merc for hire ╱ cost: one chicken nugget


Jun 27, 2022
Have you ever wondered how much merc work goes for? Ever googled what it would cost to have someone do your dirty work? Well, wonder no more– luckily for you, Vegas is cheap. For the low, low price of one chicken nugget, you can get someone to do just about anything you'd like! He is mostly available to loners, strays, or other inhabitants of the twolegplace, but can also be easily reached by members of SkyClan and RiverClan, or an adventurous ThunderClanner! He is less likely to work with die-hard clan cats who look down on the likes of him, but when you're supporting two starving musicians, hey– client is king, right?

Gigs Vegas will take:
──── Almost anything! Escort, guard, steal, retrieve, follow, interrogate, hunt, and potentially even cause intentional physical harm to another. V is flexible, and though he has his morals, they're oftentimes set aside for his work. He'll work both sides of the conflict, as long as they pay him.
──── He knows his way around the twolegplace and makes for a great guide or hunter around town.

Jobs he will avoid:
──── Honestly, there's not much. He tries not to delve too far into clan territory, and also does not take jobs involving kids in almost any capacity, positive or negative. He doesn't want them involved in his work.
──── Though it's not a hard no, he tries to avoid working with the kind of cats that look down on others. Particularly clan cats and those that sneer at kittypets.

Payment options:
──── A reasonable amount of food or access to shelter, oftentimes for him as well as Archangel, and potentially Kerosene when he's not twoleg-surfing to fend for himself.
──── Interesting trinkets, or twoleg items that he may consider useful.
──── Knowledge, particularly when it comes to crafting or creating. Weaving reeds, making dens, hunting techniques, he's interested in it all. But he'll require a specific thing he'll be learning before he accepts.

VEGAS,  vee  or  v.   will accept others,  either begrudgingly or happily depending on who.
──── uses he - him - his and mascuine titles; accepts others with vague bemusement.
──── approximately  26 moons old,  born during early greenleaf  or  very late newleaf.
──── gay, single ish. crushes easily and on a broad range of men, but doesn't act on it.