hi guys ‼️‼️ As my health begins to deteriorate & im becoming inactive more, im gonna start looking for a medicine cat apprentice so if theres any medical emergencies in the clan and im having a real bad off day where i cannot respond, the medicine cat apprentice can be there to save the day!

basically, just gaging interest, no set closing date as of right now and when i do choose it will be announced okcly in windclan discord & icly by honey

pls just put down your characters name & why you think they’d be fit for it/if they have any interest!
honey is VERY likely to choose cats who have not openly opposed her treating others, but that does not mean your character does not have a chance!

good luck everyone!
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Inkylotus~! @Inkylotus

I feel like Honey and Inky would make a great pairing for the MCA postion! He is uber friendly and loves to learn, he even has some medical knowledge from his time as a traveler. Though it is just basic cobwebs and juniper for stomach aches, nothing too fancy. I think it'd really put some fun towards Honey to have Inky at her side, cause they both love kits and have struggled with love loss- so i think it'd be fun!
hmm gonna throw eventide/twilightpaw
he's sassy and i believe could lead to interesting terms within the clan, along with a possible plot idea i had if he gets the spot.

His original idea was to eventually try and become a medicine apprentice aswell lol

as for the plot idea, i had one that he makes up a vision(depending on permission and such) or such to try and make himself feel important, so perhaps that could be involved
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track!! putting bumble here bc it's an interesting dynamic! he has a good nose and naturally is a good tracker but needs ways for his fears to motivate him vs paralysis him lmao.
I'd like to offer up @Dandelionpaw as a possible offering! He likes Honeytwist and shares her feelings that all cats deserve help given his recent habit of pushing the issue with her in a few threads. He's a very kinda and patient cat, has not lost his temper once thus far but can swap to being stern if needed.

Currently he's apprenticed to Grackledive and I'd love him to still have warrior training alongside healing if chosen!
He has a passing interest in herbs, mostly amusement for knowing flower names and that his own name flower is pretty handy to have around!

Sidenote: a plot where sootstar is considering exiling him for continuing to argue with her and honeytwist lies about a starclan vision (due to her recent feelings about them) to make her not would be really fun -eyes emoji- i might actually like...ask if you'd be interested in that regardless of if he's picked cause that's some drama waiting to happen
Throwing Owlpaw in here!

Her biggest desire is to be medicine cat someday and she believes she is some sort of godsend from StarClan that is special and has a destiny. It would be awesome to see her in this position but eventually come to terms with the fact that her destiny isn’t meant to be great but to serve as a healer. She currently hates being a warrior apprentice and would love to spend time learning about herbs. I’d love to give the gal what she wants!

That being said, it would also be fun to see life not work out for her and she has to keep serving her Clan as a warrior 👀