body in a pool of his own blood. Ash, the timid black and white tom, appeared truimphant. He'd effectively put her teachings into use. The occasion should have been celebrated but, just like her nephew, teeth snapped the red strings of their lives.

The nightmares were accompanied by feverish dreams. The forest that bordered the marsh cats - correction, ShadowClan - kept interrupting macabre memories. At first, it was a blessing but then they didn't stop. Whenever she couldn't force her eyes open any longer, the same scene played out.; again and again, as if someone hit replay. She'd wake up with thunder still echoing in her eardrums and the slight heat of small embers near her chest.

And then she saw him. A hare was a peculiar sight in a forest considering they preferred the moors that she'd previously searched for an answer to their prey problems (a solution that no one listened to). Her hair raised on edge as she recalled Soot claiming the territory as her own. She was the one who had pushed so hard for them to hunt there. No one had listened to her but when Soot spoke up?

But back to the hare.

Illuminated by a lightning strike, the hare's silhouette was as large as a cat. However, her eyes were drawn to its whiskers. They were as pure as untouched snow and were a stark contrast to the rest of the critter. A hare with such prominent whiskers... was that possible?

Hare... with whiskers. Hare.. Hare Whiskers?

As if reacting to her thoughts, the hare stared directly at her before hopping through the forest. Wait- Wait! The blue mink's feet followed without a second thought. They traversed through the dense foliage of the forest and then stepped lightly on the swaying moors. Eventually, they reached an entrance to a cave. While the molly hesitated, the white-whiskered hair hopped deeper in.

This felt like a trap... yet she still followed. Darkness was soon chased away by an array of lights. A stunning prism of lights reflected off a natural, iridescent centerpiece. The hared looked at her before jumping onto the shining rock. No, not on the rock.. in the rock.

The she-cat's eyes opened wide: awake and alert. She was back in the makeshift thicket she'd claimed as a temporary home. No one was there yet she felt a presence. But then she noticed a stone between her paws. She definitely didn't go to sleep while cradling a pebble.

What in the world did this mean?

"Sir, was that you..? There was only one way to find out.
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