MILES OUT OF MY DEPTH — hunting patrol

Silver paws take careful steps as he leads his hunting patrol through the pine forest.

He aims to keep them away from the borders - to not disrupt the other patrols, or come across any outsiders. After all, any more commotion was the last thing Squallmist wanted. Worrying about Drizzlethroat and Redstorm off on their own patrols was enough.

He's been a part of hunting patrols before - even led some in the time of the Pine Group - but, with Daisyflight being the one to assign him to lead, he can't help the nerves he feels. He feels like he's being tested, as if everything needs to go especially well.

One can only hope it does.

He slows to a stop as the scent of prey hits his nose, signaling for the rest of the group to stop too. If it weren't for the apprentices that have tagged along, Squallmist would catch the prey himself. But, the aim of this hunting patrol is to give the young apprentices a chance to learn. So, learn it is.

"Centipedepaw, Bumblepaw," he starts, eyes glancing towards the two, before looking out to the forest that stands around them, "Take a moment to smell the air. Can you smell any prey?"

They'll split off after this lesson, he decides. It would be easier to do so, and would give them a higher chance at returning home with a substantial amount of to fill the kill pile with.

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