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The day is young and she has been up for a while now watching the coming and going of these strange cats. She has been confused on a number of things but she hasn't said a word on it given that she knows better than to question it. She does miss the willow very much, it felt safe there and she could play all day there. But now they have moved to this place and she finds it daunting. All the faces that are around and how things always seem so busy. Some of the things that the leader said during his meeting has her wondering and what her new parent said also makes her wonder. Shuffling her paws she makes her way towards the edge of the camp, pressing them into the damp soil before mushing it around. It takes a little bit for the mud to he formed but sure enough she mixes it well. A small smile plays on her jaws, bottom jutting teeth pressing against her upper jaw and she suddenly lays in it. It feels cool against her fur and she wallows, wiggling all over and rolling.

It costs her body thickly and she sighs a bit before she presses her face into it. The muck clings to her easily enough, concealing what she thinks are unwanted blemishes. From head to tail she is a walking mud monster and she scoops the mud against her side before plopping down within her small mud castle.
The Clan is larger than Briar's group had been -- well, maybe that's not true, but it feels that way to Fox. Not only are there marsh cats and pine cats here, but more loners than she could have thought existed have wormed their way into their ranks in one fashion or another. The baby Boar had done so by nearly drowning.

Poor thing. Fox watches her from a comfortable distance, worry drawing her face down. The ginger and black kit has stirred water into dirt to make a thick dark paste, and she buries her face into it, covering the fangs that protrude from her bottom jaw.

"Hey," she says. She smiles, but her expression is one of concern. "You got mud all over your teeth! Let's go to the water and clean it off, okay?" She eyes the younger cat wearily, wondering what the reasoning could be for the she-cat's dark earthen mask. Why cover her teeth? Fox reasons she'll get mud all in her mouth if they don't wash it away.


Clay doesn’t see what happens before he arrives on the scene, stumbling upon the duo in the midst of his daily wandering. He only recognizes Fox at first, her tricolored pelt sticking out against the landscape. But the other cat, he does not recognize. He cracks a smile at the sight of the figure covered entirely in mud, tail flicking as he chuckles. "Didja fall in or something?" He questions, cocking his head to the side.

He’s not thinking about anything negative, only that mud is difficult to get out of crusty, dry fur, until a worried look crosses Fox’s face. Oh. He doesn’t quite get it, but he recognizes Boar after a moment, and tries to remedy his almost-mocking joke from before. He likes the child even if he doesn’t know her well, and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. "I’ve done that before, actually—no worries about it!"
( ) so much has happened in the past few days that despite everything, willowroot has not found as much time to spend with boar as they would have liked to. obviously they curl around the child at night and spend mornings grooming and playing with her, but the smoke doesn't really know what the girl gets up to when they're not around. padding into camp from a solo hunting mission, the warrior almost immediately is distracted by the sight of their kid. covered head to toe in mud and with two warriors talking to her, worry takes hold of the feline's mind. hastily setting their fish upon the small pile, they make their way over, slender paws picking through the wetter bits. arriving beside clayfur, a tomcat they do not know super well but have met often enough, willow gazes at their child with a small huff of amusement. "what are you doing in there, love?" they ask, purring softly at clay's gentle reassurance and fox's offer to help.

they note that the majority of the earth has been stuck over the girl's mouth, as if to cover the protruding teeth which willow has always found endearing. a soft frown lingers for a moment on their face before they brighten up, masking the worry for calm amusement. "fox is right, we should wash you up. we don't want you eating mud, yeah? probably doesn't taste as good as fish."