MISERY BUSINESS [ asphodel ]


STARCLAN | 07.04.22
Jun 14, 2022

asphodel | they/them | 50 moons
Asphodel was a proud member of Briar's group. They were large and imposing, with short lilac sepia fur covered in white. Their sharp eyes were fiery gold. While they were good-natured, they had a short temper and was known for being provocative. They resented Rain's colony for stealing food from their groupmates, and they would often make their distaste for the enemy group known. They were killed in the Great Battle by Blinding Star, and now reside in StarClan.

Combat ●●●●○
Hunting ●○○○○
Swimming ●○○○○
Climbing ●○○○○○
Speed ●○○○○
NPC x NPC, sibling to no one | mentoring no one, mentored by no one
Mates to no one | Parent to no one | No other kin
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