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The soft sounds of dripping water quietly takes up the background from a night storm that has finally passed as the sun begins to rise over the horizon. Sodden paws press against the damp earth as he walks with a leisurely pace. With a pelt stuck to him the tom is soaked to the bone and yet he doesn't even seem bothered by it. He seems quite content and perhaps even happy that the earth has given him a decent bath. One that he has not had in a good while yet. He doesn't groom himself often, not much caring about his appearance anymore. His body is riddled with old scars and bite marks that he can not begin to count, or even to recount in his memories. His eyes are bright, swirling with hidden thoughts and as he walks along the forest he chews almost lethargically on a bone in his jaws. Saliva slips from the corners of his muzzle and he makes no attempt to wipe it from his jaws either.

The rain has washed away some scents upon his body but they wouldn't have found much else but the overbearing stench of dog. Just dog. That is about it. His tongue slides along the bone as he allows his gaze to look over the thick foliage and the forest he has come into. He doesn't know much about this area, it's different though that much is certain and he wants to see what's in it. Maybe he can find a place to nap for a bit, wait for his fur to dry. Find more bones to snake on. The flavor of the marrow is starting to wane and he'd like a new one soon. Spitting out the bone upon the ground he allows his gaze to narrow as he looks for something to replace it. The need to chew is strong in, the bone having kept it at bay. His sharp teeth wanting to splinter and snap something but what is there nearby that he can hunt? He's never been here before and yet he continues, dark pelt melding in to the shadows of the foliage and scent obscured by water.

❝  The mornings after a storm are always best for Pale. He likes the way the world's muted still. The leaves are heavy with rain, drooping dark over them, and the ground's softened and cool beneath his paws. Sunshine hurts him in a way it doesn't to others– his skin'll stay hot longer than it should, turning bright pink where his fur is thinnest. Everything's nicer when it rains. He's been out of camp since he first woke up, loving every second of freedom he could gather up. Usually it doesn't mean anything. Usually nothing comes from it. Just a few hours of wandering and then back to whatever it is the adults wanted from him after he's caught a mouse or two. Today, though, it seems things won't turn out the way he'd expected. A lesson to him, maybe: don't fall in on routines like that.

He's been shadowing a stranger. Kind of hard to do, seein' as he's pale as snow against the forest, but this guy doesn't seem the most observant. (And really, he's only found him a few breaths ago. He likes to pretend it's more than that.) "Hey!" Pale shouts at him, taking a few steps closer from back where Bristle had spit out the bone. "What were you carrying that around for? You some kind of dog?"

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    PALEPAW. apprentice of thunderclan. holds no titles or nicknames. npc x npc.
    ──── uses he - him + they - them with masculine titles. will accept others.
    ──── about seven moons old,  born in late january.  former pine group cat.
    ──── sexuality unknown, crushes on all sorts of genders and presentations.

    a small, fluffy albino cat with some faint sun damage freckling peeking out where his fur is thinnest. his pale, nearly colorless blue eyes have the faintest tinge of pink around the pupil and outer edges of his iris due to his albinism, only visible on close inspection.
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Carrying around a bone...? Yeah... it was rather dog-like! Somehow, someway, Twig finds herself popping over at Pale's side. This cat didn't smell like ThunderClan, and despite being a newcomer herself she was blatantly aware of what that smelled like. "Maybe he's one of the reasons kittypets seem to think us wild cats eat bones for breakfast?" She suggests in a grimanced whisper to Pale, side-eyeing the strange older tom-cat with a judgemental look.

He’d thought the stranger was a dog at first, from the way he smelled. Tybalt had parted his jaws to hiss at the stranger when the two younger cats spoke up first. The unfamiliar tom dropped the bone he had been chewing, and Tybalt saw that it had been worn so thin that it had nearly splintered.

He wasn’t nearly as surprised by it as his younger clanmates appeared to be. Tybalt had chewed plenty of bones to splinters. In his young life, he had often had the option of starving, or grinding down bones to eat the little marrow left within. He’d fought over splintered bits of bone before. He’d left plenty of city cats scarred, just to take what little edible scraps he could get back to his mother when she had been dying.

In a rare moment of apathy, the boy barely acknowledged the stranger, instead casting his amber gaze towards Twig and shrugging his shoulders.

“Speak for yourselves,” he grumbled. “I’ve had to eat bones for breakfast more than once.” His claws remained sheathed as he watched the older cat, instead choosing to offer silent commiseration.
The sudden shout from behind him makes him pause and it almost seems to take him an eternity to actually turn around and look at the one who had spoken. Oh. Just a cat. That won't due for what he is searching for but he supposes that it's a form of company. He isn't the type to be interested in killing cats at least not recently. A small chuckle leaves his throat at his own thoughts before he shakes his soaked pelt out, splash water this way and that. "Why? Why wouldn't I carry something that I like? Do you carry around things you don't like?" His voice carries a strange humming tone as he looks at the pale colored individual. Still he is surprised slightly when other cats suddenly show up as well. Oh. Oh.

What has he stumbled upon?

His gaze roams over the two who have appeared and he tilts his head slightly. Sharp teeth press against tongue as he clicks it in slow understanding. "I didn't know this was going to be a crowd. I would have brought presents." He flicks his tail before turning his gaze to the forest casually. It takes another moment before he is suddenly smiling bright. "Am I right to assume you all live here? If so I'd wonder at living here myself. My last.....family didn't work out so well."


"This is Thunderclan territory, stranger." Leafshade's low growl of a voice would flow into the air, the tall tom stepping into view as he looked over Pale, Twig, and Tybalt with an annoyed glare. A loner had just wandered into their home and none of these cats had even thought to question why he was here.

He felt particularly irritated with Twig, new joiner or not she was the oldest cat here. What if this stranger had attacked Pale or Tybalt? But he would keep his words to himself, no need to let this bone-chewing cat see their issues, he could just talk to her later. Leafshade would turn his ice blue eyes to the older tom and meow evenly, "Only Emberstar can say whether you can stay or leave. Pale," He would speak to the albino tom-cat without looking away from Bristle, "Go and tell Emberstar we have a guest."

If Pale listened to him, Leafshade would wait until he was gone before speaking to the loner again, "Do you have a name?"



"Huh...? Ew you- ew- you what?" She manages to stammer out, sticking out her tongue in sheer disgust. Was the young feline joking...? It wasn't funny if so- it was a rather gross joke... Twig's been hungry, but never hungry enough to contemplate EATING a bone? She could maybe she idly chewing on it after a meal... but... much more than that?

Tybalt was crazy.

She listens to the strangers words, she labels him at odd... The way he spoke was off... everything about him was... off...
Not a bad thing, well- to Twig it was, a little. She could be a tad bit judgemental, swift to judge.

Leafshade to Twig is on the younger side as well, but quick to get to business. She supposes thats what you were suppose to do as a warrior in ThunderClan... she takes mental note of it, unsure of how well she'll hold herself to it. It seemed so... formal! And... aggressive! And... territorial!
Twig could be aggressive when needed... but formal and territorial? Not too much.

She glances at Pale, who is asked to go fetch Emberstar. An ear flicks curiously, intrigued to find out how exactly this was going to go.

Twig’s face contorted into an expression of pure horror as she stammered out a confused response to what he’d just told her. The curly-furred tom only shrugged his shoulders in response.

“I was hungry,” he said. “You’ll eat anything if you get hungry enough.” It wasn’t like he’d been enthusiastic about eating bones, but when it was either that or watch the only cats he cared about starve to death, he’d take the bones. Not that they’d done much good in the long run. His parents were gone anyway. Not from starving, but it didn’t make much difference. They were gone all the same.

Tybalt sat, sweeping his tail over his paws as he watched the stranger chattering on. Whether he stayed or left meant little to him.
"Heya, friend!" Emberstar called out as she padded over, glad to see another new potential joiner. Her entusiams dipped a touch when she noted just how wet the older tom was. She made certain to keep her distance, eyeing the drops of water that fell from him to the ground. "I've been told you wanna join?" she asked, "We'd be glad to have ya if so, just, uh, maybe dry off a bit before you come into camp?" The half joke was matched by a half laugh.

She gave him a brilliant smile. Only to have her gaze catch on the item that sat near his paws. A bone. She blinked in confusion. "Why do you have that?" she asked bluntly.
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